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Big Brother Canada 6 Power Rankings—Week 3 with Lita Brillman

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with a new guest in RHAP’s Big Brother Canada Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by fellow Big Brother live feeds morning updater, Lita Brillman!


  • Power Rankings will contain information from the live feeds. If you are only watching Big Brother Canada 6 episodes and consider information from the feeds to be spoilers, come back after watching the eviction episodes!).
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Big Brother Canada 6 Power Rankings—Week 3

Pooya said it best on the Tuesday morning live feeds update. I could do a set of rankings every day for this season and each day it would look different. I mean, I couldn’t actually do that because I’d drive myself insane, but you get the point. This house is insane and things don’t just change day-to-day… they change by the second. I’ll tell you that in particular, I moved Paras around about 6 times before putting this final list together. And by the time you’re reading this, I’m sure I’ll wish I could move her and everyone around some more. So try to keep that in mind while reading. It may be a headache, but I’ll always take a fluid house over an effortless power rankings.

I’m joined this week by another wonderful member of the morning live feeds update team, American Ninja Warrior RHAPup co-host, and occasional guest all around the RHAP world, Lita Brillman! Follow Lita (@LitaTweeted) and myself (@mattliguori) on Twitter, tweet us to let us know what you think and/or leave a comment below!





1. Johnny

Johnny is still playing a great game, but he lost some footing this week. His close allies have questioned him a handful of times and despite the reassurance at each check-in, they still don’t feel 100% comfortable. Johnny remains in the top spot because regardless, he’s still in tight with all “sides” of the house. Johnny’s only move here is to say goodbye to Veronica and move forward with the 10 other houseguests he also has in his corner.

 1. Johnny

At this stage in the game, never being on TV is basically the best position you can be in. Johnny speaks no evil, but sees and hears all evil because everyone seems to trust him enough without putting him in the position to have to make any positions. His slow-play will prove powerful if he can continue to quietly collect information and not get tempted by the draw of the Big Move, which he absolutely does not need to make.

2. Ali

Ali had another good week! Her stock was already on the rise last week, and this week it continues to rise. If she can keep playing up how she’s bad in comps to keep the target off her back while maintaining the connections she’s made, she’ll be around for a while longer (even if she loses an ally or two along the way).

 2. Kaela

The nice thing about a showmance is that it’s such an obvious threat that sometimes it becomes no longer a threat anymore. Kaela has gone from a prime nominee for most of the house to under the radar. She got through people suspecting her of voting to save Jesse, and she and Derek have been put on the backburner for now. Plus, Kaela’s social and strategic savvy give me confidence that when the time does come for Daela to go down, she’ll be able to flip the vote on Derek with skill and little remorse.

3. Olivia

Just like Ali, Olivia had a good week. She really has come out of her shell as a player and it’s really enjoyable to see, especially with me being somebody who didn’t have faith in her to be more than wallpaper after watching her first two weeks. She had a hell of a lot to do with convincing Erica to pull the trigger on the Veronica plan and she’s done well bringing her alliance closer together in the process.

 3. Erica

Unlike Johnny, Erica got too antsy this week and couldn’t just rest on her laurels. Her charm and ability to make everyone feel like she respects them is beneficial to keeping people from being mad at her, but after burning Maddy by putting her up and getting blood on her hands when she absolutely didn’t need to win this HOH, she’s in a worse position than she could be. Thankfully, her back door plan seems to be popular with the house, and Veronica doesn’t have the type of allies that will be spiteful toward Erica for this decision, so she’ll come out of this week just fine.

4. Kaela

Kaela has put in a lot of work to get her and Derek in good with the Erica/Liv/Ali group. One roadblock Kaela’s going to encounter is a househusband named Johnny. Johnny and Daela do not have much trust built between them. There’s also the Hamza factor. Hamza is more than willing to nominate the showmance. So while I want to sing Kaela’s praises for Real Deal-ditching last week and swinging into the power, she’s neglected too many people in her efforts to solidify her new bonds with the girls.

 4. Paras

After patching things up with Will and her paranoia in check from Maddy being taken off the block, Paras’s tight three is still intact and she seems to be garnering trust and sympathy with everyone in the house. Her fiery passion and ability to know when to throw and keep her identity as a smartypants a secret makes her relatable to pretty much everyone in the house (and the audience!), and she’s developed a well-articulated strategy of linking up with pairs to stay in the loop but not the prime target.

5. Paras

I like where Paras sits in the house in this post-Jesse world, but as the week has gone on she’s had a hard time keeping quiet and not over-playing/over-sharing. Erica and co. all feel comfortable with her, but she’s spreading seeds of doubt with Daela, Hamza, and Merron and eventually it’ll get back to the people she’s talking about. Paras’s biggest selling point right now is that she knows when to throw comps and even when she does start overplaying, she recognizes it and attempts to cool it down.

5. Ali

What a comeback for Ali. From being in a really tough spot with no real allies, Ali has turned her free-floating game into her greatest strength by being open to working with anyone, but never having to plant her flag on either side. It’s not that she’s caught in the middle, it’s more like she’s orbiting the whole perimeter, never having to pledge her loyalties either way. You can’t get caught playing both sides if you’re barely playing at all! And that’s not a read: She’s doing exactly what she should be to stay safe, and every week she seems more and more integrated in the house.

6. Will

Will really needs to get his head on straight. He’s in a decent spot but that’s only because of the relationships he’s built in the past few weeks. Will hasn’t been doing a great job at building off those relationships or securing connections with the people he’s been out of contact with for the past week, causing people to lose trust in him. Will could be in trouble for the double if power falls into the wrong hands.

 6. Maddy

Queen of campaigning! Maddy came to play, and now that she’s had a small taste of the block, she’s ready to kick it into high gear. People have become suspicious of her floating strategy, and like the good player that she is, Maddy knows she can’t get away with it anymore and I have faith that she will make the appropriate adjustments and work harder in the future to build relationships so that she doesn’t wind up in the position she was in this week, with an HoH she hadn’t put enough effort to build trust with.

7. Erica

I don’t think I’m coming in with a hot take by expressing how Erica really shouldn’t have won this HoH. I said it last week and I still believe she should’ve thrown it. Erica now has two more comp wins under her belt and has shown she’s here to play hard. Erica went from safely in the middle to one of the biggest targets in the house. She’s well insulated with allies, but she’s in for a rough ride ahead.

 7. Merron

While no one is making Merron their primary target per se, I can see him becoming a popular pawn, especially with Veronica in the house. It seems like Merron is hard for people to connect with on a game level, and he doesn’t seem to have the passion to really fight for the moves that will benefit him in the game. Hopefully his time on the block will give him the gut-punch he needs to start putting in work and develop a ride-or-die, or at least a ride-or-get-injured.

8. Derek

Derek is this week’s “I forgot you were in the house” player of the week. He’s been laying very low, allowing Kaela to do most of the work to keep him safe. Derek’s social game isn’t terrible, but it leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve heard Ryan, Merron, and Hamza all say they’d like to take Derek out, and with a double coming, it’s a quick and easy chance to get him on the block and out the door.

 8. Derek

When time finally runs out on Daela and the showmance is in the crosshairs, Derek will be the one to go. He doesn’t have the wherewithal to save himself, and he’s unlikely to campaign against Kaela at all, not that it would be successful. Kaela is preparing for Derek’s eviction in a way that Derek isn’t for hers, and he doesn’t have the savvy to save himself if he’s the target basically no matter who is on the block next to him anyway.

9. Hamza

I’m surprised Hamza was able to sink back into the scenery this week instead of maintaining the wild gameplay he was revving up last week. His idea of where the game is at and where he stands all couldn’t be further from the truth, so where he goes from here I don’t think even he could say with confidence. Maybe we’re all the fools and Hamza really will win the rest of the vetos all season long.

9. Olivia

Olivia is enjoying a nice bounce back after being on the block last week, though it’s basically to no credit of her own. I can see that she’s trying to do a better job of being social and being friends with anyone, but ultimately Olivia will either stay disposable or try to make a power play that she doesn’t have the social capital to execute without making herself a target. Her best shot is to just do her best to get people to trust her and hope she doesn’t become a target in the next couple of weeks and has the time to win friends, but unfortunately, her game feels a little out of her hands at this point.

10. Maddy

I have a hard time seeing Maddy go much further in the game. She’s running out of people to keep her safe, first losing Jesse and now Veronica both of whom were not coming after her. Erica’ group only kept her safe this week because they wanted to make a bigger move taking out Veronica. Maddy has Paras, Will, and Johnny, but other than that, nobody would be sad to see her go.

10. Hamza

Hamza is lucky that Erica is a good player and likes him so much, because when you ask to go on the block, a good percentage of the time you’re going to go on the block. Sometime, he’s going to make this request based on his ridiculous ego and confidence that he can win any comp, and it will be granted and he’ll be sent packing without knowing what hit him. It’s been said before, but Hamza isn’t playing to win, Hamza is playing to be *~crazy~* and unpredictable and I’m frankly tired of it and won’t be sad to see him blindsided by being evicted after begging to go on the block someday.

11. Merron

Merron should be good here if he stays calm, cool, and quiet. He was in a lot of trouble if he stayed on the block against Maddy, which is why it was so funny when he asked Erica to not use the veto if she was going to take Maddy down. This new scenario is much better for you, my friend. Big picture, Merron has one friend in the house (two if you count Ryan) and there’s seeds being planted to target the coasters.

 11. Will

Will is extremely annoying. He’s irritable and disrespectful of his alliance members, both in the way he talks to them and how he plays the game for himself rather than for the good of his people. If you’re the type of player who can make the moves that are best for you and not get caught, that’s great! But he’s coming off as a selfish player to those closest to him, and he doesn’t have the subtlety nor the charisma to pull it off. Without his “showmance” in the house, we’ll see if he’s able to curb his stubbornness and seem like a more generous player before people turn on him.

12. Veronica

Well, well. Look whose game blew up in their face. This really could’ve all been avoided if that hinky vote hadn’t been cast. Veronica was already on everybody’s radar, but this vote thing proving her to be an untrustworthy person locked it in. Sending home Jesse last week in favor of Olivia, when Olivia and Ali are leading the charge to take her out is just as Big Brother as it gets. I’ve been saying all along Veronica’s game is messy, so it’s no surprise to see it finally catch up to her.

 12. Ryan

One of these weeks an HoH is going to get scared and want to play it safe, and it’ll be Ryan’s head. No one cares about keeping him in the game, but no one has yet wanted to waste their HoH on getting rid of him. I can see someone like Ali getting into power and not wanting to shake up the house too much and just getting rid of Ryan.

13. Ryan

It’s unbelievable that any player in Ryan’s position normally would have a seat locked in for final 3. But not this guy. Ryan is just socially awkward and I guess he has no self awareness of that. He makes people uncomfortable. In terms of strategics, he really doesn’t even try to build alliances or gain trust with people. He just talks. Ryan’s a contender to go home during the double, which really is mind-boggling as a game move… but if it happens, it’s not for game reasons.

 13. Veronica

Hopefully there’s no way Veronica can reverse the PLURse this week and the backdoor plan will go off without a hitch. No one can trust her, her hinky vote blew up in her face, and she doesn’t even have the self-awareness to admit it. Good job Canada, I hope you enjoyed your snake-microwaving, trash-talking “angel” for the two seconds she lasted. Forget you, go home, goodbye.


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