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Boston Rob Returns to Talk Tyson on Survivor Blood vs Water

Boston Rob returns to Rob Has a Podcast to discuss Tyson and Survivor Blood vs Water

Boston Rob returns to RHAP

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Boston Rob Mariano Discusses Survivor Blood vs Water

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Rob Cesternino welcomes “The Rob that Doesn’t Suck” back to Rob Has a Podcast as “Boston Rob” Mariano gives his thoughts on Survivor Blood vs Water.

Boston Rob has been watching this season closely as his good friend Tyson Apostol has been in the driver’s seat over the past few weeks. Rob C. asks Boston Rob for his feelings about the concept of Survivor Blood vs Water and Boston Rob really likes the idea. Boston Rob feels like it adds so many layers to the game of Survivor.

Boston Rob also really enjoyed the tie-breaking rock pulling tribal council from this week’s episode. Rob spends a lot of time discussing Ciera and her strategy. Boston Rob has had an eye on her since she tricked Katie about not having the immunity idol a few weeks back. Boston Rob said that he would’ve voted her out after she confessed to doing that because it means that she is playing the game. Also, Boston Rob says he would’ve voted out Ciera last week over Hayden or Caleb for the same reasons.

Discussing the tie break vote, Rob C. wants to know if Boston Rob would’ve done things the same way that Tyson did. Boston Rob thinks that Tyson absolutely made the right move to pick the rocks and explains the odds in terms of poker. Since Boston Rob says that the only way to think is “How do I win the game?” he thinks that all the players who cast their votes for a tie were all thinking correctly.

Boston Rob thinks that Gervase is running too much this season and is hurting himself with the jury votes. Rob has also been impressed with the job that Monica is doing in the challenges. Rob also appreciated Caleb’s move to vote out Brad Culpepper early in the season and he thinks that players are becoming smarter.

Boston Rob answers a number of questions from the RHAP listeners on Facebook and gives “The Rob That Sucks” some much needed advice for being a Survivor parent.


Boston Rob talks about the Hidden Immunity Idol on Rob Has a Podcast

Nicole Cesternino

The RHAFFL Championship Belt

The Rob Has a Fantasy Football League Championship Belt. Worth Playing For?

Nicole returns to the podcast for the first time since September 26, 2013.   Before listening to the voicemails, Rob and Nicole discuss why Nicole is such a big fan of the “Coconut Bandits”, The Ruffle Feathers vs Rustle Feathers vs Russell Feathers controversy and an alternative universe where the Survivor Amazon Final 6 participated in a rock draw to break a 3-3 stalemate.

Then Rob and Nicole listen to your voicemails to discuss a number of issues including what Ciera should have done with the clue for the idol, whether the new players should have voted for Tyson, whether the pre-merge people will sit on the stage at the finale, the behavior of the Blood vs Water jury and why Hayden Moss sees what we see (among other things).

Finally, Rob and Nicole discuss the Survivors on twitter, the return of Jeff Probst’s “out-of-context inappropriate comments” and what’s ahead in the coming week for RHAP.

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Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • Nicole

    Danielle made it to final 2 in Panama!!! She chose Aras and lost

  • Kyle Pennington

    Villains tribe final tribal appearances: Danielle had one, too!

    • Ha ha, you’re right! I forgot!!

      • Stephen

        Danielle is very forgettable

        • PorkStoreKiller

          I can think of two very memorable things about her.

          • Trixie02

            Welcome back! Is her riveting performance in “180” one of them?

          • Michael Norris

            Her glorious cooking website is the other.

          • Trixie02

            I completely forgot about that!

          • Joe

            Even those aren’t real.

  • Matt Walsh

    You forgot Danielle! Danielle made it to the finals in her first season, Panama. So Randy and Jerri are the only two from the Villains to not make the finals.

  • Alex G

    I like that Rob mentioned twice now that a good part of winning is analyzing what the best move for other players is, especially at every moment differently… especially important for the most recent episode.

  • Stephen

    Would the correct move for Tyson at tribal have been to pull out the idol and say “Look Ciera, you can flip and vote with them, if you vote for me, the votes get negated and if you vote for Monica you are forcing a tie and on the rock draw Monica, Gervase, Hayden and I will all be immune so it is a 50/50 between you and Katie.” Yeah, he loses the idol, but it sends Hayden to redemption, and pretty much locks down the game for Tyson.

    • Mira

      Will this help more or hurt more if you are Tyson? Showing and not playing it may kept Ciera with the Favorites, on the other hand, wouldnt this bother Monica or Gerv just enough to turn on Tyson? He already is huge target, and he still needs his alliace more the Gerv and Monica acually need Tyson at this point.

      • Stephen

        If he plays the idol, his entire alliance is safe. Gervase and Monica didn’t mind last time so I doubt they would this time, or he could just tell them he found it before tribal and didn’t get the chance to tell them, but if he got it right then I can’t see why they’d be upset with him.

        • Mira

          I see your point, although I was talking about scenario where Tyson shows the idol but doesnt play it, wouldn’t that make Monica and Gerv more willing to try blindsiding him with the idol eventually?

          • Richard Weed

            Except if they’re going to stick together until final 3 they won’t care he has an idol since it has to be used by final 5 anyway.

          • Mira

            Agreed, but if he wouldve shown the idol last night, there still are 2 more votes when the idol is good to use. This final 5, and the final 5 after someone comes back from Red I.

          • Mira

            By the second final 5 tho. Thats 2 TCs atm

    • susan appleby

      You can only play the idol when Jeff asks for it. Because only the two players get revolted- it is pointless to use it later because your name isn’t written down.

      It doesn’t protect against rocks.

      • Stephen

        I don’t think he needed to use it, just show he had it, and put enough fear into Ciera to make her stay put. Judging by Tyson’s reaction he didn’t know she was jumping ship.

        Are you sure it doesn’t protect against a rock draw? I thought I remember Probst saying that it does, I could be wrong though, it seems a little unfair that you can play an idol and go home on the same vote.

  • Guillaume Schmitt

    When i realize you forgot Danielle i knew they will be several people telling you that in comments. I predicted 6 more before the end of the week. What do you think more or less ?

    • Way more. I’ve already got it about 10 times on twitter.

      • Guillaume Schmitt

        Dammit i’ve always been bad at predictions and the week isn’t over yet… good luck

      • Matt Walsh

        Sorry Rob, I didn’t want to nag when I posted earlier, but I recently had to stop listening to the Afterbuzz TV show because of their sloppiness and I didn’t want the same thing to happen with your podcast. A few weeks ago Jerri said that Survivor hasn’t had a gross eating challenge in forever, when clearly they had a memorable eating challenge with Cochran during the previous season. They all repeatedly refer to Sophie as “Sofia” (with disdain) and apparently in this week’s show Justin says this is the 4th time Tyson has played. It just got old. I wouldn’t take these types of listener comments personally, they are just coming from fans who are really invested in what you have to say, and that’s a good thing, right? I love the podcast and hope you keep up the good work!

        Also, just to throw some names out there – any thoughts on Cochran returning for another full length podcast? I really enjoyed hearing him talk about One World, and would love to hear all about Caramoan at greater length. Similarly, have you ever thought about a Dawn Meehan or Lisa Whelchel podcast? They might have interesting takes on playing with family members seeing as they both struggled emotionally with an already complex emotional game.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    yeah danielle lost to aras in finals. she won and voted out terry in final 3

  • Chris Devine

    brob a little groggy it seems. Kind of low energy. Love to hear him on the show all the same.

  • belinda

    I haven’t listened yet, and this is a completely random comment, but that boston rob picture is oddly terrifying to look at. 😀

  • Josh M.

    I got so pumped up when I heard that Nicole was back on the podcast that I broke my toe Rupert-style.

    • Surely you can’t be serious! (I hope not at least)

      • Josh M.

        it’s nothing a filet-mignon pizza couldn’t cure, Rob! In all seriousness, it is great to hear you and Nicole podcasting together again. Nothing can top that.

  • Kieran Bursell

    Maybe I’m crazy but I think I have and idea about how Tyson could have avoided the situation/risk he put himself in by drawing rocks without losing Monica. Since he had the hidden immunity idol he could have shown it at tribal council (but not played it). By showing it this forces the new players to vote Monica (since Gervase had the immunity necklace). However since there would be the tie this would make Monica immune. So therefore by Tyson just showing the idol he could pitch the idea to Ciera that “Hey all three of us are immune, either you stick with us and you’re number 4 or you vote against us, draw rocks and have a 50% chance of going home (either Katie or Ciera) and if you don’t go home tonight you will go home at the next tribal.
    This would essentially force her into going with the vets, would make Monica confident in her position in final 3 and would mean Tyson wouldn’t have to draw rocks and would still have an idol to play.

    I guess its a balance whether its more detrimental revealing an idol or risking the purple rock.

    • Kapil

      I don’t think just showing the idol would work. It of course might but the chances are low. In that situation, Ciera can still vote for Monica and see if Tyson plays the idol. If he does play the idol, then Ciera can switch her vote to Hayden on the re-vote and if he doesn’t, then she can let it go to rocks.

      So the only sure shot method of Tyson saving himself would be actually playing the idol as opposed to just showing it. And at least in my opinion, he made a huge mistake by not playing it but just got lucky. He would have been the butt of a million jokes had he been voted out by picking a rock with an idol in his pocket when in complete control of the game going into tribal.

      • Trixie02

        I love Tyson, but it would have been awesome if he were to be voted out with an idol by drawing a white rock. He would have had the hat trick of amazing vote outs. 0% is always better than 33.33%.

        • BigDan

          Noooo!!! Cant have the great Tyson going home.

          • Trixie02

            He lucked out on a huge risk when he could have played it with certainty.

          • susan appleby

            I think the idol only helps at the first vote when Jeff asks for it. No idea if it makes you immune from rocks but I can’t see how it would.

          • Trixie02

            From South Pacific and Jim’s probabilities, it would seem that the idol makes you exempt. I may need to review that again.

        • Morty

          I LOL’ed!

        • dsharden

          Really?! Why did he go to rocks giving him 33% instead of voting Monica giving him 0%. Isn’t the game to win it?

          • Trixie02

            Playing the idol,

          • Trixie02

            Oh, and the 0% also sarcastically refers to the fact that risking the rocks could have lost him the game again rather than giving him the 33.33% status of being a winner. He’s played three times, so he’d be 1 for 3.

            I read your post incorrectly the first time with the emphasis in the wrong place. His group would be down in numbers if Monica left and he would be out soon–basically in Hayden’s spot.

            I thought playing the HII would exempt him from rocks, but I may be wrong. I thought Jim in SP calculated his probabilities according to Whitney, Dawn and Ozzy being exempt. Jim and Cochran would have drawn rocks and many were saying that if Cochran were given the idol instead of Whitney, Cochran would not have flipped. I checked the debate on this forum and we were unsure if 7 or 8 people would have been drawing rocks, but a few hardcore Survivor fans were saying only 7 would be because Whitney was exempt.

      • DM

        Yes, but this time they have a safety net, and Tyson IS NOT scared about Redemption Island – only two challenges and he is back in the game with the HII in his pocket as a F5 swing vote where he has at least one of his old allies still in the game. This gives Tyson enough confidence to play at risk. Ciera also thinks she can get her mother to sacrifice herself for her daughter. This season is a little bit different, no wonder that those two decided so easily to go to rocks.

        • Kapil

          RedI most definitely played a role in at least Tyson’s decision (I am not so sure about Ciera as even though Laura might sacrifice herself for Ciera, Ciera still has to beat others and she sucks at challenges and coming back into the game on such a sacrifice would anyways greatly hurt your chances of getting votes from the jury) but I still think he made the wrong decision.

          First of all, having to win 2 challenges at RedI is a huge risk as the challenges are highly puzzle based or luck based. Even strong challenge competitors like Aras and Vytas (and even Caleb) could not last long at RedI and were beaten by Laura Morrett and even Tina – who now have huge experience in RedI challenges. Also, either Gervase or Monica will follow Tyson at RedI and both of them, especially Monica, are pretty dangerous in challenges.

          Secondly, if he is going to risk his game life on winning challenges, he might as well do it in the actual game. If he plays the HII here, then too, even in the worst case (whereby someone flips or the idol is found by Ciera/Katie who use it to wreak havoc – and the Boehlke block can always be used against them), he has to win just 2 immunity challenges in the actual game to get to the final 4 (at which point the idol is not valid anyways). And he is anyways in the majority alliance (with himself, Gervase and Monica all in the game) and thus may not actually have to win a single challenge.

          Lastly, again if he is willing to risk it on challenge wins, then he could have just voted out Monica and kept his HII. In this case, firstly he can claim to Ciera that she was always no. 3 and he just proved it by voting out Monica and thus try to flip her. If it doesn’t work, then either he or Gervase can win immunity next week (and they really just have to beat Hayden and Katie to do so as Ciera has been a complete non-factor in challenges), and then both Tyson and Gervase would be immune and thus force Ciera/Hayden/Katie to vote out one of themselves. If that also doesn’t work, he can at least use the idol to save himself anyways (either by actually playing it or by just threatening to play it and still retaining it) or may be even hand it to Gervase at tribal and thus vote out one of Ciera/Hayden/Katie. And if even that doesn’t work and things happen to go south, then he can still return from RedI by winning just once as opposed to twice. However, the only problem with this option is possibly pissing off an eternally paranoid Monica – though her return from RedI would probably still be better than a returning Laura M – and thus it is not as good as just playing the idol – but in my opinion at least it is still better than going for rocks as you have a number of options. However, just playing the idol is definitely a much better and safer move.

          And as far as jury votes go, it is difficult to say what will impress the jury. Will they be comfortable with voting for someone who was so close to elimination as having to pick rocks (and just 1 in 3 rocks – not even like 1 in 7 or 1 in 8) but just got plain lucky??? Will they be comfortable with voting for someone who returned from RedI and wasn’t in the actual game for the entire 39 days ??? Or will these things not matter ??? The way I see it at least, Tyson’s biggest jury threat at this point is Hayden who pulled off this brilliant move of forcing the rocks and at the same time, being safe himself (Ciera has pissed off too many people by basically flipping on everybody). Tyson could have impressed the jury even more by blocking this move with his idol and at the same time vote off the dangerous Hayden – but he didn’t and took a huge risk whereby right now, he is STILL in the actual game only by luck.

    • Mira

      Solid idea. But even if this would work, and it just might, doesnt this scare Gerv and Monica a little? Tyson already has BIG target on his back and he is pretty much on his alliances mercy right now.

    • Richard Weed

      One major flaw with this plan, Tyson clearly never thought that Ciera was going to flip or else he would have played the idol and thus the three of them would have been immune.

  • DubbacCforMUFC

    Nicole <3!!!

  • Mary Carmen


    No offense to Kim, but I would have loved to have had Nicole on KIA last night :)

  • Michael Norris

    Rob. Rob. Rob. Listen, Rob. Rob. Rob. Rob. Guess what, Rob.

    Danielle made the final tribal council.

  • Kevin Wong

    I’m all for giving Boston Rob full credit for the Red Sox winning this year. Then again, I’m all for anyone but John Farrell getting credit for the Red Sox winning this year.

    (Yes, I’m a bitter Blue Jays fan. Why do you ask?)

    Good interview. Whether you love him or hate him, you have to respect the fact that BRob understands the game and gave us some good insight into the current season. Although he does seem to stick with the Hatch theory that the Jury will vote based on the best game play, which… I dunno. That might be something that can actually be broken down statistically.

  • watch&tell

    Interesting how both Rob and Kim S. emphasize the importance of the social aspect and being liked by the jury, and how this is the best way to secure a victory.. definitely a good rule to follow, and it might be the only common thing that all Survivor winners have in common!

    • LosPollosHermanos


      Every winner was the most liked. Simple.

      • damnbueno

        Not Parvati. She was disliked by Eliza, Erik, Natalie, Alexis, James and Ozzy when questioning began.

        Amanda’s meltdown in the last two tribal councils gave Parvati the win, not Parvati’s likeability.

        Its more like Parvati was the least disliked. Amanda came from ahead to lose.

        And I’m not sure that Sophie was any more or less liked than Coach when questioning began, but she sure was more respected when voting started.

      • Stephen

        The most liked doesn’t win, it’s the most respected. You can respect someone you dislike.

  • Richard Weed

    I’m glad Boston Rob gave Ciera credit for playing the game. I feel like Rob C hasn’t given her enough credit (talking many times about her not being on the show earlier when she was actually getting a lot of confessionals, comparing her Natalie Tenerelli…). Even if she’s made mistakes, she’s playing hard and she’s someone I’d love to see them bring back for another season.

    • BogDa

      I agree. Ceira’s been playing hard since day one and she hasn’t gotten a lot of credit on RHAP. (That’s being said, I think she’s playing badly).

      She’s a garanteed returning player along with Vytas and Brad. If Hayden keeps doing what he’s doing we might even see Hayden again.

    • Carlos Vidal

      I think the reason Ciera doesn’t get a lot of credit is because she neutralizes her amazing moves with absolutely terrible moves. This episode is the prime example. She gives up the idol clue to the 3 returning players instead of keeping it to herself, and then balances it with flipping to Hayden’s side at tribal (which was more of Hayden fighting then Ciera’s gameplay)

    • Stephen

      I agree, Rob C has been comparing her to Natalie Tenerelli, which is completely unfair. I think Ciera seemed to be relying on Laura to politic for her jury votes, but even then that’s more of a master plan than Natalie had. If she sits in the end next to anyone not named Tyson or Hayden, she has a very strong case to win it (she would wipe the floor with Gervase and Monica, whilst Katie floated the whole way, Laura was voted out twice and Tina really helped out at redemption by Laura). I’m glad several of the guests have given her some credit (Hatch and BR).

  • BogDa

    Since returning player seasons are inevitable. I’d really like to see them do a few with women returners instead of always with men.

    Here’s some possibilities for returners seasons.

    Trouble makers: These three would cause quite a stir.
    Eliza, Ceira, Pei-Gee

    Leader Women: (or at least the first three)
    Holly, Twila, Deena, Helen

    All Women’s team vs All new men.
    Eliza, Ceira, Pei-Gee, Holly, Twila, Deena, Andrea, RC, Abi-Maria, Alicia

    • Steve

      Im still optimistic, the last two seasons there have been some standout new players.

      Hayden (big brother not including)


      Remeber when they would do 3-5 seasons of new players back to back? *sigh* those were the good ol’ days. Tocantins, Gabon (underrated), China, Cook Islands

      • Kevin Wong

        I had mentioned earlier in the season that I wasn’t sold on Vytas as a potential returnee. I am now – the guy seems like a natural.

        Would love to see Reynold(s) back, but as the OP noted I think it’s time to get some ladies in on the returning players action. After all, there’s only been one who returned in a non-All Star/Favourites/BvW season.

        • Steve

          I forgot about Vytas, he would top the list from this season. I wouldnt count Bobby-Jon and Steph as part of the selected returning players purge, post HvV is when it all started

          • Kevin Wong

            It’s a matter of opinion. You had a couple of people for whom they felt was such compelling television that they had to bring them back ASAP. That’s really not that much different than what they did with Rob and Russell after HvV.

          • Steve

            Fair enough, I guess we often overlook Steph and Bobby-Jon since it was so long ago, and Guatamala being such an underated and overlooked season. (one of my favourite seasons in my opinion haha)

            I still would love to see them try a couple of season of all new players. Nicaragua was arguably a fail, doesnt mean they can have an incredible season with new players. They are on a roll for top rating season after philli, caramoan, BvW

    • damnbueno

      You lost me when you mentioned RC.

      But I’m curious, which Alica? Australia or One World?

      • dsharden

        I love BogDa plan but also would never want to watch another season with R.C. I just can’t with her.

    • Trixie02

      Christine (SP) or Kristina Kell (RI) would be great. They took on returning players and played too hard right away.

      I’d rather see Ashley (RI) or Julie (RI) than Alicia and RC. I guess RC/Abi are a package deal.

  • Steve

    I love hearing from B-Rob, and was looking forward to this podcast. Was a little disappointed with what appeared to be BRob showing a little lack of interest, potentially low energy from late nights at the poker table. I was screaming at my laptop when BRob started mumbling and didnt care about finishing his thoughts.

    That being said, I loved hearing his thoughts on the game and was great hearing arguably the greatest survivor share further insight on his gameplay and how he would potentially adapt to this new twist to the game.

    Furthermore, was super impressed with Rob.C. interviewing skills, especially maintaining the flow of the conversation and knowing when to move on from BRob’s mumblings. Had to feel for Rob C. when he would make a joke and try to get a reaction but BRob was having nothing of it.

    I understand not all interviews will be exciting and full of random jokes like Tysoncast, I for one found it a little disrespectful on BRob’s behalf for what appeared to be his lack of interest.

    I still love BRob, love his gameplay, love his first appearance on RHAP, would love to hear him again, especially if he has had more sleep or whatever and he has more energy.

    Keep up the great work Rob. C. please dont fall into the survivor trap and only bring on returning RHAP Podcasters and introduce new survivors to the podcast family as much as possible.

    Sorry if it comes across negative, maybe just had my expectations way too high and came out a little disappointed on the delivery.

    ok….nap time

    • Kevin Wong

      Poker tournaments can really wear you out. Yet the guy still takes time out to watch Survivor.

      Wonder which poker buddy of his watches Survivor. My first guess would be Daniel Negraneau, given that he mentored Rob.

      • Steve

        I understand, hence i mentioned it in my post. Im just disappointed that they didnt find a time to do this podcast when he had better time management, even post survivor BvW, they will still talk about the same things.

        BRob was alot more alert last podcast and was laughing and telling interesting stories from his season and not just about gameplay, which is good, but s balance of both is always a plus

        • Kevin Wong

          Agreed. Although in fairness, he remembered most of the names this time around.

          • Steve

            Kinda not really on the same level, just because he remembered the names, isnt really acceptable. Hate to compare it to tysoncast, but Tyson only watched one episode in nicaragua (as much as I can remember) and he reffered to denise and the ripped old lady, or something similar, yet he still managed to provide a interesting and enticing interview compared to boston rob

    • dsharden

      THANK YOU……. I felt the exact feelings listening, but I was not as brave as you. The Rob that doesn’t suck, sucked at the interview. About every 4-5 minutes he went on a mumble kick that didn’t make sense. Rob C. (who in my book doesn’t suck) did an amazing job keeping the interview flowing and on track. BR couldn’t remember any past episodes from this season and kept bull sh*ting saying someone who made a move he liked but didn’t remember who.
      It was fun but kind of agonizing. Kind of like talking to your grandfather, who you love and respect, but has dementia and doesn’t make sense.

  • Steve

    The best and most insightful piece of advice Brob gave, that really captured my imagination. Something that I would argue is often overlooked, was the discussion regarding being a threat and how to remove the target on your own back. BRob said you cant remove the target unless you have somewhere else to place it. Incredible piece of advice from a true survivor strategist.

  • Nick Fishman

    Didn’t expect to be left hanging by a viewer on the podcast. Great to hear from hometown hero BRob and the returning Nicole. Finales are approaching, brace for impact!

  • Michael Norris

    I just caught Rob’s joke about Christy voting for Matt. Hilarious!

  • Omar Gonzalez

    I do have to imagine that the absence of the pre-jury players from the stage at the last reunion was specifically designed to keep Jeff from having to explain that Legal and/or their insurance provider had essentially banned Brandon Hantz.

    • cameron

      I think the players knew that to be the case. They called BS over twitter regarding Jeff’s excuse that the stage was ‘too small’.

  • Savannah

    I listened to all your post…Good hearing Nicole again….

  • Savannah

    I finally get why Ciera is playing a good game, also agreed with Boston Rob, in that when Rachel left the game, he started to really play the game and feel the power to make bold moves.

  • Savannah

    He meaning Tyson….he has to win, will C, but Gervase has no chance.

  • Marc Percy

    The rocks should have still been purple and yellow, since both seasons that had the rocks drawn had purple and yellow in the colors of the tribes.

    • cameron

      No purple rock has been the most disappointing aspect of this season :(

      • dsharden

        Seriously! Really? Producers switch the purple rock challenge to Black and White? Big let down.

    • Ron

      They can change the color of the rocks used on the tv show, but they can’t stop me from continuing to call it the PROD.

  • finsburysghost

    Ciera has higher level stretegic thoughts, but she doesn’t implement those strategies well. Her vote at 7 was a mistake that took her from a decent chance to win to now almost no chance – as she and Hayden now need help/luck.

    • susan appleby

      Ciera has consistently voted against her potential strong ally. Whatever Ciera- you just go with whatever seems the best idea at the time.

      • cameron

        I think Ciera muddles up her different strategic thoughts and has been playing a ‘we’ game up until now.

    • dsharden

      I’m still confused why Ciera didn’t go with her mom at Laura’s first time back from Red I. If Ciera would have stayed w/ mom and the three twosome’s would have had the advantage. Although I am loving Tyson and hopes he wins ( my first pick was Vytas). She is thinking but seems to go against her gut and seems to make the wrong decisions.

  • Steve C

    Always wanted to know what he thought of Amazing Race making that plane stop and come back so they had an exciting final. That was BS and in my mind they won Amazing Race

  • Omar Gonzalez

    Rob C., I understand the need to limit what the players know, such as whether and when there’ll be a merge and what the challenges will entail. But not allowing them to know the rules?

    At the Final 4 TC in Marquesas, Kathy remembered Season 3, and said something like, “If there’s a tie, I’ll answer the questions.” And Jeff replied, “I haven’t said anything about how a tie might be broken.” Then, when the tie took place, he surprised them with the rocks.

    I’ve long been pissed about the surprise 3-finalist twist in Cook islands. And now I learn that you specifically asked, and they refused to answer your question about a Final 6 tiebreaker.

    If anything, they should be trying to minimize the extent to which Survivor depends on luck rather than exponentially increasing it by making a secret of the rulebook.

    • damnbueno

      Producers will always do what they think will make an entertaining show — including lying to the players.

      • dsharden

        I really hope that is not true. Prost has already made himself too much in the game, I hope the producers are not scamming the players. I worked as a P.A. for a couple of years (not on the level of Survivor) and no producer did any thing to alter the show, while shot live.

        • Corndogger

          It’s in the contract that the producers can change the rules, etc. whenever they want. They’ll do whatever they think will maximize ratings and more importantly, maximize profits.

          • dsharden

            I guess that’s why my show was cancelled! :)

        • damnbueno

          The Producers in R.I. Nicaragua would never admit to Grant, Andrea etc. that they “nudged” Boston Rob towards Idol clues because they needed to make sure he made it deep into the game for ratings purposes.

          But as long as players give private confessionals — in which they answer questions asked by Production personnel — Producers will always have the opportunity to assist those players they think will be good for ratings.

          I believe this happens regularly.

          Rupert is a huge fan favorite. If the Producers could have kept him around longer, I have no doubt they would have done everything they could to make that happen. But they can’t control his decision to switch with Laura B., and they can’t do much to help him beat Candice and Marissa in the duel.

          Remember last season’s members switch? Probst had two different trays of buffs, and he made sure some players drew from one tray, and other players from the other tray. This could have been done to make sure the Veterans had a numerical edge on each tribe. The Vets were chosen to drive ratings, so doing so could ensure more Vets hung around than rookies.

          But this season’s swap was much more random. Everyone drew from the same source, and Tyson asked to take the last one. Also, the ratings draw this season had as much to do with the loved ones as the veterans, so there was less incentive for producers to manipulate the outcome.

          These types of manipulation don’t guarantee a winner, or make sure someone gets voted out next, but they exist.

          There’s not much the players can do about it. Is just one more reason the absolute best Survivor players are the ones who can adjust to unpredictable twists.

      • cameron

        Flat out lying to the players would result in a hefty law suit. They only have the power to alter the rules only when deemed fair (such as in S25 when the challenge was tied) and may refrain from making some twists clear, such as this season in that there was confusion among the players whether or not the choice to trade places on RI with their loved one was a lasting option.

        • damnbueno

          Did you listen to this podcast?

          Rob C said in the Amazon, he asked the Producers what the tiebreakers would be when he was at the final 6. They wouldn’t give him a straight answer. In this case, they most certainly did not refrain from making some twists clear.

          • cameron

            While I agreed with your first point about Rob C in my original post, unless you can come up with substantiated evidence of a Survivor staff explicitly and intentionally lying to another player, I stand by my points. If said lie costs a contestant the game, they could absolutely 100% sue over it, although I was being slightly sarcastic with the suing part. These are their real lives after all.

          • damnbueno

            Providing the proof you seek would require me to identify the player who gave it to me. That in turn would affect this person’s chances of playing Survivor again. And of course, you could just say “I dont believe this player.”

            Sorry, but satisfying you just isn’t worth it to me.

          • cameron

            Please, Laura M went out of her way to accuse CBS of planting idols for Russell.

            Obviously don’t provide their name if it is in their interests, but as to the fact of me believing them, that would entirely depend how credible they were. If it were say, Lex or Fairplay, no i wouldn’t.

          • damnbueno

            Just the same, I’m not gonna betray this person’s trust. I gave my word, and integrity means a lot to me.

            I agree with you 100% when you say Producers helped Russell find all those Idols. I also believe they helped Ozzy in South Pacific, Boston Rob, Penner, and Malcolm in FvF2. I think they tried to help Russell Swan and Skupin too, but those guys were too dumb (Swan) or simply not interested enough (Skupin), to find them even with some help.

            Anytime Veteran players are mixed with rookies, I believe the Vets will get help from Producers. The Vets are chosen to drive the ratings. The Producers want them to last a long time in the game.

            In Samoa, Russell established very early that he was willing to do things (like burning Jaison’s socks and dumping all the canteens) that would be very entertaining to watch on TV. So I believe they gave him hints to find the Idols.

            They very well may have done the same with Reynold after he got into a couple of shouting matches with Shamar. Julia on the other hand, wasn’t doing much at all, so they didn’t do anything to help her.

            The fact that you don’t believe Lex or Fairplay are ever capable of being truthful only reinforces my resolve not to identify the player I’ve spoken to.

            Did you know that Lex correctly accused the producers of unfairly penalizing he and Tom during the Africa season? There was a Tribemate Trivia question Immunity Challenge at the final 4. Both Tom and Lex answered a question about which members of the cast had no piercings. Kim J. answered Kelly, and Lex and Tom both answered Lindsey. The guys were ruled incorrect, and Kim J. won Immunity. After Lex complained, both he and Tom were given the 2nd place $100k instead of the 3rd place 80k and 4th place 50k.

            So I guess Lex is more credible than you give him credit for being.

          • cameron

            Definitely, it is in their best interests to help the vets stay in usually through leading questions during the confessionals and the camera crew standing right on top of the idol.

            Of course Lex and Fairplay are capable of stating truths, but Fairplay has bad blood with the producers and Lex tends to over exaggerate (my observations from RTV Zone). I would be very hesitant to simply believe them accusing the show of ‘lying’ in some way, especially where money may be involved if an issue is serious enough (as it was in Africa).

            That Lindsay case also partially reinforces my points at the beginning about lying and the integrity of the show. That honest and reasonable mistake on Survivor’s part cost them 70k.

          • damnbueno

            Well, the Producers didn’t lie to Lex and Big Tom, they just screwed up the question. They weren’t aware that Lindsey didn’t have any piercings either.

            But Producers have flat out lied and/or intentionally misled players in the interest of creating what they consider to be a more entertaining show.

    • Richard Weed

      I can’t remember who (maybe Kim) but I seem to remember someone recently on RHAP making it sound like they were very open to explain rule questions, so maybe they’ve gotten better recently (or maybe I’m just misremembering something)

      • dsharden

        I heard that also from Kim.

      • Omar Gonzalez

        Well, I remember the extra immunity idol that resulted in the demise of Phillip 2.0… The number of hidden immunity idols and the rules regarding their recirculation SHOULD be explained to the players and the audience beforehand. It’s ridiculous.

    • cameron

      They have an official rule book now which states rocks will take place, so I think this issue has been fixed.

  • maggie that sucks

    Rob, it kills me that a few weeks ago you missed Parvati on your list of winners who made it to the final after their win. And this week, you forgot Danielle D was in the final with Aras. Do you just don’t care for female players as much subconsciously like Jeff Probst? I’m half joking and half serious about this.

    • :(

    • Simon P.

      For being fair, i dont think a lot of people can remember of danielle being in the final 2.

      • david

        Really? Hardcore Survivor fans don’t remember how she beat Cirie at a fire challenge to make it past final four and then beat Terry at the final immunity to secure her spot in the final 2? I remember it being a riveting finale episode.

  • Kate

    The change to Miss Survivor better be allowing lady men to participate (AKA Tyson)

  • LosPollosHermanos

    I don’t know about you guys but I listened to this for Nicole.

  • Marie-France Trepanier

    I am so happy that Boston Rob was back on the podcast! I could listen to him talk all day.
    I have been dying to hear about Nicole ever since she gave birth. But Nicole, next podcast you have to give us more infos than “you still have to lose a few pounds”. I would love to hear more about your experience as a young mother. How are you adjusting to the new baby? I am sure it’s an overwhelming experience and it would be great if you would share it with the listeners.
    And Rob, DILF?! So funny! This is why I listen to your podcast.

  • Chris Devine

    I seriously think Tyson has used the camera man to find the idol both times. Go back and watch those clips, I encourage everyone

    • BogDa

      I’m sure this is true. I think he even mentioned knowing to do this in a previous podcast.

  • Morty


    Nicole, a gift idea would be an assorted shirts gift box…in solid colors!

  • damnbueno

    Boston Rob “Every time I played, I tried to learn from my mistakes. A fool does the same thing over and over again. Its pretty idiotic to do that.” — Interesting thought considering he played the exact same way 4 times in a row.

    Marquesas — Boston Rob tries to intimidate John Carroll, fails and gets voted out.
    HvV — Boston Rob tries to intimidate Russell, fails and gets voted out.

    Marquesas — Boston Rob butts heads with Hunter, & John.
    All-Stars — Boston Rob butts heads with Lex, Kathy, & Big Tom.
    HvV — Boston Rob butts heads with Russell, Coach & Jerri.

    If Rob had learned from his mistakes in his first two seasons, why was he so easily dispatched in his third?

    Rob didn’t have to learn from his mistakes in R.I. because he had Phillip to make all the mistakes he made in his first 3 seasons. Rob was infinitely lucky that Phillip conceded the win to him right after Kristina was voted out. If Phillip had been even remotely interested in winning, Rob wouldn’t have been able to put the target on anyone else on his tribe because they were so passive, brain dead and obedient.

    Boston Rob did play a game in which he was in complete control from start to finish in R.I., but he had a perfect storm of circumstances that ended up tailoring the game to his style. From pulling the right buff, to dumb, easily influenced players, to Russell getting himself booted so early, to producers dropping Idol clues in his lap, to Phillip not trying to win the cards were stacked in Rob’s favor from day 12 on.

    • Michael Norris

      I think Boston Rob played with a similar strategy all four times, but I can see significant differences in skill level. His first time, he tried to dominate the game, but he neglected the people who weren’t in his alliance, and wasn’t able to work with them, explaining his elimination over players like Vecepia, who was. His second time, he knew how to make everyone feel like they were with him, so that he would have a maximum number of options, but he wasn’t able to eliminate them without leaving them bitter towards him. His third time, I think he fixed both of those things, maybe not perfectly, but much better than how they were, but he was eliminated by a move made by Tyson that no one really could’ve predicted, and that I don’t think most people would’ve made. His fourth game was, imo, possibly the best game ever played. There were very few flaws socially and strategically. People say he played with less than intelligent players, but I think he made them seem less intelligent. He made it so the best move of the other players was to just hope Rob would take them to the end. If they flipped, they’d still be an outsider like Cochran, and if they approached someone within the alliance, there would be the fear that that person would tell Rob. I’m not sure if I were a member of Ometepe, how I would’ve been able to get out of that situation.

      • damnbueno

        ” His second time, he knew how to make everyone feel like they were with him…” — On the All-Stars DVD, Alicia says she knew Rob was full of crap when he made his final two deal with him. She was waiting for Big Tom to betray Rob because she (and Shii-Ann) were planning on going with him. But yes, Rob had full control and loyalty from Amber, Jenna L. , Big Tom and Rupert, which was a huge improvement over his rookie effort. But his approach was the same. He also had the advantage of being one of two All-Stars (Shii-Ann) who failed to make the jury as rookies.

        And in All-Stars, Jerri was never really with Rob because she was still bitter about how he ended up getting her booted from All-Stars. And Jerri had the greatest influence on Coach. Sandra gave a confessional in which she said “I’ll stick with Rob for now, but eventually I’ll have to cut his throat.” She wasn’t really with Rob either. And since Sandra had the best relationship with Courtney, Rob didn’t really secure Courtney’s loyalty either.

        He obviously had greater success as a 4-time player paired against rookies, but his approach was identical. It was just less noticeable because Phillip was such a huge distraction.

        • Tammy L. Nelson

          BR played a more subtle game in HvV and RI. He also had matured a great deal. (marriage and being a father IMO)

          He also had Phillip. That doesn’t discount BR’s ability to control from day 1-39. Trust me, I hated BR until HvV, but he learned a lot and grew a lot.

          • damnbueno

            The most impressive part of Rob’s game in HvV was his ability to change his pre-game reputation. He worked his ass off in camp for the first 6 days, and nobody but Jerri was talking about what a backstabber he was in All-Stars. He hadn’t gained 100% trust from everyone yet, but they were willing to vote with him.

            Just for perspective, Parvati only enhanced her bad reputation as HvV began. First, she told everyone she wanted to be on the Heroes tribe, then she complained about the effort to build 3 shelters while doing nothing to help. Then she laughed and giggled with Russell at night while others were trying to sleep.

            So yes, it was a sign of tremendous growth on Rob’s part that he avoided being an early target while Parvati was busy making her target bigger.

            I think Rob did learn his lesson from getting in a pissing match with Russell though. But we didn’t see how he would apply those lessons because he had Phillip drop in his lap. He still tried to rule through intimidation. It didn’t work on the veterans, but it did with clueless rookies.

        • Kevin Wong

          “Sandra gave a confessional in which she said “I’ll stick with Rob for now, but eventually I’ll have to cut his throat.”

          – This is Sandra’s whole M.O., and a major reason why she won the game twice. It’s one of those things where I have trouble believing that Rob, Coach, et al didn’t know that Sandra would turn on them if it was a good move for her.

          wrt the HvV alliance, I’d say that was less a true alliance and more a group focused on getting rid of Russell (db does that sound about right?). In an All Star season it doesn’t sound like a great recipe for success, but I would’ve loved to see the fallout had Hantz been voted out.

          • damnbueno

            I think in HvV, Rob did a masterful job of changing his reputation as a heartless, backstabbing ass. He managed to put himself in charge of the majority Villains alliance by working his ass off to help build the camp..

            But I don’t think the whole tribe was as concerned with booting Russell as Rob was. None of the Villains knew who Russell was. They were still sizing him up. Most of them were more preoccupied with getting rid of Parvati. Russell directly challenged Rob’s leadership role. It was pure ego vs ego, and ended up getting Rob booted.

            But if Russell had left, I do think Rob was smart enough to figure others would go after him, but it was inevitable that he’d never have full support from Sandra, Courtney or Jerri. My best guess is that Sandra and/or Parvati would have taken Rob out with support from the others I mentioned. Coach might have even been able to convince Tyson to turn against Rob.

    • Tracy Marie

      A Hater will remain a Hater! Are you Lex?! I’ve been following your post for quite a while now, and you really invested too much on Rob & Parvati. What’s with the hate buddy? I didn’t even argues back on our little back and forth because IT IS FUTILE! Nobody will gonna win.

      You are really implying on your posts that Rob’s win is so tainted – that he got lucky he goes to Ometepe, Phillip being Phillip, Idol clues dropping in his lap because of the producers, and Ometepe members who are moronic/ stupid people ( your word not mine) who never plotted against Rob.

      Well DB, do you have a hand on fate being Rob going to Ometepe and not Zapatera? Do you have a hard evidence that the producers give Rob those idol clues and help him find out that idol? You mentioned from your previous post that you talk to someone from the game that producers do this, but what are your proofs? His word?! Those people from Ometepe (Moronic and stupid are harsh words btw), following Rob and never plotted against Him, because they think they can beat Him in the end. And it’s Rob’s fault that Phillip becoming an annoyance to the tribe?

      You always have double standard, when those people from One World follows Kim like Rob from RI, you said because Kim was so great in social game, and those people were not moronic/stupid people.

      You are always entitled to your own opinion,just as I am and everybody else. You can have your list of Best Players and so does I and everyone else. I am not arguing about you that Kim or Earl is your best. To Each Their Own. But what I really noticed on your post that you always wanted validation from you point. I hate to say it buddy, but you can never please everybody. Just as I cant please everyone. There will always someone out there who will disagree on your arguments. And I will always be your Devils’ Advocate just as you are my Devils’ Advocate. Same thing if somebody credited Cirie but not Sandra, you can never do anything about it. To Each Their Own.

      Another thing DB, what’s with The Sucking Kneecap with Rob C?!? You don’t have to do that. Of all the posters in here, you’re the least person I expect to be Sucking Kneecaps with the Host.

      I don’t hate you DB, just consider this a healthy conversation between two very avid Survivor Fanatics. Hope you feel the same.

      • damnbueno

        Rob’s win is 100% legit. No argument on that. But like I said he had a perfect storm of luck, producer-created assistance and bad play by Russell that made the game perfect for his style.

        The best Survivor players adjust to the game. Rob had to have the game adjust to him.

        Not everyone followed Kim’s lead the way the R.I. people followed Rob. Troyzan was easily Kim’s most vocal adversary. And she never had Jonas, Leif, Colton, Monica, or Chrisina on her side. Kim faced little opposition because she convinced everyone to like her so much. Rob did it through fear and intimidation. Kim won because the other players wanted her to win. Rob won because the jurors didn’t want the others to win.

        I have no idea what you mean by “sucking kneecaps.”

        I don’t hate Boston Rob at all. I just don’t think he’s anywhere near one of the best to play Survivor. There are just too many players who turned in better games as rookies, and didn’t need 3 tries to get it right.

        And I don’t take anything personally on this site. Let the debates continue. I learn the most from those who disagree with me.

        • Trixie02

          I think it’s really RC channeling Abi. Too many references to ‘moron’ and ‘stupid.’

          • damnbueno

            Maybe so, maybe not.

            I don’t know how much Tracy knows about Survivor yet, so its a little tough to know exactly where he/she is coming from.

            If Tracy displays a solid knowledge of Survivor. I’ll keep that in mind in future posts.

            But if Tracy is not able to support any arguments with facts, I’ll keep that in mind too.

            As you know, I won’t be swayed by unsubstantiated opinion or irresponsible speculation.

          • Trixie02

            I’m with you. The “sucking kneecaps,” which isn’t used much anymore, makes me think it’s an old poster with a new name. Listing you as one who does that either indicates the person really is new and never read the original Colton thread, or he/she is an absolute troll wasting your time. He/she has been reading your posts for some time?

          • damnbueno

            It looks that way, but until I know more about this person, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

            You know me. If this person doesn’t come armed with facts, I won’t have any problem pointing that out to them.

          • Trixie02

            Good! Debate makes it interesting.

          • dsharden

            Holy Cow….I just looked “Tracy’ up. He/She has made 10 comments to your over 6,500. I’m going to you in the information department and having fun posts.

          • damnbueno

            Well, like Trixie said, “Tracy” could have just changed their profile name.

            And don’t give me too much credit. Most of my 6,500 posts were on a “Lost” website. I was just as obsessed with “Lost” as I am with “Survivor.”

            But I probably do have over 1,000 posts on this site.

          • Trixie02

            In that case, “Namaste, bitches.” :)

        • dsharden

          What just happened? Why was this person so intent on hating you,but saying I do not “hate” you.
          Can you really hate someone for posting opinions on a website? I enjoy your posts and I love your knowledge of the game. I disagree sometimes, but enjoy reading every post.
          Let the hate disperse!

          • damnbueno

            I have strong opinions, and don’t change my mind without confirmed facts.

            That invites conflict, which some turn into hate.

            There is only one person I refuse to communicate with, so I suppose its possible that person changed their profile name and wants to go at it again.

            If that’s the case, I’ll figure it out soon enough.

          • dsharden

            Yeah…I read all that. if someone changed their profile to go at you again, they have already lost. Get on with your strong opinions. But, I never read you direct so much hate to any poster. .

          • Dave L

            I highly doubt anybody changed their profile. There are plenty of people that read these comments that don’t sign in to comment. DB got two thumbs down once, and he accused me of creating an alternative profile just to thumbs down him twice! He couldn’t accept more than 1 person in the world didn’t agree with him! The reality is almost nobody (except maybe DB) is invested enough to ever do that sort of thing. If he sees this he’ll probably search the annals of my posting history to find a Penner quote that proves I’m a moron, or say something like “you can’t bait me, I don’t respond to you”, or something else goofy/mean.

            I’m not surprised at somebody showing anger at DB. His post was akin to saying “Boston Rob was saying that Boston Rob is an idiot”. He regularly makes disparaging comments to Trudeau, one of blog writers on this site. There is absolutely nothing wrong with strong opinions. However everything is personal with DB, and an attempt to attack or demoralize the other person, and that’s why he gets a lot of negative responses.

            On the topic of Boston Rob, he played 4 times. He won once. He made it to the end where his wife won once. His ally did a completely idiotic bonehead move that there is no way he could have prevented that led to him losing once. He subtly changed his game each time, but he played an excellent game the last 3 times anyway.

          • dsharden

            okay, thanks for the explanation from both. There is a lot of history I’m new to, so I’m out from talking about it. I just started posting this year. Everyone defends themselves great and I enjoy reading all the different opinions.
            I’m still reading you all!

          • Trixie02

            Except DB never said he thought it was someone else–I did and you did.

          • dsharden

            I said he thought it was somebody else??? I don’t think I said that. I was just asking about the hostility. Please let me out! I don’t want to be in this!

          • Tracy Marie

            I didn’t change my profile just to go at it with DB. Why should I? I’m a new poster but I have been to this site for 3 years now.

            Thanks for the post Dave and the info on DB. It just reinforces what I think of DB as a person. I don’t even need some validation unlike DB who really hell bent on getting one.I didn’t respond to his post anymore because as I said before IT IS SO FUTILE. Nobody is gonna win especially if you are dealing with a guy like him. Here’s to you DB, I’m hands up, YOU WIN! I’m stepping back in here and there’s your victory. Are you happy now?!? I will no longer comment on your posts and ignore you completely. You can respond to this whatever you want – Offensive or Disparaging comments will be welcome.

            It is so funny and ironic that you always preach of Social Game, but you never realize that your Social Game in real life STINKS! Sometimes you need to slow down buddy and take it slowly. Because what I see in you is not very endearing.

          • Trixie02

            In my response to Dave L. I stated that I suggested that. DB said he’d give you the benefit of the doubt. You should read the whole thread before launching a character assault.

            Why write something personal after claiming to want a healthy conversation? Your social game is lacking, too.

          • Trixie02

            i’m the person who suggested the poster could be someone who changed his/her name not DB. It does happen and it was not to imply you. No need to start a smear campaign.

    • Kevin Wong

      “I wonder if I’ll hit double-digit down votes this time.”

      I’d up-vote you just for that comment but I don’t want to skew the percentages. Instead you get a Gawker-style


    • Alex

      I totally agree with you on this, the producers went out of their way to increase Rob’s chances. He is far from the greatest winner ever, he’s not even top ten.

  • Matthew Hedges

    I have listened to 100 thousand hours of you talking. #NoRegretz #know it some

  • Bobby Lewis

    I get BR’s point about the perception that winner should go because they are proven at the game and how that perception might not apply to old winner like Tina, but I think Tina did have some savvy moments this season.

  • Bobby Lewis

    Danielle made the finals in Panama, Rob!

    • David Mansfield

      With Rob’s BBF no less …Aras!

  • Dave L

    Yo…Boston Rob…time to catch some zzzs…. you seem a little sleepy.

    • toast

      I was a bit concerned for BR at the start of that podcast. He sounded really unwell. Fortunately he was still pretty sharp with his observations. So I’ll put it down to a long Vegas day.

  • dsharden

    Rob C. This was an interesting interview, not exactly my favorite. B.R. may have good past experience on Survivor but not the guy to discuss a present season with. I don’t think he knew many people’s name and he had no clue on previous moves and actions from the players this season.
    He made you seem like a savant for remembering Caleb started the FUBC vote off and other council news.
    He’s fun to interview, but really had no clue on the season except liking Tyson.
    Glad you had him, but Kim’s interview on KIA’s way so much more amazing contrasting with BR who knew nothing.

    • Simon P.

      Yeah i think boston rob need to work on his short memory.

    • susan appleby

      Disagree. Boston Rob knew a lot about the players who are left- ciera, Monica, gervase

  • Dave L

    As to the question of why they voted for Monica over Tyson, I think you two missed something obvious (by the way, loving Nicole segment).
    At that point Hayden and Katie don’t know for sure that Ciera is onboard. However it seems far more likely that Ciera will be willing to write Monica’s name down rather than write Tyson’s. Yes, yes, it’s going to be a tie so presumably that doesn’t matter. But I suspect that it actually does, and they weren’t looking that far ahead, and “voting out” Monica, the person ahead of her in the alliance might make her feel better.

    • cameron

      Great point, but the main reason was getting out Tyson. Since Gervase was clearly not on board with the plan, voting Monica would force Tyson to go to rocks, giving Monica immunity. The original plan was Tyson when they were still vying for Gervase’s vote.

      • susan appleby

        Wasn’t Hayden just trying to save himself?

        I think the fear that Tyson might have an idol scared them. If Monica had an idol she would be wearing it all the time for everyone to see. She is too paranoid.

        On the other hand, I think Monica is extremely loyal.

  • Bobby Lewis

    Who brought gifts to the jury? Yul brough Penner his hat, but Jeff allowed it.

    • Stephen

      Jeff allowed it but pretty much forced Yul to admit it was jury management (when Yul left it on the bench for Penner to pick up, if Jeff said nothing then Penner wouldn’t know who had brought it).

    • Alex G

      In the DVD commentary for Borneo, Rich said that he tried to bring a gift for Jenna’s kids and that that was jury management, but he wasn’t allowed to.

  • belinda

    Yay Nicole! 😀 Welcome back!

    I have to agree with Nicole – it is pretty douchey to go on a diet while your wife is pregnant.

  • susan appleby

    After we saw Laura help Tina, at least we know why Vytas has a feud with the Morretts.

    #knowitsome. Y

    • Steve

      Vytas is the bad boy of mountain yoga

  • Steve

    Rob, there is one survivor player that has previous experience with Tyson and is well versed and id imagine provide a great interview.

    Get Brendon (tocantins) on your podcast ASAP!

  • ParasocialDude

    What do you mean we don’t want Survivor and Big Bro to go to war? Hayden is stage one of a Survivor v Big Bro cross-reality thematic era. With time, Survivor v. Big Bro will be seen both on the island and in the house; Inevitability.

    • toast

      Do Big Bro on a nice beach in a hut on a Hawaiian island, and then a month before the end of the show, just stop supplying food.

  • Michael Norris

    Speaking of something to do during the off season, is there any chance the Jack And Jill movie cast you and Sophie talked about doing will actually happen? That would be absolutely epic.

  • sanjayP

    Someone has to do the “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury…” thing now… that would be so funny!

  • Antony Gilbert

    I now have a far higher appreciation of Ciera after the last few weeks but her move to align herself with Tyson against Caleb and Hayden was stupid. Makes me think she’s making big moves for big moves sake.

  • Antony Gilbert

    You can rustle feathers but they must be old and crispy.

  • Maxwel B

    Danielle made the finals against Aras….

  • Alex G

    Also… could you imagine if the show’s first deaf contestant goes out on a rock pull?!

  • Joe

    Very late to the discussion but Rob, next time you need to ask BR to do a podcast before a 12 hour poker session, not after. :)

  • Bobby Lewis

    So they aren’t leaving camp for any rewards this season then?

  • Charlie

    danielle was also in her finale in her original season so that makes it 11 + if tyson goes to the finals

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  • Tom Polite

    His quote about the hidden immunity idol – so true. I mean, if there is any one best way to play it, that’s it. Its smart, its safe, it gives you piece of mind, and you can always play it if you need to. I would never show it to anyone unless I needed to make some sort of power shifting move that would benefit me for several votes instead of just the one I play it on.

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