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In this Super-Size recap podcast, we’ve got two great interviews with former castmates of two of the players from Survivor Blood vs Water, in Erinn Lobdell (tribemate of Tyson Apostol on Survivor Tocantins) and Matt Hoffman (alliance mate of Hayden Moss on Big Brother 12).

Erinn Lobdell

Rob welcomes Erinn Lobdell (@EmarieLO) back to the podcast for the first time since November 11, 2011 during Survivor South Pacific.  In addition to celebrating her birthday on Monday, Erinn got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Dave.  Rob starts off by asking Erinn about the transformation that Tyson has made over the course of his three seasons on Survivor.

Specifically, Rob wants to know if Erinn likes the game that Tyson is playing and whether now is the time to target Aras in the game.  Tyson has always played the game alongside another strong alpha male (Coach in Tocantins, Boston Rob in Heroes vs Villains) and Rob and Erinn discuss whether this time Tyson has perfected the strategy.

Erinn Lobdell joins Rob Cesternino to discuss Tyson Apostol's game on Survivor Blood vs Water

Does Erinn think Tyson is being a Jackass this season?

Turning to this week’s vote, Rob asks if Erinn thinks that the tribe made the right move in taking out Kat.  Erinn agrees with the move because she feels that Kat has proven herself to be untrustworthy.

Later in the show, Erinn answers a number of questions from the Rob Has a Podcast audience, including whether or not Tyson is morphing in to Coach, whether Erinn would ever have dated somebody who didn’t make the merge and if there is anybody who is this season’s Jackass.

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Matt Hoffman Interview (Starts at 1:23:10)

Matt_Hoffman (1)

Matt Hoffman on watching his Big Brother alliance-mate, Hayden Moss, play Survivor

Rob welcomes fellow new Dad, Big Brother 12’s Matt Hoffman (@HeadofHoffHold) to discuss his old friend Hayden Moss on Survivor Blood vs Water.

Matt is friends with Hayden and Kat Edorsson, so Rob asks Matt about Kat’s reaction to being voted out this week.  Rob and Matt discuss whether Kat being out of the game will either help or hurt Hayden’s game.

Plus, Rob and Matt discuss the idea of reality stars not wanting to date reality stars who don’t make the merge or jury on their shows.

Finally, Rob and Matt listen to your voicemails about a number of different subjects and the latest tweets from the former Survivor players on twitter.

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