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Corinne Kaplan has made it clear for several weeks that she has had it with Phillip Sheppard but last night her plans to get rid of the Specialist backfired. Rob Cesternino speaks with Corinne in her Survivor Caramoan Exit Interview.

Rob welcomes Corinne to the show and gives her a chance to explain her side of the story. Corinne explains that the reason she went to go speak with Dawn Meehan was because she always considered Dawn to be her closest ally in the game. Corinne said that she told Dawn everything but she trusted her because Corinne was always taking care of Dawn when she was crying. Corinne also set that certain events were seen out of the order which they took place during the episode.

Rob wants to know why Corinne was against the idea of splitting the votes because it would’ve led to her plan working. Corinne agrees that they should have done that and they could’ve voted out whomever they wanted. Rob asks Corinne if playing with Phillip is like having a car alarm going off all night in that he is so draining you end up making poor strategic decisions. Corinne equates playing with Phillip is more like being drunk and you can’t be responsible for your actions.

Corinne wasn’t thrilled with John Cochran because she felt like she had a good relationship with him from when she took care of his sunburn. Corinne really didn’t understand what Erik Reichenbach was thinking with his decisions. Corinne said that Erik didn’t even want to know who to vote for until it was 10 minutes before the vote. Even more puzzling for Corinne was why Brenda Lowe never seemed to talk once during the entire season.

Lastly, Rob asks Corinne if she would play Survivor with Phillip again and she actually said that there’s only one condition in which she would not want to play the game again.

Tune in later today, when Rob speaks with Sandra Diaz-Twine about her thoughts on Survivor Caramoan.

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