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Bachelor Season 23 Episode 7: The Women Conspire Against Each Other in Denver

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Amy and Haley recap The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 7, as Colton Underwood takes the remaining seven women to his hometown of Denver.
In this Bachelor podcast, they talk about:
  • the change in format of this episode, with 3 one-on-ones and a small group date, all with roses instead of a rose ceremony
  • Ben Higgins giving Colton advice
  • Chris Harrison not coming to Denver
  • The women meeting Colton’s dog Sniper
  • Colton’s one on one date with Tayshia walking around Denver
  • Tayshia telling Colton that Cassie and Caelynn aren’t ready to get married and want to be the Bachelorette
  • The one on one date with Caelynn with snowboarding, private concert at Red Rocks and her defending herself
  • Hannah B’s one-on-one date meeting Colton’s parents and going to an airplane hangar
  • Hannah B getting sent home on her date
  • The four-on-one group date with Hannah G, Heather, Kirpa, and Cassie
  • Heather leaving immediately on the group date because she wasn’t feeling it
  • Colton selecting Hannah G for the first rose and continuing a 2-on-1 date with Cassie and Kirpa
  • Kirpa telling Colton she has doubts about Cassie’s readiness for marriage
  • Caelynn showing up on the group date to defend Cassie with Colton
  • Colton’s decision to choose Cassie
  • listener questions and more!
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