The Hunted & The Hunter: Lee & Hilmar, Theresa Payton Interviews

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Post Game Interviews from the CBS Reality Series, Hunted

Rob Cesternino hosts a pair of post-game Hunted interviews with one of the teams that successfully pulled off being on the run, Lee Wilson and Hilmar Skagfield AND then talks to one of the people trying to track them down in the command center, Theresa Payton.

Rob talks to Hunted winners, Lee Wilson & Hilmar Skagfield

Rob does what the Hunters were unable to do and catches up with Lee and Hilmar.  Lee & Hilmar discuss the strategies they used to effectively evade capture for 28 days and much more.

Rob talks to Theresa Payton about Hunting the 9 teams of Fugitives (Interview Starts at 36:20)

One of the people searching for Lee and Hilmar was Theresa Payton who is the real life CEO of Fortalice Solutions, a cyber security firm.  Theresa discusses the tactics used by the Hunters and what her advice would be for teams on the run.

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Theresa Payton AMA on Reddit

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