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Big Brother Canada 6 Power Rankings—Week 1 with Pili Nemer

Matt Liguori ranks the houseguests each week with a new guest in RHAP’s Big Brother Canada Power Rankings. This week Matt is joined by Big Brother Canada 3‘s Pili Nemer!


  • Power Rankings will contain information from the live feeds. If you are only watching Big Brother Canada 6 episodes and consider information from the feeds to be spoilers, come back after watching the eviction episodes!).
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Big Brother Canada 6 Power Rankings—Week 1

The season “for the fans” is underway, as we’re coming to a close of our first full week of game and (almost) full week of feeds. While the feeds have had their hiccups, we’ve seen enough to get a good idea of where the players are settling in. Between the rap battles and house meetings, there’s a lot of game happening. A lot of alliances are forming, targets are shifting, and if you ask me, it’ll only get crazier from here. There’s a common house target right now, and once he’s evicted on Thursday the door will be wide open for a whole new phase of the game where (imagine this…BB19) everybody truly has a different target in mind.

For this first week of rankings, I brought in someone who many people may think is actually in the house right now, Big Brother Canada 3‘s Pili Nemer! We had to make sure everyone knows that Pili and Kaela are in fact different people, so Pili is here to talk about the game while Kaela takes her crack at playing it. Outside of keeping a close eye on the Big Brother Canada game, Pili has been killing the fitness game, so if you’re not already, keep up with her on YouTube and Instagram. You can also follow Pili and I on Twitter, @Pili_Nemer and @mattliguori, tweet us and let us know what you think and/or leave a comment below!

Last week we said goodbye to Rozina, who couldn’t cook up a meal convincing enough to be saved from eviction. I thought Rozina has potential to be a fun character, but I echo Brent’s sentiments on the podcasts about how if Rozina wasn’t taken out now, she’d be dragged to the end. While it seems like Ali was far-and-away the bigger threat and a more logical choice to evict, I don’t think many people related well to Rozina which makes forming a working relationship a daunting task.

Pili also had some thoughts on Rozina: “Rozina’s house time was short and sweet, she left the house too soon. She definitely wasn’t a big target, so not sure why she left on a unanimous vote. BB is a lot about how many friends you have, who likes you, and who doesn’t, so that makes the most sense to me as to why Ali stayed. She’s younger and more social BUT ALSO MORE COMPETITIVE! That’s why I think the houseguests made a big mistake!”






1. Jesse

Jesse has the game in the palm of his hands. There isn’t one person in the house coming after him and he’s got friendships/working relationships with almost everybody. He was one of the only people who took multiple trips into Ryan’s HoH room to get an idea of where Ryan’s head was at, comforting him during game talks and then reporting back to his allies to fill them in. The key for Jesse right now is to stay away from power. Your friends can have power, but you don’t need any blood on your hands.


 1. Erica

I think Erica is playing a good social game and for what we’ve seen so far, she comes across as a strong competitor.


2. Johnny

I’m very impressed by Johnny thus far. I expected him to be seen as a big target, especially after his week one HoH and veto wins. Johnny made the right move last week though (in my opinion), and that’s really benefited him this week. He took out a very easy target who nobody was upset about and made no enemies in the process. He’s in almost everybody’s good graces and it’s hard to see him being in any immediate danger.


 2. Will

He seems smart and extremely likable. I don’t think he needs to win comps just yet, he needs to stay under the radar.


3. Will

The goofy Newfie is doing pretty well. He’s the most naturally likable person in there, so far seemingly loved by the house and by fans. It sounds like Erica sees him and Maddy as a threat, and Erica is a powerful player; so he isn’t completely off the radar, but he’s as far off of it as he needs to be. His bro-alliance with Jesse and Derek, his alliance with Paras and Maddy, and having Veronica bringing him tons of information, all combined, should leave him with plenty of numbers to stay protected for a while.


 3. Kaela

She is a very smart player! On the live feeds she seems to be socializing and doing people’s hair while she listens to conversations. Her, Maddy, and Will are really good listeners and just let other people talk.


4. Kaela

Kaela has some steady relationships with the girls while Derek has his connections with the guys. Kaela goes above Derek here simply because I think she’s got her finger on the pulse of the game better than he does. She’s played well so far, but the lack of other obvious duos being formed could push her and Derek to the forefront.


 4. Maddy

She knows this game really well! She listens often and keeps her mouth shut which is great for her game! I can see her going far.


5. Derek

Derek’s alliance with Jesse and Will is bound to be useful because each of them have other allies that they can gain information from. Just like Jesse, I think Derek’s best move would be to lay low and not win any comps yet, but I’m not sure Derek knows about the throwing strategy. My concern for Daela is if Merron or Hamza win HoH, the showmance seems like a good place to start for their nominations.

5. Jesse

He hasn’t done a whole lot, which is good! He is not a target and can keep “floating” until he needs to step up. I can see him being a comp beast later on this season.


6. Paras

There’s a lot of people that should be throwing this next HoH, but Paras and Maddy are not on that list. They need this HoH to lock in some of the floaters in with their side. Paras has the connection with Jesse and is fairly close with Kaela. It does seem like all four Real Dealers believe in the alliance. Paras put in a lot of work this week to strengthen her game relationships and mount a resistance against Ali and Olivia. Even if it’s a little messy, I’m giving her major points for the effort. Plus, everyone thinks she’s dumb and easily manipulated!


 6. Olivia

I enjoy her. I’m not sure why everyone said to Ryan during his HoH that she was their target. After last night’s HoH she doesn’t seem to be very liked by the house. She seems nice and genuine but her perception is not great right now. It doesn’t matter who you are, it matters what your perception is to others.

7. Hamza

Hamza’s week started off relatively unimpressive. He spent a lot of time moping because he was outside the numbers alongside Andrew. He tried to use that as motivation to win the veto, but that didn’t work. The past few days have been a big turn-around for Hamzy. A few people have expressed specifically wanting him to stay; some even want him to win the next HoH. Placing someone this high when they’re on the block feels risky, but it’s been at least three days since I’ve heard someone make a negative comment about the guy.


 7. Johnny

I judged Johnny a little too soon. He had an interesting HoH. As the very first HoH of the season I can see where he was coming from but it wasn’t the smartest thing to do putting up Rozina, let alone send her home. Winning the first two competitions is scary but he seems to have blended back into the house.


8. Erica

As expected, Erica is a gamer. She’s already developed a target on her back, but what keeps her in a decent spot is that so many other targets keep popping up while her social game remains pretty on point. Every so often, people remember… “Oh yeah, Erica is smart and has a bunch of friends, we have to get her out… even though we like her.” Erica’s got some numbers right now, but the other side of Paras, Maddy, and Will all see her a threat and could easily put her on the block as early as next week.

 8. Hamza

I think he’s really cool and says things as they are. He is the definition of loyal. He tells it how it is and he seems very honest. I would love to see him with power and see what he would do. Big moves no doubt.


9. Maddy

I really like Maddy. She’s another player who’s been identified as a threat, but is it too early to take that kind of shot? If anything, I think Maddy may be an option for a backdoor this coming week. It’ll get crazy if she’s straight up on the block instead of the “newbies” or Ryan going up, but with the amount of people worried about her, it’s possible. Paras and Will are great allies to have, but they won’t be enough votes to keep her in the house.


9. Ali

I’m still not sure how I feel about her, she seems to be on peoples radar though. Since she was already on the block, maybe she’s an easy “pawn”.

10. Veronica

Veronica stormed into the house, taking the term “gatecrashers” to a whole new level. She had no plans of fading into the background, immediately letting out her personality. Plenty of people were initially turned off by how she talks and acts, but that may work in her favor if anyone sees her goatential. Veronica’s game is messy, but people are starting to warm up to her and I think she skates by for a little bit while both groups see the value in using her vote.


10. Paras

She’s an interesting one, she seems to know what she’s doing. She talks a lot but most of her conversations are about other girls with boys. For what I have seen, she’s paying more attention to showmances and what people think about her than the actual game. It’ll be interesting to see what she’s capable of.


11. Ali

One week in and I still can’t figure her out. I just don’t know where Ali fits into this game, and I’m thinking that may because she doesn’t? Ali has some working relationships: Will, Olivia, Johnny, and Ryan have all expressed interest in sharing information with her and keeping her safe. Problem is, that’s such a random collection of people, so if Ali ends up on the block (which is very likely, as a handful of people have mentioned nominating her soon) I don’t know how she brings that group of people together to save her.


 11. Derek

I am not sure what his deal is. He doesn’t seem to be playing the game as much just yet, he knows he’s pretty and seems to be playing just for the showmance. Let him prove us wrong! I do like what him and Kaela have going though! I can see them being powerful.


12. Olivia

Olivia narrowly escaped an early eviction this week when Erica won the veto. If either nominee or Ryan won, Olivia would’ve been the renom. It’s not that she’s a big threat, she just hasn’t made enough connections. Erica and Johnny alone aren’t going to be able to keep you in. Plus, Olivia told Paras she’s into Jesse which has officially made her Paras’ #1 enemy. Olivia really needs to set up with the social game or I think she for sure goes pre-jury.

 12. Veronica

She seems super nice and genuine but she likes to talk! I am not sure how good of a listener she is because she does 99% of the talking! She may have to watch her back if she’s not HoH next week.


13. Merron

Coming in late would be rough for anybody… but coming in late and spending all your time hanging out with the biggest targets in the house is borderline unsalvageable. Merron’s a smart guy and he knows where the numbers are, but he’s spent every day linked up with Ryan, Andrew, and Hamza while Veronica is getting in good with the people controlling the game. Merron seems like a lock to get nominated this week unless he or Hamza win HoH.


 13. Merron

I’m unsure about Merron. He doesn’t seem to be involved in a lot, whether it’s game talk or just socializing. The most I’ve seen is him talking to Hamza about having each other’s backs. I do think him and Veronica have to watch their backs, but it won’t be much longer until they’re seen as different players and each have their own targets. Even though they’re both gatecrashers they don’t HAVE to stick together. I can see Merron lasting longer than Veronica because she does a lot of the talking and that could get her in trouble.


14. Ryan

It’s no secret that Ryan’s HoH week has blown up in his face. He spent so much time plotting and scheming with each person in the house that he’s at a point where he can’t keep his stories straight, and not necessarily because he’s lying to everybody…. he just talks SO much. Ryan is a top target going into next week, but he can sink into the background if he can keep his mouth shut and promises his vote to whoever wins HoH. He’s the only person who can put the final nail in his coffin.

14. Andrew

He’s an interesting houseguest. I’m not sure why people dislike him and distrust him so much, according to the last HoH. He seems to be on his way out of the house though.

15. Andrew

Short lived game for the Big Brotha. When it comes down to it, Andrew doesn’t fit in. He’s older and unrelatable to the young kids living it up in there. He spent the week hanging out by himself (or with 1-2 others) rather than trying to socialize with the people he needs votes from. Truthfully, he’s accepted his fate. And you know what really isn’t helping? Getting in the face of someone whose vote you probably need. Andrew’s played a poor game, so we won’t miss much when he’s sent packing on Thursday.


15. Ryan

He claims to be a super fan and to know the game in and out. I don’t see that at all. He likes to be the center of attention and thinks way too highly of himself (which isn’t awful, but in the BBCAN house that’s not good!). His HoH was just awful, and he’s sending one of his friends home. I don’t understand his game and not a huge fan of his stories. Least favourite HG.


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