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After a crazy week on Survivor Caramoan, Rob Cesternino welcomes the only two-time Survivor winner, Sandra Diaz-Twine.

Rob begins the show with an old joke, “getting in touch with his inner Enil Adem”, which you may want to ask him to explain the “inside” joke in the comments section.

Rob was sad to see Corinne voted out on Wednesday but happy that she went out in a blaze of glory, the only way Corinne knows how.  You can also hear about Wednesday’s Survivor Episode by listening to the Survivor Know-It-Alls with Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishback as well as Rob’s exit interview with Corinne Kaplan.

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Rob introduces Sandra Diaz Twine.  Sandra is also upset that Corinne is out.  She thought Corinne’s game was much improved and was playing smart.  Rob asks for Sandra’s opinion on telling Dawn the plan.  Sandra does feel telling Dawn was a strategic error because it caused Dawn to realize that the plan was an attack on her side.

Rob asks Sandra if Dawn is playing Sandra’s game?  Sandra feels Dawn is being far more emotional than she was, or can handle from others.  She does agree that she hasn’t been a target, which is similar to Sandra’s game.

Rob wonders if Corinne’s mistake was to question Phillip’s “split the vote plan” rather than just flip the votes without him knowing.  Sandra understands how Phillip must be driving them crazy when she is annoyed by him by just watching an hour a week and might cause people to want him out more quickly.

Sandra does not see similarities between the Tyson situation and Corinne.  Tyson was being told mixed messages while Corinne was completely blindsided.

Rob asks Sandra if she could handle Phillip for 39 days.  Sandra outright says NO.  She has spent time with Phillip and gets along with him but would not be able to put up with his attempts to control the situation.

Rob points out that Sandra would never tell anyone off to their face but would mouth it to the camera.  Sandra explains that everyone was telling her they were taking her to the end so she explains why would she say anything?

Boston Rob is a mutual “friend” of Phillip and Sandra, as Rob points out, but Sandra demonstrates how Boston Rob was a different player when she played with him, compared to when he played with Phillip.  The Boston Rob rules did not exist with she played with him.  BR did not have that type of control when he played with Sandra.  Sandra is confident that Boston Rob probably didn’t even realize that that he was making up these rules at the time (playing with Phillip). She also feels that production should cut him a cheque every time his name is mentioned.  Although they already did by allowing him to play with a bunch of newbies.

After Rob explains taking Phillips advice to lay in bed and think about what Boston Rob would do (as was suggested to Andrea) did not work well for Nicole (being called Amber; checking Red Sox scores; etc), he asks Sandra if this would be a good strategy on the island.  Sandra reiterates that, while she gets along with Phillip in the real world, listening to anything he suggests in the game would not be good strategy.

As demonstrated on previous podcasts, we know that Sandra was a big fan of Cochran on Survivor: South Pacific.  Rob asks if Sandra is a fan of Cochran on Survivor: Caramoan.  She still is and was happy to see Cochran win a challenge, as she knows how it is not to (never winning a challenge in her two seasons).  Sandra likes his game, likes to hear him talk and is happy to see him fitting in.  She would be happy to sleep beside him for 39 days because he is the opposite of Phillip.  Sandra feels Cochran is in a good spot within the game.

Sandra recalls her gross food challenge and how things did not go as planned.  Rob asks if she likes to watch the gross food challenge. Sandra does but feels it should be saved for when the loved ones visit. She believes it would offer a more even playing field at that time.  The challenge Sandra would like to go back for is an auction, something she never got to participate in over her two seasons.

Rob brings up Eddie’s reasons for not wanting to participate in the gross food challenge, that some girl will not want to hook up with him in the future if he is recognized from eating something gross.  Sandra believes Eddie is on the island to become famous, rather than to win the game.

Sandra asks why everyone is questioning Brenda’s lack of exposure this season.  Sandra defends Brenda but is uncertain as to why she is so quiet on Survivor: Caramoan.  Rob does point out that she is injured and that maybe this is why she is laying low.  Sandra worries for her now that the merge has occurred, where it’s every man for himself.

Rob also brings up that Erik has been very quiet, as well.  Sandra has met Erik and points out that he is always very quiet. Sandra also defends Erik, that he played well the last time but is only remembered for the one move (giving away immunity and being voted out). Rob and Sandra wonder, since he is avoiding the strategy part of the season, if this is a defence mechanism so he can claim he wasn’t really playing the game.  Sandra considers Erik to be the perfect person to be aligned with because he will do whatever you tell him.

Rob points out that there is not only one way to win Survivor and one person’s strategy probably will not work for the next person.  He feels that Sandra won twice for good reasons, but with skills that only Sandra has.

Sandra really likes Malcolm. Rob is concerned that his “goose is cooked” after Wednesday night. Sandra believes he can still stay on the favourite’s side before making his move with the fans.  Rob suggests that Malcolm blame it all on Corinne to regain favor with the favortives.  Sandra agrees, explaining that people do go a little crazy based on lies people tell them, that this is a believable story for any castaway.

Rob then asks Sandra to role play with him to determine Cochran and Dawn’s next move.  Sandra believes they will target Reynold then Eddie.  Soon after this, Sandra believes she needs to turn on Cochran to pay for his move in the South Pacific.  Rob doesn’t feel Dawn is this vindictive. Sandra doesn’t care. It is still her opinion as to what Dawn needs to do.  Then Sandra plays along and says they need to go after the strong fans then Phillip, that the alpha males need to go.

Rob asks Sandra if it should be Malcolm to target next, being the brains behind the other side. Sandra doesn’t think people know how smart Malcolm is, that his relationship with Corinne makes people think he was just going along with her. Rob feels that Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie must know that they are the next targets.  Sandra points out that we don’t know what Malcolm’s relationship is with the rest of the favorites, and that he may be good standing.

Rob compliments Andrea for being more of a player this season, but Sandra feels she is just listening to whatever Phillip tells her, just as she listened to whatever Boston Rob said to her in her previous season.  Rob points out that it was Andrea who targeted Corinne, but Sandra believes it was only because she was nervous, witnessing Corinne having many private conversations.

Rob asks Sandra for her opinion on the Brandon Hantz meltdown. Sandra met Brandon in Florida and has a positive opinion of him, believing he is the opposite of his relatives. Sandra then recounts the story when she took fish to hide on the tribe, upset over being told she was next on the chopping block, that she was going to make everyone else pay.  Sandra explains that she was hiding everything (hatchet, mashete, etc) and was also considering burning down the shelter, but it was too wet.  Luckily, as Rob points out, the tribe blamed Krista and Sandra was smart enough to let them.

Rob transitions to questions from the Rob Has a Podcast Facebook page.

Josh Young would like to know if Sandra would have aligned with Corinne.

Sandra likes Corinne’s sass and how she speaks her mind.  They have met in real life and already get along well.

Mark Celera wants to know who gets a sassy-graph this season and what would it say.

Sandra says Cochran would with that statement “I love Coch….. ran”.

Jeff McInnis would like to know if she has any thoughts about Francesca, the anti-Sandra.

Sandra feels her mistake was going after Phillip when he wasn’t originally worrying about her.  Francesca played too fast.  Sandra does feel her move was not the worst move and there were worse players, that even some who have made it to the middle of the game.

Jeff Pittman wants to know if Francesca and Sandra can be in the two-timer firsts club together.

Sandra doesn’t think Francesca would be interested in being in such a club.

James Foster wants to know what Sandra thinks about a Francesca vs Sandra season.

Sandra would rather play against someone who knows more about the game.

Rob asks if the editors are showing so much Phillip so we have a better perspective on what it is like to spend so much time with him.

Sandra agrees that this could be the case.  Rob gives Phillip credit for being in such a good position, even without an immunity idol.  Sandra feels he should be concerned now that Corinne has planted the seed to get rid of him.

Brian Whitehead asks Sandra to rate Phillip, Fairplay, and Russell based on desire to spend 39 days with them.

Sandra picks: 1. Phillip, 2. Fairplay & 3. Russell.  Rob points out that this could be an interesting tribe to watch because these three do not like each other.  Sandra suspects this could be all a ploy to be recast in a future season.

Rob then asked, if the tribe was Phillip, Fairplay, Russell, Francesca and Sandra, what would the boot order be.

Sandra believes it would be:  Russell, Fairplay, Phillip.  It would be a Francesca/Sandra final two, with Sandra winning. When Rob throws Nicole into the mix (since he can’t go because there would be no one left to run the podcast), Sandra picks Nicole to come to the final two with her.

Eric U would like to be what the SDT (Sandra Diaz Twine) rules be (compared to the BR rules)?

Sandra says #1 would be “As long as it ain’t me” then declines to tell more because you never know if you may play again. Rob then asks if Boston Rob is upset with Phillip blowing up his game.  Sandra believes that BR is loving it and that both Sandra and BR know they would not be where they are in life without Survivor.  Sandra believes BR could be cast again but Russell will not be back.  Rob is not convinced BR would play again but believes Russell will be back sometime.

Tyler James Linder would like to know what kind of colorful insults would say to Phillip if they were playing together.

Sandra would depend on how Phillip would act.  Rob asks why she insulted Lillian to her face. Sandra explains it was because she was responsible for Rupert being voted off.

Keith Black wants to know how Sandra was able to deal with all the egos on Heros vs Villains, where Corinne seemed to have difficulties with all the Favorites egos.

Sandra didn’t feel like the Villains worried about things the way the Heros did.  She also didn’t think there were a lot of egos on HvV, with the only exceptions being Coach and Russell.

Keith K would like to know who Sandra enjoyed voting out the most. Also, was this all planned out prior to HvV?

Sandra picks Coach. Rob wonders if it was Fairplay, but Sandra explains that she never voted Fairplay out (Lillian picked Sandra to go to F2 with her). She also states that it isn’t possible to plan things out.  There are too many variables.

Will R would like to know if Erik made the right move by staying with the favorites.

Sandra thinks that he believes he did because of numbers.

Finally, Sandra picks Cochran as her choice to win this season.

Rob finishes the podcast by answering voicemail questions.

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