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LIVE FROM AUSTIN, TEXAS, The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap the Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 12 Recap

LIVE FROM AUSTIN, TEXAS, after the Survivor 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 12, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap the episode and answer your questions!

The Tragedy Witnessed in Texas

In front of an exhilarating crowd and some Survivor legends, Stephen and the crowd agreed that the downfall of (to quote Brice Izyah “dauuuughter”) Lauren Rimmer was nothing less than a tragedy. Stephen also said that Lauren should have reached into the fire to get the seashell out. On that note, Rob pointed out how Dr. Mike may have made a bad move upsetting Lauren, then still voting for Ben instead of her. Rob also got the last laugh, looking back, that it would have been smarter for Ashley, Devon, and Lauren to take out Ben. Rob and Stephen also agreed that Ashley and Devon are with each other until the end. Rob also added that Chrissy was very hard to read tonight, with her changing opinions on Ben, which also caused Dr. Mike to go talk to Lauren after Chrissy. Additionally, Stephen and the crowd agreed that the Reward challenge was the worst challenge in Survivor history.

The Most Dominant Winner Joins the Know-It-Alls

First, arguably the most dominant winner of all time and winner of Survivor: One World, legend Kim Spradlin joined the panel and received a Lauren sticker from Rob and Stephen received a Devon sticker. All three of them agreed that Dr. Mike made a good move for television, but not in the game, and that Lauren’s sister Sunny is really awesome. Rob mentioned how Lauren’s awful move to hand Dr. Mike half of her idol was worse than Stephen’s move in Survivor: Cambodia.

The Biggest Underdog Winner Joins the Know-It-Alls

The man who won five individual immunities, winner of Survivor: Worlds Apart, drove eight hours to be at the Know-It-Alls. Mike said that Ben has to win out in order to win, but would then give him a better chance to win than he did, because of his story. Even though Joe compared Chrissy to Chaos Kass, Mike said that the true Chaos Kass of this season is Dr. Mike, saying that he is “playing full tilt boogie.” Another comparison came a few seconds later when Kim compared Ashley to her tribemate Chelsea Meissner. Kim also thought that Lauren would have been better to take Lauren on the reward than Ashley. Rob thought that Ben had snuck up on Ashley, Devon, and Lauren, on purpose, while Kim thought it was an accident. Based on the preview, Kim thinks that Ben will go home next, and her and Stephen agreed that taking out Ben is the smart move next week, while Rob and Mike thought saving Ben until final 4 and taking out Ashley or Devon now is smarter.

The Singer with a 7-Eleven Cowboy Hat and the Sooner are Here

On a night stacked with guests, Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X castaway and singer of the Know-It-Alls theme song Bret LaBelle and his secret guest Chris Hammons were the next entrants to the Know-It-Alls table. After Chris mentions how Bret bought his cowboy hat at 7-Eleven, Chris mentioned how Ken actually took out Jay’s fake idol from the fire, which really irked Jeff. Like many players in the game, Kim thought that Ashley and Devon’s alliance is not much of a threat at the moment.

The One Amigo, the Outcast, and the VHS-Tape User Made It and Someone Just Showed Up at the End

After Kim, Mike, Bret, and Chris say their good-byes, a standing ovation was received by one of the Amigos Reynold Toepfer from Survivor: Caramoan, the Outcast twist beneficiary Burton Roberts from Survivor: Pearl Islands, and the man who auditioned with a VHS-tape and is probably still yelling at his brother Reed (credit to Dalton Ross for that line), Colby Donaldson from Survivor: The Australian Outback, Survivor: All-Stars, and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Colby started by telling that Reynold was really annoying him at a gym when they first met, and only started liking him after realizing he was married to one of his good friends. Colby also met Burton in California when they lived there. Colby actually saw the commercial asking for people to apply for Survivor: The Australian Outback and sent in a VHS-tape. The age-old question was answered by Colby and he said that he would go back on Survivor if given the chance, on the condition that his wife and daughter were okay with it (to which they gave two thumbs-up). When discussing the family visit, Burton said that on Survivor: Pearl Islands, he rooted against the less emotionally-stable people so that they would not get a boost. Reynold pointed how those who win are those who keep their advantages and idols secret. Lastly, Survivor: San Juan del Sur castaway Missy Payne “just showed up” and said that she wishes Chrissy would have let the game go a little and enjoy the loved ones visit.

The Fans in Texas Got Their Turn

When Stephen was asked about whether the game has changed in regards to mentioning an idol, Stephen agreed that it is now better to keep them secret. Rob thinks Lauren lied about not bringing her advantage, but will ask her about it in the Exit Interview. When asked about whether Lauren would have even played the idol if she had it all, the group agreed it was unlikely but Reynold would have recommended it. Stephen thought that the show was happy to open a Pandora’s Box with the pieces of the idol being in play. When asked about if you should strategically pick your family members to win a challenge, Rob said no one would do that, and Colby did say they asked him to rank his family members on each application. Colby acknowledged that he was not as well prepared for the mental aspect of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, if he played again, he would have more of a focus on the strategy. When the question was asked about Chrissy’s vendetta against Ben, Rob said that he thinks it can still work and Missy compared to the relationship Natalie and Jacqueline had. Rob and Reynold disagreed on whether Dr. Mike makes the final three, where Rob thinks he will, while Reynold thinks Devon has the best chance. Stephen also said he liked the strategy of threatening rocks and said that whoever is willing to go to rocks usually comes out on top. In between Survivor: All-Stars and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, Jerri apparently became a different person and her and Colby got along very well that time around. Stephen and Reynold think the craziness of twists, advantages, and idols will not die out anytime soon. Stephen actually gave the Fishy to Ben and Dr. Mike, and the panel unanimously agreed that Lauren and Sunny would be the best pair on a Blood vs. Water season. When asked about whether Survivor is too easy today, Colby did joke that he went 42 days in Australia. Lastly, Mike and Bret say they would play Big Brother if given the chance.

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