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Big Brother Canada 6 Power Rankings—Week 4 with Alex Willett

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with a new guest in RHAP’s Big Brother Canada Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by Big Brother: Over the Top‘s Alex Willett!


  • Power Rankings will contain information from the live feeds. If you are only watching Big Brother Canada 6 episodes and consider information from the feeds to be spoilers, come back after watching the eviction episodes!).
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Big Brother Canada 6 Power Rankings—Week 4

Things are certainly a little quieter around the “BBC” house with Veronica and Hamza exiting back-to-back. Veronica’s house meetings and Hamza’s insane antics and ideas were a huge part in the electric feeds of the first few weeks. Luckily, there are plenty of big players remaining in the game… all hungry for the win. The house is still as fluid as it’s been, especially with the biggest threat in the house taking a shot this week at the two players least involved in the game. It may not be exciting television this week, but personally I’m willing to sacrifice a “boring” week now for exciting ones down the home-stretch.

I’m joined this week by 1/3 of the Ball Smashers, Big Brother: Over the Top‘s Alex Willett! Follow Alex (@alexshay1) and myself (@mattliguori) on Twitter, tweet us to let us know what you think and/or leave a comment below! (Also, follow Alex’s new adorable siamese cat over on Instagram. You won’t regret it, Finley is the cutest.)





1. Johnny

Johnny indeed is about to spend another week on top. He pulled through for his best interests during the double and regardless of who leaves this week, he still has a house full of allies. He’s sitting pretty in the middle, and while there are scenarios where he gets nominated (see: Daela), he does have a bunch of friends who would be interested in keeping him in the house.

 1. Johnny

I have Johnny ranked #1 because he has his hands in everyone’s business but is on no one’s radar (except Kaela). Like come on. The guy is playing an impressive game. He’s stealthy, he’s sly and he’s pushy without people really, truly catching on. He’s proven he can be a beast in competitions when needed, he has the strategic chops to run the house and he’s socially good with everyone. In a season full of (some) players who feel really flat, Johnny is the standout for me! He’s the one I can see being called back for an All-Star season. He’s been a fantastic player so far.

2. Olivia

While Ali revs up her game a couple notches, Olivia has sat back and watched. She’s become the clear second priority behind Ali if the duo happens to sit on the block together and that’s right where she wants to be. Olivia showed us last week that she’s got the chops to play this game, so I don’t buy any of the “I don’t know/care what’s going on this week” but it’s possible her fellow houseguests do.

 2. Olivia

Is it not impressive that she went from the very bottom to having a decent amount of pull in the house!? I mean, this is the girl who is slightly socially awkward and rolls her eyes every 5 seconds. If you had asked me 2 weeks ago if Olivia and Ali would have any control over the house, I would say not a CHANCE. Both Olivia/Ali and Daela are very much benefiting from having each other as targets in the house and I see Olivia going very far because of this. I think she will be the last to be targeted out of the 4 and I’m calling it now that she’s going to go out in 3rd or 4th place.

3. Will

I still feel pretty good about Will. As I’ve been saying, there’s still a lot of love for him in the house. Losing Hamza and Veronica back-to-back are possibly the best things that could’ve happened for him, because he really doesn’t come off as part of a pair anymore. He’s close with Paras and with Johnny, but that’s nowhere near as obvious as he and Veronica were. With all that said, a little power falling into your hands, Paras’s hands, Maddy or Johnny’s hands… wouldn’t hurt!

 3. Will

Jon Pardy 2.0 is socially stellar in this house and that’s why I’ve ranked him 3rd. I’m also convinced people from Newfoundland are a special breed of personable and now I want to go visit and run away and hang with all of these happy people. If Will can resist from making irrational, big moves, he will go very far in this game. He’s SUCH an easy house target but everybody feels comfortable with him and doesn’t want to hold the guilt of getting him out. Amazing. #TeamWill.

4. Paras

Paras is so entertaining to watch in there because of how all over the place she is. She’s either completely starting to lose it or she’s just looking for more TV time with all of this camera-talking she’s doing. I’m not too sure how Paras ends up on the block next week. Her connections with everybody are hanging on by a thread, but they definitely still exist.

 4. Derek

He doesn’t bring much (or anything) to the table and his own showmance doesn’t even tell him everything… but he’s in a safe spot. If the showmance is targeted, Kaela will be the first to go. Derek is the epitome of a nonthreat. He’s just…there. I predict we’ll be seeing him around for awhile! He’s also the type of guy you bring to the final 2 just because you KNOW he will have nothing on his resume. Nothing. Nada. I’d bring Derek to the final 2 simply because he probably has no idea you even need to build a resume or give a speech. Don’t piss off the jury, bring Derek and enjoy your easy win. 😉

5. Derek

Mr. Social Game has been making some improvements. I’ve said that Jesse going home was great for Derek’s game, and that’s still proving to be true as he never comes up as somebody’s specific target. The showmance as a duo gets brought up all the time, but it’s really Kaela they want out.

5. Paras

I’m so back and forth on her! Paras has SO MUCH POTENTIAL but it’s just not there for me. She’s waaaaaay too all over the place. She wants to target Maddy. She wants to target one of the duos. Erica has to go. She wants to win the triple. She doesn’t want to win competitions. It goes on and on. I have no idea what is real anymore and while I think she’s a great addition to the cast in terms of feed entertainment, I also think she THINKS she’s a mastermind and… I haven’t seen it yet… or anything remotely close to it.  I’d love for her to step up and change my opinion of her game though! Please?

6. Maddy

I’m not sure how Maddy slipped so far off the radar, but she’s become such a non-threat in everybody’s eyes (besides Ali) that it’s really working for her. Erica was targeting Maddy just over a week ago, and this week she doesn’t even touch the block. The problem is, if her group doesn’t start winning HoHs, they will eventually be picked off, so get some power and send a big player home or it’s just a matter of time before you’re out the door yourself.

 6. Kaela

She, in my opinion, is the best “natural” player of this game. She has amazing game instincts, has a great read on the house and is creative with how her brain operates. I really, really enjoy watching her and I wish she wasn’t with Derek! I truly believe he will be her downfall and that she will targeted sooner, rather than later, because of him which is a shame. If only her, Paras and Maddy could have teamed up. Nothing like a good girl’s alliance to steamroll the house with! (I might be a little biased though). Also, her cat is really cute. I stalked her twitter the other day. Judge me.

7. Ali

Big slip for Ali this week as she’s really started to overplay for the first time. She must’ve had fun last week getting her way without much push-back, but now there’s people in her alliance who have other agendas and she’s had a hard time figuring out how to navigate that. The distrust around Ali has been building little-by-little each day, thanks to seeds being planted by Johnny (and Paras to a much lesser extent).

 7. Ali

She’s in an interesting position. She has pull for moments in the house and then gets trashed behind her back. Her game feels like it’s teetering on the edge and is about to crash and burn though. Too many people are sketched out by her and she doesn’t have enough solid relationships in the house that she can truly depend on. I see her going out within the next 2 weeks or so. Also, she’s a personal trainer, right? I want to see her win a physical comp! I know there has to be other comp beasts in the house besides Erica… maybe?

8. Erica

I mean, do I even have to say it? Yet another competition win… another week of power to remind the entire house that Erica is the biggest threat in the game and needs to be taken out as soon as there’s an opportunity. The statistic working in Erica’s favor at the moment is that the two other BBCAN houseguests to spend two consecutive weeks in the HoH room were season 1 and season 3 winners, Jillian and Sarah. Granted, they did so later in the game… but that’s the stat nonetheless.

 8. Erica

Too many competition wins in a short amount of time. She is the epitome of playing too hard too fast. (It’s a familiar feeling, okay). That’s really all I have to say about her. She’s a goner. There is no way she makes it to the end of this game. I think she’s great though! I really do enjoy her character in the house.

9. Kaela

We sure that Kaela is as good as we were saying she is? She did a great job the past couple of weeks securing her connections with the three girls, who would turn out to be the main source of power in the house. But since then… just about nothing from Kaela has me high on her chances. Everyone still has the showmance in mind, and Kaela gives off bad vibes to a lot of people. She’s put in no work with the Paras, Will, Maddy, and Johnny side of things. Meanwhile, Johnny has planted tons of doubt about her into Erica and Olivia’s heads… so I really expect Daela on the block together any day now.

9. Maddy

I’m lowkey obsessed with her because of her twitter account. Whoever runs that needs to have a job doing social media PR or something. She’s in a tough position though. She’s on everyone’s radar. Even her own alliance members (Paras and Will) regularly throw her under the bus. I will say though that I thought she’d play a very different game. I haven’t seen any strategic prowess yet from her but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’s attempting to lay low and vote with the house until the very end of the game when she needs to shake it up. Girl better turn it up! I’m keeping the faith.

10. Merron

It really shouldn’t be hard to stay this week if Merron had any abilities in this game. Ryan is a wildcard who has won two comps. Who cares what they were? He won them. Merron has tons of selling points on why Ryan should go and plenty of room to promise his loyalty. Merron’s only hope in staying would be building a connection with Johnny, but he doesn’t realize that and either way, it’s likely too little too late.

10. Ryan

If he doesn’t get evicted this week, he’ll make it far. I actually like Ryan and I think I’m one of the few. I appreciate him campaigning for himself and he actually does have interesting points to be made! He’s also won a couple of comps… which is impressive because he’s competing against a cast of YOUNG PEOPLE. (Seriously though, they all feel the exact same age now). I get that he has a weird sense of humor and can be perceived as annoying and I don’t think he has a chance of winning but I’m rooting for him simply because I know it’s his dream to be here and because he’s actually attempting to play the game. Also, I like rooting for the oddballs, so here we are.

11. Ryan

Ryan has been one of the worst players in the house all season long. If he didn’t win the double eviction veto, he would’ve been out the door. Johnny is putting in tons of work to keep the guy around, but Ryan wouldn’t be Ryan if he weren’t doing everything in his power to destroy all of Johnny’s work. The biggest factor working against Ryan staying is Ryan and his big mouth.

 11. Merron

Super nice guy. Out of everyone on the cast, I want to be friends with him and Maddy the most! However… he is proof that some people do NOT have a shred of cutthroat game-sense and I view him as dead weight that needs to be cut ASAP to preserve the game. If he stays, he will just be there. He’s kind of a supporting actor in a cast of people vying to be the star so yea. Merron you’re great but you are not meant for this game.


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