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Rob Cesternino is joined by live feed correspondents Alex Kidwell (@AlexKidwell) and Brent Wolgamott (@BrentWolgamott) to talk about Episodes 15 and 16 of Big Brother Canada 3.

Rob starts the conversation about Sindy’s downfall.  Brent thinks she played too hard, too fast and was unable to adapt to the players around her.  Rob thinks her aggressive play this week really people off.  Alex thinks her plan to take out J.P. to weaken Zach didn’t have a step two.  Rob thinks having the information from the sequester hurt Sindy because she was aiming at targets that were already gone.

Rob says a lesson for future houseguests is to not make plans while in sequester and go to sleep when you enter the house.  Rob feels Sindy returned into the game at the perfect spot to become Jordan’s pair in the Diaper Alliance.  Brent feels she didn’t join that side of the house because she felt a commitment to the other members of the sequester house.  They all agree that Sindy lying that she was one of the votes was a very bad move.

Talking about Pilar’s Head of Household, Rob finds it funny that Pilar is viewed as such a non-player that she will get away without blood on her hands.  Brent feels the show did a disservice to Ashleigh and Pilar by making it all look like Kevin’s plan.

Alex feels Bobby is a threat to win competitions but is basically a floater and could be coerced if he became Head of Household.

Rob asks if the Veto under the floorboards in the Have Not Room is still in play.  Alex says it still should be in play, but it seems production doesn’t want it found yet because they have stopped houseguests from playing with the tiles.

Alex says Zach is not out of the woods yet and could be a target for a double eviction.  Brent says there is a possibility of a triple eviction on Wednesday.

Alex and Brent both find Godfrey enjoyable and would be a worthy winner.  Alex compares him to Zach Rance.  Brent says Godfrey is enjoyable because he is fed up with what’s going on and he is not afraid to say what everyone is thinking.

Rob, Brent, and Alex discuss the live feeds, including who is going home, future targets, Kevin’s position, Pilar crying, and the Vault task.

Special thanks to Kyle Faber for the episode summary.


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