Big Brother Canada Season 6 - 2018

Big Brother Canada 6 Power Rankings—Week 6 with Kirsten MacInnis

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with a new guest in RHAP’s Big Brother Canada Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by Big Brother Canada 6 gatecrasher candidate, Kirsten MacInnis!


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Big Brother Canada 6 Power Rankings—Week 6

What once seemed like a straightforward week has turned into something much more electrifying. The house has been spinning as plans to potentially save Johnny (whose life in the game is hanging on as dangerously as Rozina in the first HoH comp) form, with everyone debating whether or not it’s worth it to piss off Daela. If Johnny does stay, it’ll go down as one of the most impressive plays we’ve seen in Big Brother Canada and even if Johnny doesn’t win the season this will cement him as one of the show’s best players.

I’m joined this week by a woman who was robbed from a chance to compete on this season of Big Brother Canada 6, the devil herself Kirsten MacInnis! Kirsten wasn’t kidding when she said we wouldn’t want to deal with her on social media if she didn’t get in. She unloads some fire takes on Twitter, so make sure you’re following her for her thoughts on this season (as if any of you aren’t already) @kirstensaidwhat and follow myself (@mattliguori), tweet us to let us know what you think and/or leave a comment below!





1. Will

Through not much work of his own, Will’s stock continues to rise. The duos are becoming more threatening by the day, which keeps Will safe. The trio of him, Maddy, and Paras have come up plenty, but all eyes have been on Maddy and Paras because they’ve called their shots of who they’re targeting, while Will has remained somewhat neutral. He’s the biggest blind spot for everybody in the house.

 1. Kaela

It cannot be denied that showmances perform well in BBCAN… from Jemmett to Demika, we have had a member of a showmance in every single final 3, often both halves! Kaela is a stone cold killer who does not let her emotions get in the way. At the same time, she is a physical threat, and her social game is fine. I’d be lying if her showmance status hadn’t bumped her up a few spaces on my rankings.

2. Paras

Still well positioned, Paras’ numbers remain in tact. Erica was never a number for her, so her leaving for Paras wasn’t bad at all. There’s plenty of people onto her game, but the fact that she still hasn’t won comps is really helping her case. Ali and Liv get frustrated with her and would love to see her gone, but it’s hard to see them taking the shot at her before Maddy or Daela.

 2. Paras

Paras would probably put herself at first on this list, because she thinks she has determined every decision this season! She is MESSY but somehow better positioned than pretty much anyone else. Now that she’s calmed down a little bit I do see Paras going the distance… but can she convince a jury that she’s done as much as she thinks she has? I’m not so sure.

3. Olivia

Olivia remains in a good spot because of how strangely she plays the game. The only reason anybody is threatened by her is because she’s won a comp. As far as being a strategic threat, sneaky, a mastermind, etc., the show’s edit can tell you all you need to know. That’s not how she’s viewed.. at all. Olivia may see the block again soon, but when push comes to shove I don’t think she’s the one to go.

 3. Olivia

A sassy blonde, rolling her eyes and talking about her cat? I’m in love! Olivia is a national treasure. She is positioned quite well, and I don’t see a scenario where she goes before her fellow ding-dong.  Again, depending on who she is up against, I worry that the jury may not respond to her in the end.

4. Maddy

With numbers dwindling, Maddy’s lack of relationship with Ali and Olivia might really come back to bite her. Ali and Olivia have a 1/4 shot in winning HoH next week, and both of them would love to see Maddy out of the house. I really do like Maddy, but her social game has never been too strong and I worry it may eventually lead to her downfall.

4. Johnny

MY BABY!! I have Johnny fourth for now because he is on the block post-veto and him staying is not a sure thing. That being said, Johnny seems to have come back from the dead over the past day or so and his maneuvering has been INCREDIBLE. I am so impressed with the way he has been able to convince disparate groups to both vote the same way and have at least 2 people vote completely against their own best interests. If he goes this week, he goes as as freaking warrior who did not just lay down and die. If he manages to stay he has incredible winner potential as a social, strategic, and physical threat.

5. Derek

It goes without saying that Daela is the biggest target in the house the next time they’re not in power. I debated ranking them at the very bottom, but their ability to win comps is what keeps them from being completely counted out. Derek is still seen as the weaker player next to Kaela, so I have him higher, but both are in equal amounts of trouble.

 5. Derek

He can win competitions, he is cognizant of playing the middle as much as he can right now, and he has that showmance shield. I think there is a non zero chance we see Derek in the finals, and if he has the guts to cut Kaela (how DARE he) I think that will be respected and he could very well win. But who knows, he could be bumped to the bottom at any second, because I don’t think this volleyball has a whole lot of agency in this game.

6. Ali

I’m feeling a little better about Ali than I was last week, but she’s still in a pretty bad spot going forward. There’s way too many people in the house who wouldn’t think twice about putting her up next week. Maddy, Paras, Will, and Ryan if he stays.. all would throw her up. That’s half of the house, and part of the reason why keeping Johnny over Ryan this week isn’t the worst idea.

6. Ryan

Ryan not going home last week is deadly. I think that week after week we will hear “I don’t want to waste my week on Ryan” and paired with a few clutch comp wins which he has proven capable of, Ryan could very well get to the end. If Ryan stays this week and persists to the end, this house perception that he somehow knows everything about Big Brother could get him the win, especially considering people think Canada loves him – they may not be able to face voting against him for fear of what Canada will think.

7. Kaela

Of course, everything I said about Derek applies here too. Erica became the most powerful player in the house, and while in power she spent all of her time securing her bonds which kept her safe the first week she wasn’t in power (until the twist happened). Kaela has spent next to no time trying to water any seeds  of trust with anybody. She’s assuming Paras has her back. She’s assuming Liv and Ali have her back. She’s hoping Paras will keep Maddy from targeting them. Yet she’s doing nothing to reinforce any of this.

 7. Ali

Ali is a strong girl and I think she will definitely start winning a few competitions in the next weeks. My only concern with her is that she is explosive and does not have the “calm/constructive confrontation” quite figured out yet. She has had the tough realization that Paras is outperforming her socially, and I don’t know if she is capable enough to course-adjust enough to go the distance.

8. Johnny

If anybody can pull off being one foot out the door and finding a way to stay when they absolutely shouldn’t, it’s Johnny. Johnny has been playing the best game in the house all season long and I’ve had confidence in him all week to find a way to pull through. As of me writing this, things are looking good for him. But paranoia spreads so easily, I can absolutely see things flipping back by the time you read this. Johnny’s got very little power at the moment, but if he stays…. shoot him right back up the rankings.

 8. Maddy

I am so sad to have Maddy this low. I love this girl and I think that we would have been best friends had I made it into the house. But Maddy has zero agency in this game and somehow thinks she is a mastermind? Gurl. PLEASE give us some of that DR sass in the game.

9. Ryan

Ryan’s game hasn’t changed at all. I feel like such a broken record here but what am I supposed to say? He’s on the block for the fourth time in a row. It’s not like his impressive social game is saving him each week. He was saved with a veto one week, Canada’s power another week, and now he’s up with another shot to go. Whether or not he does depends on if the rest of the house wants to keep Johnny, because there’s not one person besides Paras that’s invested in having him around.

9. Will

People are seeing Will’s temper tantrums and they do NOT like it. He is a social guy but cannot separate his emotions from the game. Honestly, is he even playing? I am convinced there is a triple eviction next week, and really can see Will being a target there – no one is going to want to deal with his tantrums for a whole week!


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