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Rob Cesternino is joined by LFC members Taran Armstrong & Brent Wolgamott to recap the premiere episode of Celebrity Big Brother!

Which Had More Gameplay: 1 Episode of CBBUS or 39 Episodes of BB19?

The fastest game of Big Brother ever began with a look-alike between the son of Marissa Jaret Winokur and the great Taran Armstrong. On this season of Celebrity Big Brother, Rob questioned whether Brent or James Maslow liked social media after Brent agreed with a Tweet saying that there was more gameplay in this episode than in all of Big Brother 19. Taran said that he was really impressed with Omarosa being so aggressive breaking up the deal between James and Shannon Elizabeth. Rob, for one, is really excited with how hard Omarosa is playing. With regards to the safety that Omarosa won, Brent joked that when then-candidate Donald Trump spoke of rigging, he meant it for this competition.

Can the All-Female Alliance Last the Whole 26 Days?

Brent and Taran both think that there is a chance that the all-female alliance will last the whole game, but Brent is more skeptical. With James, Brent points out how if he had just offered Shannon a simple deal, then Omarosa could not stop it and Shannon would likely have likely taken it. Rob, Taran, and Brent, all really liked the 4-15 minute live feed clips CBS All Access gave to the fans. Brent was also a fan of the musical number during the HOH competition, with Paul Abrahamian (on his 4th season in a row) and Rachel Reilly.

What More Could Shannon Have Done?

Giving quick opinions on everyone in the cast, Brent started out by saying that Mark McGrath met his expectations of being very self-deprecating and being likable, while Rob sees him taking on a mentor role in the house. As for James, Taran pointed out how he spoke like he does in real life, is portrayed as having the least amount of fame, and is the douche of the house so far. Taran also said that Brandi Glanville was looking for a fight to get airtime and she got it with James. Taran and Brent were both very impressed with Omarosa’s demeanor and willingness to play the game. The major disagreement was on Shannon, where Rob and Brent were very high on her, while Taran was upset that she won HOH and that she told Omarosa that she knows Marissa, which Brent thinks Ross knows from Dancing with the Stars. Rob was very thrilled with Marissa and Brent loves her positive energy thus far.

The Steve Harvey Award

Brent was surprised that Big Brother got so close to calling the awards Oscars. Taran then said that he thinks the re-cast power is like Moonlight and La La Land all over again, while Rob thinks it should be called the Steve Harvey Award. According to Taran, he thinks that Ariadna Gutierrez is in a good spot so far. Brent thinks Ross is in a great spot, and that he will take advantage of when paranoia sets in for the women, and liked that he got towels for Shannon as she dropped. Taran thinks Chuck is doing fine, but might try too hard in the competitions and paint a target on his back. Keshia was also the most invisible of all eleven HouseGuests and Taran joked that she was called Rudy Huxtable more than Keshia in the episode. Brent also did not like the HOH re-cast power because it made the competition effectively meaningless. When asked whether Omarosa can turn her image around, Taran thinks she can if she plays well and does not address politics. Rob also said that he will honor his deal to eat a crow if Omarosa wins and Taran wants cake for calling the women’s alliance pre-season.






















From the short live feed clips we have seen, we know that Keshia took the HOH from Shannon, it is likely that James got a power he did not use, and James and Chuck were the nominees with James as the target. Brent loved that the POV competition was the spelling competition, which Shannon won and James and Ariadna have to wear baby costumes and crawl around the house. It is likely that Chuck will be saved and Mark will be the replacement pawn after accusing Shannon of cheating in the POV competition. As it stands, James and Mark will be the final nominees with James Maslow likely being the first evictee of Celebrity Big Brother. Brent also said that Shannon might be losing it and that her and Omarosa are very tight, and they are paranoid that the other women and Ross have a side alliance. They want Metta to go up next week, but Brent hopes nobody will make such a bad move because he wants to leave anyway.

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