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Rob Cesternino is joined by Matt Carter (@MattCarterMedia) and live feed correspondents Havish Patel (@Havish_Patel) and Mikey Dowd (@Mikey_Dowd) to discuss Episode 17 of Big Brother Canada 3.

Rob starts the conversation by talking about the looming Triple Eviction.  Matt says he likes Double Evictions, but prefers it when people have the chance to fight for their lives.  Rob feels that Double Evictions are the only times something unpredictable happens.  Havish says the houseguests are expecting a Double Eviction this week.

Rob asks Matt if he felt Sindy would have a hard time in the Big Brother house when he spoke to her prior to the season.  Matt expected her to have a tough time and was put off by her “Cindy with an S” schtick.  Matt enjoyed Sindy in the house but does not consider her a good player.  Rob compares Sindy to Pao Pao, saying they both did too much, too fast and were unable to adjust.  Mikey feels Sindy had more game than Paola and actively tried to save herself.

Rob talks about Pilar almost having no air time in an episode she was HOH.  Matt says this is unprecedented.  Rob and Matt discuss how someone like Pili is cast on the show.  They all feel Pilar will be in the Final 3.

Rob thinks the season is headed towards a Final 3.  Mikey doesn’t think it’s going to happen.  Havish feels it would be fun and the Triple Eviction shows they’re willing to do things that Big Brother hasn’t done before.

The group then discusses the live feeds including the Head of Household, their nominations, their target, opinions on different players’ games, Willow and Sarah’s bond, Willow’s chances, and the feelings towards the winner of a twist heavy season.

Special Thanks to Kyle Faber for the episode recap!

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