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The Amazing Race 27 Recap | Episode 2 Get In There And Think Like A Dog


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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) is joined by Jessica Liese (@haymakerhattie) to recap The Amazing Race Season 27 Episode 2, “Get In There And Think Like A Dog” where we saw the teams travel to Argentina and Alex and Adam were eliminated.

Jess is very sad to see the cousins go because they were very excited to be there and Jess never wants to see that team go. Rob thought that they were set up to be a fan favourite and Jess doesn’t think that they did too much wrong this leg.

Rob thought that this episode was very strong because we saw the start of a conflict between Team Texas and the Green Team which Rob is excited to see more of down the stretch. Jess felt like the conflict came out of nowhere and wants to get some backstory on it if it continues to become a major plot point. Rob thinks that the conflict came about because Justin has an attitude of we will do anything to win this race. Jess hopes that this rivalry isn’t one sided.

Jess thinks that it was just a coincidence that this leg which focused on Pope Francis was aired at the same time he was visiting the United States. Rob and Jess were both shocked that nearly all of the teams choose the recycling detour instead of the statue detour as the statue detour seemed a lot more straightforward. Rob suspected that the race put cardboard in the bins because it was really unlikely that there would have been that much cardboard in those bins for all the teams and a lot of the pieces looked similar and unused. Jess thought it would have been interesting to see a team run out of cardboard to collect.

Jess suspects that the fact that the statue tasks had self navigation involved would have turned of few of the other teams off choosing it as opposed to the other task which had less variables which they couldn’t control.

Jess was a little confused with the conflict between the conflict between Logan and Chris because it appeared to come out of nowhere. Rob likes that we seem to be having some external and internal conflicts between the teams.

Jess thought that it was a clever spin on the tango task, Jess was happy we didn’t just see the typical tango task in Argentina. Rob thought that this task was a test for Team Texas because this was the type of challenge they would not be typically good at. Jess thought they we may see a 5 hole during this task with Ernest and Jin.

Jess thought that the only problems Adam and Alex had during this leg was not getting out of the airport quick enough and not knowing which entrance to go through at the pit stop. Rob thought it was hard to tell the teams places considering they were all so bunched up. Jess was confused why it was so hard for teams to get a taxi because it is extremely easy to get a taxi in Buenos Aires and Jess thought it was also strange that the drivers didn’t take US dollars because the rate of inflation is so high.

Rob knows from his experience of watching sports that if a player pulls their hamstring they will be to for at least 2 weeks so Rob doesn’t feel confident about Tanner. Jess is doubting that Tanner thought they could be running for first. Rob thinks that the other may view this as petty and they may be U- Turned because of it. Jess is worried that this could be a race ended for Tanner because there are many injuries during the race that we don’t see but the fact that we are seeing it looks very bad.

Jess was impressed with the newscasters because they choose the detour no one else picked and it paid off. Rob really likes Ernest and Jin but Rob doesn’t understand how they are in tenth place. Rob sees their drive in confessionals but he doesn’t she it during the race. Jess thinks they are racing to be on TV not because of the money. Jess notes that they have both been of multiple reality shows.

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Special Thanks to Shane Gallagher for this week’s episode recap.

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