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Big Brother Canada 6 Power Rankings—Week 2 with Pooya Zand Vakili

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with a new guest in RHAP’s Big Brother Canada Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by fellow Big Brother live feeds morning updater, Pooya Zand Vakili!


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Big Brother Canada 6 Power Rankings—Week 2

Big Brother is such a crazy game. A crazy crazy game where someone can go from the top of the world to right out the door within a matter of days. The signs of a good season are when I can come in here one week with somebody ranked #1 and the following week, they’re on their way out of the house. The flipping and the flopping has been out of control, and for the feed watchers, that couldn’t be more exciting. I anticipate the rest of the time between now and Thursday night will be just as exciting with some flip-flopping, some last minute scrambling, and the usual blaming Ryan for things he has nothing to do with.

I’m joined this week by another guy who just like me spends way too much time keeping track of the insanity going down inside the Big Brother house, Pooya! Follow Pooya (@Pooyaism) and myself (@mattliguori) on Twitter, tweet us to let us know what you think and/or leave a comment below!





1. Johnny

Hot Tub Johnny has debuted in the BBCAN6 house. The work Johnny put in on Sunday was top-notch and has completely changed the game in his favor. He convinced some key players (including the HoH) that nominations need to remain the same in order to take out a big player who we know has no vested interest in Johnny’s safety. I can’t think of anybody who would take a shot at Johnny next week, but truthfully, that’s exactly what I said about Jesse last week.

 1. Johnny

Johnny had done an amazing job of hiding in the shadows after solidifying both HoH and Veto in week 1. The reason he’s at the top of my list, however, is because of the maneuvers he’s been able to pull this week during Hamza’s HoH. Flawlessly changing a general consensus target from Olivia to Jesse has been a sight to see. While it’s still not completely said and done, he’s painted a once non-existing target on the back of someone who dropped his name and simultaneously strengthened pending bonds all while hanging out in a hot tub and seeming unassuming. More of this, please.

2. Will

The only gripe I have with Will this week is how he’s handled the Paras and Maddy side of things. I’m thrilled that he’s worked his way into a better alliance and has trust from all sides of the house, but I really hope he doesn’t kick Paras and Maddy to the curb, because he could need them at any given point. Will (along with Johnny) orchestrated the big events from this week and found a way to take control of the house while having no actual power in his hands.

 2. Kaela

Kaela plays the hand that she’s dealt and tries to make the most of it. Despite being under the spotlight as a potential nominee for this week’s HoH due to her showmance and having one of her core alliance members becoming a target for eviction, Kaela has been adaptable taking the necessary steps to come out of this unscathed. She is mending fences and cutting her losses before it’s too late, trying to set herself up well for the upcoming weeks, and with a dummy shield in the form of Derek in front of her followed by very strong social ties. I truly don’t see Kaela being in much trouble any time soon.

3. Erica

Erica’s playing extremely well for someone floating in the middle. The safety she had this week obviously helped keep her paranoia down, probably allowing her to take a step back and get a grasp on where her game’s at. Both sides of the house think they have her, so if I’m Erica I’m staying far away from this next HoH.

 3. Maddy

The under-edited superfan is continuing her lifelong dream of playing Big Brother and coping this week with the blows dealt to her game. She is essentially dealing with a re-rack situation and is taking a step back to look at how to navigate the following weeks now that waves have been created in the house by some of her allies. Similarly to Kaela, Maddy is out for herself and is effectively following the target lead and allowing the house to go about this how they want. Knowing someone on the block is targeting you and not taking a swing at them can be dangerous, but what’s one Olivia to the rest of the house? Smart call on her part and I look forward to see where the chips fall for her.

4. Merron

When you’re writing out your power rankings and cannot for the life of you remember who the 14th houseguest is that you’re missing, you have to put him towards the top. He’s essentially seen as Hamza’s sidekick right now, which is good and bad. He could see the block at any given point as a pawn, but there are so many bigger targets to take care of first.

 4. Erica

While Erica is respected and noticed as a big player in this house, this has been a very good week for her. The spotlight been away from her given that her veto win feels like it was a long time ago and the awakening of chaos and waves in the house has definitely allowed her to continue making connections which’ll benefit her in the long haul. Many dynamics and targets are shifting during this week and I think Erica stands to gain longevity with all of it at the moment. Also she was immune lol.

5. Veronica

Veronica didn’t really push on Hamza a whole lot this week, which is surprising because she was supposed to have one of his nominations. I guess Olivia is someone she wanted up there, but still. She’s trusted well enough by a lot of other players, so I’m not too worried for her going into next week. But she has been a little messy, promising her vote to the Derek and Kaela side, who are going to feel most betrayed by people like Veronica after her insisting Jesse has nothing to worry about.

5. Merron

Merron is a guy who is still in the BBCAN6 house. That we know for sure. His whereabouts within the house remain unknown, as he continues to beatbox his way into the hearts of his houseguests. Due to his impeccable John Cena impersonation, I can’t see him and I commend his ability to remain under the radar while the house starts formulating new targets. Merron is going to be here for a while.

6. Kaela

I think Kaela has played this week just about as well as she possibly could have. Jesse is one of her close allies, so it would be beneficial to her for him to stay, but she’s done some great work getting back on the same page with Ali and Olivia, along with Erica and Johnny. The target on a showmance never goes away until they’re split up; she’s never going to be super safe, but she’s in the best position she could be, given her position. Make sense?

 6. Will

Someone woke this season’s sleeping giant. From out of nowhere, Will woke up from hibernation, demanding stake in this week’s vote-out and craving a big move. He is one of the people who had his sights on a non-Olivia eviction this week and is seemingly getting what he wants. Do I think this is good for his game? No, I don’t think so, but if anyone in this house has enough charisma and goofy-ness to make it through untargeted despite being physically visible, it’s Will. With various bonds in every direction in the house, I think Will is okay plus we saw him finally get to do something. The Jon Pardy is strong with this one.

7. Paras

Well this week certainly didn’t go as planned. Paras’ reactions to the way things have gone haven’t been ideal, but I can’t say I’m surprised nor do I totally blame her. Jesse’s her #1 ally and it makes sense that she freaked a little and wanted to save him. I think she sees the writing on the walls, which is why I appreciate the effort she’s made to stay cool and work on other connections (like with Johnny). The biggest point in Paras’ favor is that she still hasn’t been caught for being the source of just about everything “the house” has been saying over the past week.

 7. Paras

If you told me at the start of this eviction cycle that Paras wouldn’t be in my top 3 for the week, I’d say you’re wrong, but here we are. While I personally believe that Jesse leaving at this stage of the game is actually pretty good for Paras in the long run, I don’t think she sees it that way sadly. She has been trying really hard to undo this situation while a lot of his others allies have not. It’s making her seem unhinged and trying too hard to go against the grain. I mentioned that Paras needs to pump the brakes on the live feed update last week and I mean it more now than ever. It’s week three. Let the block take him and she avoids being in a targeted showmance, she seem weaker and she can go through being able to navigate without the worry of a person weighing her down. Paras will evolve to Parasect if she salvages her game after Jesse leaving.

8. Ali

Ali’s taken a small step forward this week. She avoided the block and the target seems to be a little bit smaller, but not by much. The power players in the house right now, Johnny and Will, both like Ali and find value in working with her. Ali would really benefit from an HoH win so she can lock in her alliances and take a shot at any of the people who have thrown her name around.

 8. Ali

Ali has gone from being looked at as a target coming into this week to essentially being a forgotten entity in this house. She did well to avoid being on the lips of many and allowed the house to implode. Coming into next week she seems like she will be okay and a new beginning may be on the horizon for Ali. I just hope she wasn’t concussed the other whilst playing games in the backyard.

9. Derek

Poor guy has been like a lost puppy. He’s about to lose his best friend in the house and his allies have deserted him. Even the ones that remain are about to distance themselves from him and Kaela because of all the buzz around targeting the showmance. I won’t say Derek isn’t trying, but he’s definitely struggling. Put him at the very top of the “could use an HoH win” list.

9. Hamza

I loved where Hamza was coming out of last week. He survived the block and had social capital built to float through at least the next couple weeks unscathed. Then he went ahead and won both HoH and Veto and co-signed the coalition to get Jesse out. Credits to him though, he wanted to make a big move and has definitely made the biggest move of the season thus far. However, I could see Hamza in trouble with a small number of people moving forward and I do worry about him winning both the comps this week. I Pita the fool, but I’m glad he got to see his Fiancee this week. After all, Hummus where the heart is.

10. Hamza

Seems like a theme so far this season, ranking the outgoing HoH towards the bottom. Ryan’s HoH was a trainwreck, but man, Hamza’s hasn’t been much better. Hamzy wanted the house to blow up from his chaotic nominations. Well, mission accomplished. Regardless of who goes home, Hamza has showed the house that he’s there to play, he can win comps, and he’s not afraid to make moves. He’s built up some good will this week with his newer allies, but the target he’s created for himself will never go away.

10. Veronica

Veronica continues to talk her way through this journey. Just because you can talk, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. While it worked this week and she finds herself currently in a good situation with the majority and off the block, I can’t help but feel like it’s only a matter of time before she says the wrong thing at the wrong time and finds herself in hot water (not of the hot tub variety) with the houseguests. She’s got tools that can help you get far in this game, but I think she may have left the manual in the audience when she got picked to be in the house. Please Learn Under-utilising Rambling.

11. Olivia

Going into this week, Olivia was the most commonly agreed upon target. So much so, that even Hamza was considering her a target, and he wasn’t even working with the Paras group that was pushing the idea so hard. She really has been working the house to ensure she has the votes, which is much more than I can say for Jesse, but truthfully the reason she’s staying this week is because Johnny and Will want Jesse gone. Olivia is in trouble next week if Paras or Maddy win HoH, but other than that…

 11. Ryan

Ryan avoided the block because people got ambitious this week. While one could maybe forget that he was looked at as the target at one point, his mouth will probably continue getting him into trouble regardless. He’s on that pre-jury/jury bubble for me and I only see him making it further if no one wants to waste an HoH on him. Also, please stop writing raps for others. Please. Put my mind at ease.

12. Maddy

I can’t emphasize enough how bad it is for Maddy to have Olivia stay in the house this week. If the numbers simply aren’t there to send her home, then fine, vote with the house. But man, this sucks the most for you. No matter how many fake truces they make, Olivia and Ali’s target if they win an HoH is going to be Maddy. The game has really progressed this week; there are sooo many deals being made across the house, and outside of the small thing she’s worked on with Johnny, she’s got nothing to hang her touque on.

 12. Derek

Oh Derek. He narrowly avoided being put up this week despite being close to ending up on the block Thursday. His blind backing of Jesse and numerous attempts to save him have done him no favours. In addition, who once seemed like a meat shield for him, Kaela has done an amazing job to not only re-strengthen her own bonds, but to ensure that in the event the showmance is targeted in the future it’s Derek who will be the one looked at.

13. Ryan

For a guy who stayed pretty under the radar this week, Ryan still sure is very much on the radar. The stench of his first HoH week hasn’t worn off and he still rubs plenty of people the wrong way. Ryan has zero social game. Sooner or later, he’s going to end up on the block and the house will have a hard time not sending him home just to no longer have to live with him.

 13. Olivia

Olivia got really lucky with the way things shook up this week. Hamza getting HoH wasn’t enough to guarantee that she avoids the block, but his hunger for a big and unheard of move caused Olivia to become the forgotten nominee on the block. Things still aren’t done completely and it could come close this week, but Olivia’s lack of social play has done nothing to rise her stock this week anyway and if she is able to avoid a pre-jury eviction she can solely thank the other players for causing chaos in what once looked like a foregone week.

14. Jesse

How did we end up here? How!? Jesse was ranked #1 in my rankings last week, and for the first time in my history of Power Rankings, a player is going from the top to (most likely) going home. I really don’t feel like Jesse did anything to put himself into this position initially. Alas, once faced with the pressure of the block, Jesse collapsed. He made Hamza angry with the door slam and hasn’t done nearly enough work to save himself (probably because he’s assumed he already has the votes). I’m still surprised to see this happening. He was SO safe. But this is Big Brother, and this week goes to show that nobody is ever safe.

14. Jesse

Sometimes you take a shot in the dark and you hit a target. This week that target is Jesse. He was doing relatively decently to stay under the radar and had his sights solely on getting a kiss from Paras. What he got instead was a kiss of death from a house hungry for a big move and power shift. His poor handling of talking with HoH-amza and name dropping Johnny when he didn’t need to have put him in a spot where he’s likely to leave this week. From the top of Matt’s ranking last week to the bottom of mine this week, adios Jesse. At least you got the distinction of sleeping on the tomb first, right?


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