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The Amazing Race 27 Recap | Episode 3 Where My Dogs At?


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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) is joined by Jessica Liese (@haymakerhattie) to recap The Amazing Race Season 27 Episode 3, “Where My Dogs At?”.

Rob and Jess were both confused as to how the dances got so far behind everyone else at the start of the leg considering how close the finish was last leg. Despite the editing Rob didn’t think Ernest and Jin had a chance to not come in last this leg. Although Rob was pleased that they remained in good spirits considering how far they were behind. Jess was really won over by them this leg because they seemed to really enjoy being on the race and wanted to keep going. Jess noticed that Ernest and Jin’s shadows were much bigger than the other teams so they must have been extremely far behind.

Jess doesn’t think that Tanner’s hamstring is not going to be too much of an issue going forward because they are thinking strategically and Jess also thinks that it’s something that will get better in a couple of days. Jess thinks that Team Texas’ plan to give the express pass to the team who U-Turns Justin and Diana is completely idiotic because if you U-Turn a team at the front of the pack it as no consequences, all it does is it pisses someone off. Rob likes how Justin said that it’s stupid to U-Turn them because he knows the race so well. Rob thinks that Team Texas wants to U-Turn them so much because they think Justin and Diana will U-Turn them.

Jess hopes that Justin and Diana and Team Texas don’t keep swapping first place because it doesn’t make for the best TV. Rob thinks that it could happen because we have no clear third best team as of right now. If this were to happen it would remind Jess of season 9 but Jess thinks that Kelsey and Joey could step it up or even Chack Attack.

As soon as we saw that the teams had to collect a pole or wipe Rob knew that at least one of the teams would forget to collect it. Jess thought that the easy detour was the carts. Jess thinks that the reason behind most of the teams choosing the horse task was because it was closer or because the description made it sound easier.

Jess was surprised that we are 27 seasons into the show and this was the first time we saw a team get a penalty for helping their partner in a roadblock. Rob thinks that Denise was warned about a couple of times and she kept doing it so they had to give them a penalty. Jess understands why James was so annoyed at Denise during their penalty.

Rob thinks that if there was a team to steal a first place it would be Kelsey and Joey and Jess agrees. Jess also thinks that The Paparazzi could do well despite how much they struggled during the first half of this leg. Jess is surprised how polarising Justin is to the other teams and Jess is also surprised how invisible Diana is. Jess just wishes that Justin will stop playing up to the camera so much and Jess thinks that it is contributing to how much the other team don’t like them.

Jess was surprised when Phil revealed that there will be a U-Turn next leg to the teams at the mat. Jess found it unusual for Phil to be trying to stir up drama between Team Texas and Justin and Diana. Jess is looking forward to see this rivalry progress.

Special Thanks to Shane Gallagher for the episode recap

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