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Amazing Race 2015 | Exit Interview with the 8th Team Eliminated from Season 27

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Rob Cesternino talks with the seventh team to be eliminated from The Amazing Race 27 in our weekly exit interview podcast.

Amazing Race 27 Exit Interview with the Team Cheerleaders, Tiffany Chantell & Krista Debono.

Rob asks the cheerleaders:

  • For us who watched the show, can Krista explain why it was so difficult to find the fish during the water challenge in Hong Kong?
  • Was Krista annoyed that Logan or Kelsey didn’t tell her where to look when they had found the goldfish?
  • What happened with the taxi they got in to after leaving the water challenge on the way to the pit stop?
  • How far behind Justin and Diana did they ultimately check in to the pit-stop?
  • How bad did things get for the Cheerleaders during the India leg of the race?
  • What was the relationship like between Krista and Tiffany and Team Texas?
  • Did Tiffany and Krista worry about being busted when Logan and Chris outed them for U-turning the green team at the first U-Turn?


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    TAR 2015: Exit Interview with the Latest Team Eliminated from The Amazing Race 27

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