Corinne’s Brutal Survivor Kaoh Rong Cast Assessment

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Corinne Kaplan is back to speak her mind about the latest cast of Survivor.  In this special episode of the podcast, Corinne roasts the Kaoh Rong players with her latest edition of the brutal cast assessment.

Family Friendly Survivor Preview from an 11-year old Survivor Fan

Rob & Nicole’s Cast Preview

A Note from Rob

This podcast is one of the most polarizing shows of the year every time we do it.  We have a lot of listeners who count down for months waiting for this episode and others who wish we wouldn’t do it.  This episode is only for the people who want to hear Corinne give her uncensored opinion of the new Survivor cast.  If that’s something you’re not interested in, I implore you to PLEASE skip this episode.  If you start listening to it and find that it’s not for you, check out one of our other podcasts from this week.

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