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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap the Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 8 Recap

LIVE after the Survivor 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 8, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap the episode and answer your questions!

The Sympathetic Cesternino and the Harsher Fishbach

After Rob exclaimed how tonight’s episode was incredibly complicated yet off-the-charts, Rob and Stephen wasted no time getting into their first debate of the night. Rob was puzzled why Desi was voted out over Joe but Stephen thinks it was the correct decision, following his belief to always vote out the more inconspicuous person. While Stephen then mentioned how Desi is an incredible physical threat, Rob felt that Desi is the easier person to vote out down the line, given how erratic Joe is. Additionally, Stephen thought another big loser from the night was Dr. Mike as his chances of being the last Healer left was hurt with Desi’s ouster, which Rob unsurprisingly refuted, believing that he is still in a good position. In regards to Lauren’s advantage, Rob’s problem was with how Lauren told Ben about it, coming off as more self-interested. Rob and Stephen were puzzled how nobody on the eleven-person tribe could determine that only ten votes were read. Stephen was also confused to the logic Desi and Joe used in splitting their votes.

Finally, Survivor Gave Rob a Reason to Watch People Eat Spaghetti!

After Rob exclaimed his happiness for having a reason to watch people enjoy a reward meal, Stephen mentioned how happy he was that the players had to make choices on the reward. However, Stephen was appalled at Joe’s poor decision to eat last, believing he should have gone first or second, while Rob was more sympathetic to his decision making, saying it gave Joe a gain in social capital. Stephen was under the impression that Cole and Chrissy believed that they were prohibited from discarding the plate with the idol clue like Ryan had later done. Rob mentioned how Chrissy is playing a good strategic game but has made some overconfident social blunders the past two episodes with her whispering at poor times. Another Cesternino-Fishbach debate came when the reward-winners came back to camp, and Ryan went to search for the idol. Rob thought Chrissy should have created a diversion for Ryan but Stephen liked Chrissy’s move to pretend that the idol was still in the ground.

The Line and Jeff’s Animation Towards Stephen’s Winner Pick

Stephen was unsure as to whether Joe crossed the line with Ben about accusing Ben of swearing on the Marine Corp. but mentioned how Ben’s anger did make him look bad to his tribe-mates. However, both Rob and Stephen were impressed with Ben’s apology at Tribal Council. Rob mentioned how animated Jeff was at Tribal, especially after Devon spoke about his lack of energy, who Stephen now says is his winner pick. Back to the advantage, Rob thinks Lauren could now be more expendable after playing her advantage, and Stephen agreed with that if it gets out that Lauren did not vote, but if it does not, Stephen believed it was a no-brainer to play it.

Some 280-Character Listener Questions

When asked about whether players can recognize handwriting, Rob mentioned how on The Amazon, he typically wrote in block letters to have it be the last vote read, but when he voted out Deena, he wrote it in a very tiny font so that she would not suspect that he voted for her. Stephen said that Ryan did look hot with his beard, while he believed that the others did not notice a missing vote, while Rob thought that Lauren told them in advance. Rob was amazed how Ryan and Joe did not notice Ben hiding in the bushes with his bright red shirt on. Rob and Stephen agreed with the claim that Desi should have voted for Joe to stay in the game, instead of Lauren. Rob revealed that each player spends about forty-seconds casting their vote and Stephen that the majority should vote out Joe next week if possible while refuting the claim that Ben is on a similar path as he was in Cambodia. Lastly, Rob felt that Chrissy is great strategically but making too many social faux pas, like unnecessarily speaking up at Tribal Council.

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