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Big Brother Canada 6 Power Rankings—Week 7 with Karen Singbeil

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with a new guest in RHAP’s Big Brother Canada Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by Big Brother Canada 5 runner up, Karen Singbeil!


  • Power Rankings will contain information from the live feeds. If you are only watching Big Brother Canada 6 episodes and consider information from the feeds to be spoilers, come back after watching the eviction episodes!).
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Big Brother Canada 6 Power Rankings—Week 7

Triple eviction week has finally arrived! After weeks and weeks (and weeks) of speculation and planning, the triple is finally here and although it’s frustrating to see it actually happening, I’m excited to no longer hear them talking about it. All that matters on Thursday night is who can pull through and win at least one competition to ensure their safety. Then after the hour is up, we’ll have our final 5!

This week for my rankings, I’ll run down my predictions for each player’s scenarios for the triple. At the time I’m writing this, it’s still not clear who will be going home between Kaela or Ali, so the predictions are a little more inflated than I’d like them to be, but it is what it is.

I’m joined this week by a woman who made it through her own triple eviction completely unharmed, ultimately sitting in the final 2 of Big Brother Canada 5, Karen Singbeil! Karen has been watching along with the live feeds all season long and I’m very happy to get her back in for some rankings. Follow Karen on Twitter if you’re a crazy person and aren’t already @karensreal and follow myself @mattliguori, tweet us to let us know what you think and/or leave a comment below!





1. Will

Will isn’t a top contender to win the game, but he is a top contender to survive the triple. The fact that he still hasn’t won a comp is a big point in his favor if he’s sitting on the block when it’s time for the vote. His two closest allies (Paras and Johnny) are huge strategic threats and that’s very beneficial to him in a triple.

In the triple, Will nominates: Olivia, Ali/Kaela, Derek
His replacement nominee, if needed: Paras or Johnny, it’s tough
Will is nominated by: Olivia, Kaela
He would be a replacement nominee for: Derek or Ali

 1. Johnny

The butterfly of death and current HoH. Going into the triple I worry for his fate. He will have to win veto in order to survive after Thursday but I’ll double down on him. He is my hope and prayer for the season as a player. Almost everyone else who I was rooting for is gone.

2. Johnny

Johnny really can work his way out of almost every situation. Kevin Martin took on the triple head on and came out victorious when he was otherwise dead in the water. Johnny very likely could do the same, but the beauty of his past week is that he’s set himself up to be safe (from initial nominations) in THREE of the six possible HoH outcomes. The wrong person could win for any given player at any given time, but there’s no question that Johnny has put in the work to ensure himself way more safety than someone in his position should have.

In the triple, Johnny nominates: Nobody, as outgoing HoH
His replacement nominee, if needed: N/A
Johnny is nominated by: Derek, Kaela
He would be a replacement nominee for: Paras, Ali, Maddy, possibly Will

 2. Olivia

Uninvolved Liv is my number #2. She is playing the kind of game I can relate too except she is capable of winning more comps, but doesn’t, which is good for her. She needs to lay low to not get on these dum dum’s radar more… and let her ride or die Ali be the target. Then she stays positioned in a tri with Johnny or Daela to be at the end. The triple is going to dictate who is positioned well and this could all blow up. If all the people I don’t want to be there next week stay in, then I’m out.

3. Derek

It’s a very real possibility that Derek gets himself to the final 2 by winning his way there. Truthfully, that’s the only path for him at this point. His chances at doing some damage in this triple is pretty good, but even if he doesn’t win there’s a chance he makes it through because the PMW trio is looking like such a juicy target, and they could fill up the all three nomination seats if Ali or Liv win (or Kaela of course, if she stays).

In the triple, Derek nominates: Johnny, Maddy, Paras
His replacement nominee, if needed: Will
Derek is nominated by: Paras, Maddy, Will, Olivia, Ali
He would be a replacement nominee for: He’s probably already on the block if he doesn’t win HoH

 3. Wilson

He won veto so he survives this week. He is capable of winning comps but I seriously doubt he will ever win Canada’s heart. Typical IG recruit, but without the personality. He is just…. well I am sure he is nice ….but he’s the volleyball from Castaway. He’s somebody to talk too when there is nobody else.

4. Olivia

I’m continuously impressed by Olivia’s under the radar game. She’s another one with a 50/50 shot at being in danger during the triple, assuming Derek does target the trio (which he should and likely will). Liv has shown comp ability in the past, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her win the triple HoH after already taking home the double.

In the triple, Olivia nominates: Derek, Maddy, Will or Paras
Her replacement nominee, if needed: Will or Paras
Olivia is nominated by: Paras, Maddy, Will
She would be a replacement nominee forNobody

4. Will

If he can win some comps and quit overreacting he can make it far. He gets his buttons punched too easily, man you gotta chill Will! You’re positioned quite well. I can stand him being at the end over most of these other people.

5. Maddy

If the theme of this season continues, where the players least likely to win a jury vote get evicted instead of being carried to the end, Maddy is done for here. In most scenarios where Maddy is on the block, the votes to save her would need to be from Liv and Ali, and both of those girls have no relationship with Maddy. Not being seen as a threat is the main selling point to keep her around. If her or her allies win, her chances at landing a final 2 spot probably go up to about 95%.

In the triple, Maddy nominates: Olivia, Ali/Kaela, Derek
Her replacement nominee, if needed: Johnny
Maddy is nominated by: Olivia, Ali, Derek, and maybe Kaela?
She would be a replacement nominee for: Kaela

 5. Paras

The mastermind of the season… oh you don’t watch feeds ? JK Jk she isn’t, BUT she believes she is and the way she talks to the cameras completely telling us how she is playing everyone in the house (eye roll) shows what a disconnect this season is. There are four in the middle & all playing the exact same game as Paras but she believes she is “controlling” the house…. lmao she is controlling her edit pretty good but ….we SEE you Paras.

6. Paras

Someone who has played extremely well and safe up until this point? Seems like the perfect candidate to be screwed by the triple! Paras has still yet to win a comp, so I have very little confidence in her to pull one out here, but I’d like to be wrong. Paras really need to avoid the block, because if she’s one of the three up there at voting time, she’s not getting saved.

In the triple, Paras nominates: Ali/Kaela, Olivia, Derek
Her replacement nominee, if needed: Johnny
Paras is nominated by: Olivia, Ali/Kaela, Derek
She would be a replacement nominee for: potentially Will

6. Kaela

I hate to use Pili’s name in vein but she really is her twin, so evil Pili …well this girl’s kinda a negative nelly… the kinda girl who would eat her young. She is the girl who would throw her mom off Survivor …Ciara or Sierra was it? She already said she would ditch Derek BUT I AM hoping he ditches her first! That would give me life. Guys, they need to get her out this week. She is on the block and needs to go. This is the opportunity or she will scratch and claw and eat her way to the end. These houseguests are so lame they cannot even see the threats right in front of their eyes.

7. Ali

If Ali makes it through this week, she’s the trickiest one to predict, because even if she’s on the block I’m not sure if she’s going home. There’s been talks about Olivia been the bigger threat, but Ali is “manipulative” and may be seen as the bigger end-game threat. The key to Ali making it through this week is Maddy, and that’s definitely not where she wants to be right now.

In the triple, Ali nominates: Maddy, Paras, and Derek
Her replacement nominee, if needed: Johnny
Ali is nominated by: Paras, Maddy, Will
She would be a replacement nominee for: possibly Derek?

 7. Ali

Ali, explain how come a personal trainer who is excellent shape can’t win comps? She is loud and proud and messy. Which I usually love, but not loving sorry. I don’t feel this is an act… she doesn’t win anything. I don’t get it. Hopefully Liv will throw her UTB and keep running over her. Depending on who wins HoH in the triple, she may be gone.

8. Kaela

Kaela’s put in a lot of work all season long and I think she did well, but the past few weeks having power and being blinded by her dislike of Ryan completely ruined her shot at winning. After ditching Jesse, Kaela did great getting in close with Ali, Olivia, and Erica. I really think taking Erica out when she did might’ve been the turning point, because by leaving the PMW trio alone (all who Johnny had in his pocket) she allowed 3 linked votes to get this far into the game which now control her fate.

In the triple, Kaela nominates: Johnny, Will, and Maddy or Paras
Her replacement nominee, if needed: Maddy or Paras
Kaela is nominated by: Everyone except Derek
She would be a replacement nominee for: Yeah.. she’s already nominated by everyone

 8. Maddy

Is there an 8th in the house? Crying now. Sad face. Maddy I had high hopes for you in the beginning. I am crying now.


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