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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap the Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 5 Recap

LIVE after the Survivor 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 5, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap the episode and answer your questions!

Oh, What a Nice Game Ryan was Playing

Even though the Soko tribe blindsided Roark, both Rob and Stephen were even more disappointed in that Sir Ryan Ulrich’s game was (to quote the great Mike Bloom) “put in Roark.” Though they did not like his decision to vote out Roark, they were more flabbergasted that he didn’t even warn Ali of his intentions, burning the only person he has played all fourteen days with. Stephen mentioned that unlike Roark’s lack of enthusiasm for proposed alliances (namely from Chrissy), Ryan likely was over-enthusiastic to this proposal and thus, lost track of all the “alliances” he had made.

Stephen’s Fixation with a Challenge Anchor and Voting Together

When discussing who should have been sent home, Rob thinks JP would have been a good option, given that the merge is coming soon. On the other hand, Stephen would be more focused on keeping the challenge anchor around for the remaining challenges until the merge, whenever it comes. Rob was also surprised to see how willing Ali, Chrissy, and Roark were to lay all their cards on the table, while Ryan kept his close to the vest, and JP probably did not have any cards “and things like that.” Stephen agreed with Ali’s comment that having previously voted together helps people grow closer.

Will Jessica Go into a Cole New World with Dr. Mike?

When posed with the possibility of Jessica being fooled a third time by Cole, Stephen believes that Jessica has finally learned her lesson to not tell Cole any secrets. Though Rob was certainly shocked that Cole did not already find the idol, Stephen thinks it was not for his lack of trying, mentioning how Jessica asked Dr. Mike to try digging again for the idol near the well. Rob mentions how the history of reality television leans toward people almost always choosing their romantic partner over their strategic ally, while Stephen thinks it is possible in this scenario, citing Survivor: Philippines when Malcolm got much closer to Denise after having a romantic connection with Angie. After tonight, Rob believes that Dr. Mike is no longer on the outs and could be a force to be reckoned with come the merge.

Ben’s Emotional Moment

Rob and Stephen were very impressed with how great a job the show did in portraying Ben’s heartfelt moment after the bamboo popping near the fire, bringing back Ben’s nightmares from his time in the Marine Corp. On the Levu tribe, they both believe that it will be interesting to see if Desi will jump ship to vote with Ashley and Devon if and when the time comes.

What Do the Listeners Have to Say?

They both agree that it would have been better for Ryan to take out Chrissy in that spot despite her fake idol because he would only have Chrissy mad at him, and she would be gone, and likely JP would not have cared as much as Ali as being lied to. In regards to Chrissy’s fake idol, Stephen thinks it would have helped Chrissy if she wore it around her neck, but Rob mentions that she would be better served to use it away from Ryan to avoid him blowing up her spot. Neither Rob nor Stephen noticed all the bats on the show tonight, but noticed the insects. Rob and Stephen are in favor of seeing Roark play again, feeling that she could have Kelley Wentworth upside. Though both Ali and Ryan were at fault for her blindside, Rob believes that Ali should have pushed Ryan harder. Rob and Stephen also laughed at the #AliWellCurse theory.

A Fishy for Doing What Ryan Didn’t Do

This time around, Stephen awarded Chrissy with the Fishy for doing all the things Ryan did not do. Stephen loved the way she convinced JP to vote with her, citing a fake women’s alliance as the reason, in addition to convincing Ryan to vote for Roark. Stephen also compared the fear of a women’s alliance hurting men more than an actual one like the Salem Witch Trials. We also learned that Rob only asks for hashtags when he has one in mind, and Stephen came up with #PapaBear, liking Jeff calling Mike with his prefix Dr. Mike to him calling Mark Caruso of Survivor: South Pacific Papa Bear.

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