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The Amazing Race 27 Recap | Episode 7 Full Speed Ahead, Captain


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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) is joined by Jessica Liese (@haymakerhattie) to recap The Amazing Race Season 27 Episode 7, “Full Speed Ahead, Captain”.

Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese are live on October 6th, 2015, to recap episode 7 of The Amazing Race 27, where we saw Chack Attack become the latest team eliminated.

Jess thinks that there is a bunch of types of attention to detail which come into play in the race and Jess feels Chack Attack had the task part of it down due to their medical background however they did not have the navigational side of it down because they are used to just staying in one place. Rob was surprised that they had navigational issues on three different occasions during this leg. Rob thinks the biggest mistake they made was deciding to take the bus to the tram instead of just going to the tram. Jess thinks that it must have been incredibly frustrating just waiting for the bus instead of doing something. Rob thought it was only a matter of time before Chack Attack was eliminated.

Jess is starting to see some cracks in Justin and Diana. She notices that they don’t handle adversity well and they take it out on each other but Jess notes that Justin and Diana have said they talk through all of their issues at the end of each leg which Jess thinks that shows great self awareness. Jess isn’t bored with Justin and Diana winning a lot of the legs because they love the show and love what they are doing. Rob thought that the fight they had about running or getting a taxi was very needless because all Justin wanted was for Diana to admit she was wrong.

Jess was really impressed with the Cheerleaders this week and Jess thought that it was just dumb luck that they didn’t finish first. Rob speculates that the doubledutch task was just further away from the train station. Jess thinks that the Cheerleaders were the only team in the race that would have been able to do the doubledutch side of the detour.

Rob thought that the ship navigation task look difficult. Jess agrees and thought is was a good task because it has skill, strategy and teamwork involved. Rob thinks that the boat with motherboy would have been the most fun to be on.

Rob is confused because the narrative of the rivalry between Team Texas and The Green Team is gone because Team Texas is nowhere near the front of the pack anymore. Jess thinks it’s because they are not as worldly as the others team and they also have problems with adversity. Rob thought that the show really threw them other the bus when they showed Team Texas having trouble with basic maths. Rob thinks to fix the Fitbit heart rate check the race should but the team’s heart rate in the corner of the screen as the racers are doing the tasks.

Jess was happy to see Team motherboy stay in because she didn’t know if she was being faked out or not at the end. Jess notes that the reason Kelsey and Joey have hats with their name on it because when there is spectators and people giving help they are more likely to help you and cheer you on because they know your name. Jess thinks Joey and Kelsey have a really good chance to make the finals and maybe even to win, especially be other had a winners quote during this leg.

Jess doesn’t think Justin and Diana are getting a winner’s edit because they are showing them arguing, annoying the other teams and the race are showing a lot of goofy clips of them. Jess also feel that the race showing Justin acting very over the top. Jess points out that all the teams get along with each other outside the race but the race is showing us that the other teams annoyed with The Green Team, which Jess feels is because the race doesn’t want us to like The Green Team.

Special Thanks to Shane Gallagher for this week’s episode summary

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