Corinne’s Brutal First Impressions of the Survivor Cagayan Cast

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For the first time in 2 years, Corinne Kaplan is back to preview the cast of a new season of Survivor. Corinne studied the bios and videos of the 18 contestants competing on Survivor Cagayan and is ready to give us her brutal first impressions. Corinne joins Rob and Nicole LIVE in the studio for the first time instead of over the phone like previous seasons.

You’ll hear Corinne’s thoughts on every player in the new season, find out about some of the new twists which are going to effect the game and have an overall unforgettable two hours as we hear Corinne’s Brutal First Impressions of Survivor Cagayan

Please note: The Corinne preview show is not intended for younger audiences or people that don’t want to hear strong language. If this doesn’t sound like its for you, there’s nothing wrong with skipping this one.

Corinne’s Previous Season Previews

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