The Bachelor

Bachelor Season 23 Episodes 9 & 10 Final 3 and Women Tell All

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Amy and Haley chat about The Bachelor Season 23 Episodes 9 and 10, with the fantasy suites and fence jump in Portugal followed by the Women Tell All.
In this podcast, they talk about:
  • Colton’s fantasy suite date with Tayshia in Algarve, Portugal
  • Tayshia saying she’s falling in love but Colton revealing he is not there yet
  • Colton and Cassie’s date in Portugal
  • Cassie’s dad arriving to Portugal
  • Cassie deciding to leave
  • Colton jumping the fence
  • Thoughts on how Colton may move forward and the season will play out
  • The Women Tell All episode, featuring segments with Demi, Hannah B, Nicole, and Caelynn
  • Ongoing feuds with Onyeka and Nicole and Courtney and Demi
  • Demi essentially being announced as going on Bachelor in Paradise
  • listener questions and more!
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