AJ Mass Reveals the 13 Archetypes of Survivor: David vs Goliath

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AJ Mass Reveals the 13 Archetypes for Survivor: David vs Goliath

Rob Cesternino is joined by’s AJ Mass to discuss his 13 archetypes for Survivor: David vs Goliath.

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Survivor: David vs Goliath 13 Archetypes

  1. Diplomat:
  2. Marriage of Convenience #1:
  3. Mad Scientist:
  4. X-Factor:
  5. Captain Loophole:
  6. Idiot Savant:
  7. Marriage of Convenience #2:
  8. Old Reliable:
  9. Narcissist:
  10. Loose Cannon:
  11. Cheerleader:
  12. Ninja:
  13. Fresh Meat:

Rob and AJ’s Fantasy Draft

1 point – making it through tribal council without getting voted out
2 points – winning immunity
2 points – playing the hidden immunity idol
3 points – making final tribal council
3 points – each vote received at final tribal council

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