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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap the Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 3 Recap

LIVE after the Survivor 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 3, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap the episode and answer your questions!

Patrick’s Bitterness and the End of #Mattressgate

Rob and Stephen were both very pleased to see someone like Patrick, who was bitter and angry with his tribe-mates after being voted out for the great entertainment of it. They both were shocked to see Ali turn on Patrick so early on in the game. When discussing the move for the group, Stephen thought it was premature to take out the large, annoying target in Patrick, but Rob believed that Lauren is the safer and more loyal ally to the Hustlers come a swap. Stephen countered that Lauren is likely to flip because she has not blended well with her current tribe. In regards to the Ali and Patrick relationship, they discuss how when Patrick became more of a liability to her, she was smart to cut him, which has now put her in an even better spot with everyone on the tribe always checking in with Ali. They both agree that Lauren did a poor job of connecting with Ryan when she said that they were both weird people. Rob also mentioned that with the way the Hustlers spoke at Tribal Council, it seemed as if they were trying for an intentional “Matsing” by saying that losing the challenges have helped the tribe grow stronger.

Cole’s Loose Lips

Rob and Stephen both agreed that Cole’s move to tell Desi and Roark about Joe’s idol was too early and should have been saved until after they lose a challenge unless Cole wanted them to throw the challenge. Also, Rob mentioned how Cole’s move to help Joe find the idol looks a little better given that he has the information on Joe. Both Rob and Stephen agreed that Jessica was smarter in terms of the long-term game than Cole was.

Was Alan Finally Right?

On the Heroes tribe, they discuss how annoyed Ashley was at Alan’s power couple comment even though she wants to have a power couple with JP. They also remark how the show wasted too much time over the coconut situation, but that Stephen feels sympathetic towards Alan. Chrissy and Ben have also risen to become Stephen’s favorite duo.

Lauren Fishing for the “Fishy”

The discussion shifts to how after Patrick was so focused on challenge performance last episode and now caused his tribe to lose the challenge, Stephen compared that to if Google lost its search capability. Stephen had a tough choice for the “Fishy” this week but ultimately gave it to Lauren for her hustle in getting Patrick out, while Rob would have given to Ali for cutting Patrick, despite wondering whether it was Ali, Devon, or Ryan who was the main deciding factor. Lastly, Stephen was puzzled how Patrick did not even throw out a name to Lauren and Rob remarks how the “funny guy” rarely does well on the losing tribe.

Audience Questions

Stephen first remarks how he would rather be in Ryan and Devon’s spot as a duo, despite Ali being in the better social position, with everyone going to her first. Rob is worried how Ryan would do fitting in with a new tribe post-swap. Both then agreed how it is more important to focus on what you can control when it comes to making allies with your new tribe rather than staying loyal to your original tribe. In a moment of solidarity, Rob and Stephen both disavow red-head prejudice and mention how all hair colors, including bald, are equal. Stephen thinks that Ali had a decisive voice in the vote rather than having a trio consensus.

Stephen thinks that Patrick would be a nightmare on a pre-jury trip while Rob thinks he would be entertaining. In regards to Patrick being like Stephen with his inability to break a stick, they agree that when the edit shows someone noticeably failing, it is usually not a good sign. Both were also surprised that only one idol was found on the original tribes, but that Patrick being overtly obvious when looking for the idol hurt his game considerably. Both are excited for a swap after three unanimous votes. They do not think that with a three-tribe swap that the Hustlers can go on a Survivor: Cagayan Brain tribe run. Finally, the winners of a swap are clearly Alan, Dr. Mike, and Lauren, while the losers are all the duos at risk of being split up.

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