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Big Brother Canada 2015: Eviction, HOH, and Live Feeds


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Rob Cesternino recaps Wednesday’s BBCAN3 Eviction, HOH, and updates the Live Feeds with a panel of new BBcan Live Feed experts.

Rob Cesternino talks about Episode 8 of Big Brother Canada 3 with Live Feed correspondents Alex Kidwell, Emily Stobs, and Havish Patel.

The conversation begins by talking about Graig’s exit from the Big Brother Canada house. Like the houseguests, the correspondents were caught off guard by Graig’s comments towards Johnny in his exit speech. They understood where the anger came from, but believed if Graig saw what the audience saw he wouldn’t be mad at Johnny. The conversation moved to Johnny and Brittnee’s claim that Graig is a bully, and the consensus was that while Graig can be passive aggressive and intimidating, he is not a bully and Johnny did not feel like he was actually in danger. For examples of bullies in Big Brother history, they pointed to Evel Dick in Big Brother 8 and Amanda in Big Brother 15.

Rob thought that as a whole, the first four evictees have been very angry during their interviews with Arisa. The group believes that Risha and Naeha were the angriest because they went out due to unfair twists and they never had a shot to save themselves.

Rob shifted the conversation to who everyone would like to see come back into the Big Brother house and who they thought would be able to last more than a week once back inside. Alex would like Naeha to return to the house because she had a good grasp strategically and she didn’t have a chance to save herself due to the Instant Eviction twist. Emily liked Risha but would rather see Sindy or Naeha return. Havish would like to see Graig return for entertainment value and Naeha return because she has two allies still in the house which improve her chances in the game over the other possible returnees.

Rob brought up that the people trying to stay in the middle of the house, like the Newport alliance, should have tried to get Graig to stay in the house because he is a huge distraction to the other players. Alex, Emily, and Havish agree.

Rob and the correspondents then took questions from the RHAP community. They all agreed that there have been too many twists in this season. Rob brought up the new veto twist, and the controversy around the miscommunication of what the “double veto” twist actualy meant.

The conversation then moved to the live feeds where the group talked about the current Head Of Household, nominees, Power of Veto winner, and how the new twist could affect who goes home this week.

You can follow Alex on twitter at @alexkidwell, Emily at @stobsbroski, and Havish at @Havish_Patel.

Special Thanks to Kyle Faber for this week’s episode recap.

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