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Amazing Race 2015 | Exit Interview with the 6th Team Eliminated from Season 27

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Rob Cesternino talks with the fourth team to be eliminated from The Amazing Race 27 in our weekly exit interview podcast.

Amazing Race 27 Exit Interview with the Team Texas, Tanner & Josh.

Rob asks Team Texas:

  • Why was Team Texas so chivalrous toward the cheerleaders at the end of leg 8 – which ultimately resulted in their last place finish and subsequent killer speed bump?
  • How did Team Texas react when they learned that they would have such a time consuming speed bump?
  • How much did Tanner’s pulled hamstring slow down Team Texas after it happened on the second leg?
  • Did Tanner and Josh start to run out of steam after a hot start to the race followed by several weeks at the back of the pack?
  • Did Team Texas has any animosity towards Joey and Kelsey for using the U-Turn on them this week after Joey said that they wouldn’t use the U-turn ?
  • What was it about the Green Team that caused the rivalry between the two teams?
  • What is going on currently with Tiffany and Krista and Tanner and Josh?
  • Why did you guys select Denise and James as the team to give the express pass to?

TAR 2015: Exit Interview with the Latest Team Eliminated from The Amazing Race 27

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