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The Amazing Race 27 Recap| Episode 1 A Little Too Much Beefcake


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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) is joined by Jessica Liese (@haymakerhattie) to recap The Amazing Race Season 27 Episode 1, “A Little Too Much Beefcake.”

Rob Cesternino and Jessica Lease are live on Friday September 25 to recap episode 1 of the Amazing Race 27 where we saw Team TMZ become the first team eliminated.

Rob is very sad to see Team TMZ be the first out because he found the amusing but Jess thinks that they were on the wrong side of the funny/mean line. Jess liked them more than she thought she would because they were snarky and rob felt like they had Courtney Yates upside. Jess didn’t think that their hearts were in it at the end.

Jess thought that half the teams were underprepared for the race. Jess saw a lot of overthinking, she felt that the fast forward should have been avoided, people getting out of cabs too early and people switching detours too early.

Rob thought that the move to make the teams were the small bathing suits was a move by the race to show that they have eye candy too. Jess notes that the race has even done this in Brazil before. Rob also notice that the race often chooses a beach location for the first leg and Jess points out that it could be so that the teams can all get close flights together.

Rob agreed with the point that if you are on the flight by yourself, you get screwed if something went wrong. Jess would rather be on a flight with one other team than by herself. Jess was surprised to see a fast forward on the first leg because we haven’t seen that done since the early seasons but Jess is not surprised because the race is trying to shake things up. Jess didn’t like that the fast forward was at the place after the flight because it was just rewarding the team that won the bike race even more. However Rob speculates that it could be placed there with the knowledge that a team would not be able to compete the fast forward. Jess did like that there was some risk involved but Jess thinks that a team should never go for it if it’s weather dependant.

Jess doesn’t think that the express pass should be give to the worst team, Jess feels that a team should try and get some information or help from the team they give it to. Rob thought that the slide puzzle was difficult because the pieces look very similar. Rob saw some red flags when chakattack we doing the slide puzzle.

Rob thinks that Denise is one of the breakout characters of the race and Jess admits that she underestimated their race ability and how entertaining they would be. Rob thought that the newscasters were very much in newscaster mode but Jess points out that the race were definitely telling do that. Rob was nervous when the cousins choose volleyball but Jess thought that the wrestling experience from one of them would help. Jess thought Ernest and Jin overthought everything this leg. Jess thought that it was not a good week for the cheerleaders but Jess liked their enthusiasm when they finished the puzzle.

Jess was most impressed this leg by Team motherboy and she is rooting for them a lot harder than Jess thought she would be and Jess was also very impressed by the track stars. Jess was let down by Justin and Diana but Jess is still rooting for them. Rob thinks that this could be the curse of the superfan.

Jess loved the open opening of the show because it shows that people still love the show, it gets people excited before the race airs and it ups the intensity for the racers to have fans watching them. Jess thinks they should have it every season.

Special Thanks to Shane Gallagher for the episode recap!

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