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RHAPpy Holidays 2: A Rob Has a Podcast Holiday Special

Yet Another Rob Has a Podcast Holiday Special

Yet Another Rob Has a Podcast Holiday Special

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Every year, I like to give back to our amazing podcast community with a special holiday show, which I call “RHAPpy Holidays”.  This show is a little different than a regular podcast because you won’t know what its about or who is on it until you listen to it.  You’ve just got to trust me and go along for the ride.

Thanks again for everything that you’ve given to me in 2013.  2013 was far and away the biggest year that we’ve ever had on Rob Has a Podcast.  I’ve had such a blast again this year “coming to you live” and talking about all of the nonsense that we get to discuss week in and week out.

The Christmas week is always a busy one, so while you’re running errands and or just enjoying the time off from work, I hope that you’ll get a chance to enjoy this special holiday show.

Plus, be on the lookout on Monday for my second annual holiday movie-cast with Ian Terry.  This year we’ll be discussing the film, “A Christmas Story”.

I truly RHAPpreciate all the support this year.  Enjoy the Holiday Show!

Your Truly,




Plus many more that I don’t feel comfortable writing about in the show description!

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Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • Michael Norris

    I have been waiting all year for this! I’m hoping for Tyson and Corinne again, but I know it’ll be awesome no matter who’s on it.

    • Michael Norris


  • taboo buzzer

    Thanks Rob, Nicole, and DJC- Happy Holidays!!! And thank you for a G R E A T RHAP year!
    Peace, -D.

  • TrollExterminator

    Imagine how many more listeners there would be if there was a commecial on TV about RHAP during a Survivor episode. I don’t even know how much that would cost, $50,000-$100,000 possibly? All the listeners should pitch in and donate to make this happen, it might be the first commercial ever for a podcast. I only stumbled onto this website not to long ago because I watched Survivor Amazon for the first time about a year ago and I was so impressed by Rob C that I googled Rob Cesternino. Let’s make this happen.

    • If you guys come up with 50k, no need for a middle-man, I don’t need the extra eyeballs that bad. Thanks TE

      • TrollExterminator

        You’re welcome Rob. I loved the Oregon Trail reference when you were talking to Erik. That brought back some memories.

  • TeddyBluebear

    wow was the randy bit for real?

  • Guest

    Is it bad that I was dead after the Randy part. So unintentionally funny.

  • Edward Morris

    Is it bad that I was dead after the Randy segment? So unintentionally funny.

  • Matt Holtzclaw

    LOL i’m to the last segment (i see it’s been spoiled below, but w/e) and i’m having a really hard time getting through it, i hope the tension eases a bit. Yikes this is awkward

    • Matt Holtzclaw

      I’m not fully sure if I got “worked” to use wrestling jargon in the last segment or not. Rob, you sold it well. Haley was awesome, though.

  • James

    Randy Bailey is the Vincent Pastore of podcast guests.

  • David Bloom

    i doubt the randy/hailey segment was real

    • Michael Norris

      Randy was responsible for the fake wrong number thing back during Hv.V.

      • TrollExterminator

        I just don’t get how late it was, didn’t Randy say it was 11:30PM, where does he live, England?

      • belinda

        Oh I remember that. I had no idea that was Randy!

      • Zack

        when was the randy fake wrong number thing?

  • Matt Geoghegan

    So when is the Rob Has a Christmas Album coming out?

    • Trixie02

      A duet with Nicole would be appreciated.

      • Matt Geoghegan

        Well that goes without saying

    • Megan Z

      There is so much material for a Christmas album with the amount of “bell” themed songs.

  • Matt Geoghegan

    Wow. I was mentioned on the podcast. And Erik liked the idea. I’m famous.

  • Kapil

    I think the voting period for the Miss Survivor and Mr Survivor contests should be short at just 4-5 days – like it was with RHAP Fan Favorite of the Season. As a result, a deserving player like Hayden won without any campaigning just because he was the most deserving. A short voting period ensures that only the true RHAP and Survivor fans vote rather than the contest being completely hijacked by heavy campaigning involving celebrity twitter endorsements like it was last year.

    • Sam Leighton

      It’s Miss Survivor, there can’t be a deserving winner. It’s a popularity contest that’s not meant to be taken seriously. The best thing that can happen is for Survivors to really get into it to the point of campaigning. I’m no RC fan but she and Abi made it lots of fun last year by having fun and really putting in effort.

      • Kapil

        Well I surely enjoyed Miss Survivor 2012 far more than 2013 when it didn’t just depend on how many celebrities you can get to tweet out your link. Campaigning still happened, it was much more fun and the winner was primarily decided by the RHAP community and the larger Survivor community – not celebrities who haven’t even heard of Survivor.

  • toast

    If you haven’t heard last years, go dig it up. It was genuinely awesome.
    I haven’t heard this one yet. It may be time to put in some ear buds and take the dog for a walk.

  • Carlos Vidal

    WOW that randy segment on this podcast was FLAT OUT AMAZING!!!
    Rob, whether this was kayfabe or not, that maybe the best interview of 2013!
    i can’t stop laughing! and it will be on replay for ETERNITY!

  • JMansm

    Sorry to be naive but I really couldn’t tell if the Randy segment was real or fake. It was really dark and depressing and tonally mean and I would have just thought it was fake but then Rob had to rationalize it by saying he thought it would cheer Randy up and then quoting Tyson about Survivor ruining peoples lives.

  • Paul

    HAHAHAHAAH @ Randy. Love it.

  • Diana

    Randy is a jerk !

  • Nicky

    “Waiting for Survivor: Cagayan”… BRILLIANT!

  • tonyh33

    That Randy segment was hilarious. I assume it was a bit because it was just too perfect with the “winner” playing along so well. But it was the hardest I laughed while listening to RHAP. Late at night with my headphones on laughing out loud. So funny. Great job Rob!

  • Humberto Urrutia

    The Roast should be fun, will try to make it

  • Humberto Urrutia

    Listening to the song right now!! This is amazingly ridiculous that it might replace call me maybe as my ringtone!! Way to go Rob!!!

  • Bobby Lewis

    oh my god randy is the worst

  • Bryan Hickey

    Was there any Survivor you couldn’t get? Like if someone asked for Clarence Black? Loved the randy section, RHAPPY holidays!

  • Michael Norris

    How are more people not raving about Penner’s brilliant poem? That made my day.

    • Carlos Vidal

      Yes!!! Penner knocked it out of the park! He could read anything and make it feel magical

    • Louise Monroe

      Definitely very awesome. It was overshadowed by Randy’s phonecall, but it was delivered perfectly. Second best part of the show.

    • Suzi!

      I loved that poem, and he’s great at reading poetry!

  • Narborg

    Great Podcast!!!!! Only the Randy bits was kinda awkward, deff need to ok it with the survivor if you do it next year Rob, and Billy Claus seemed less jolly than last year, hope he’s ok. But loved the game, great having Tina back, Erick was great and Penner was amazing!!!

  • LosPollosHermanos

    It’s funny some people didn’t realize the randy part was staged.

    It was fantastic though, great stuff planned by Rob.

  • Chris Devine

    OMG that Randy call… Oddly fascinating. I hope everyone can take it for what it was, and hopefully he will understand it was in the spirit of christmas. Perhaps he wasnt completely sober…

    Great show

  • Petr Slavík

    Who was the girl, who made that funny bit with you and Randy? : ) Randy is a good sport – not everyone could make fun on themeselves like this (plus he is much better actor, then the girl 😉 )

  • Guillaume Schmitt

    Great musical as always ! Always a hit with me.

  • Tyler Frederickson

    interview with Randy was the best one of the night so far

  • Marcus

    I feel really dumb now that I know the Randy thing was staged…how did I not figure it out? Well, I guess that means you had some great acting, especially from Randy himself (or I’m just oblivious). Congrats on both the show and the podcast, Rob. RHAPpy New Year!


    If the Randy thing was staged, then why was it placed in a Holiday special. I think it’s misplaced big time :

    • Carlos Vidal

      Randy was suppose to be kind of like the grinch or the mr. scrooge of this Christmas podcast

      • BLADE

        Good point.

  • Benjy

    That Randy bit was amazing! I didn’t realize it was staged until the very end of the call when he did that silly “none ya” joke and Rob and Haily’s reaction to it. I thought it was weird and risky that Rob was going to cold call someone and then that Rob was laughing at “using food stamps to buy booze”. The whole conversation with Randy was fascinatingly tense. Probably the most compelling bit Rob has ever done on a podcast! At first I was disappointed that it was fake but then I appreciated how good of a performance Randy gave and how well Rob set up the whole thing by teasing it throughout the podcast. AWESOME!

    • Benjy

      Reminds me of an Andy kauffman bit

  • Nathan Parker

    Not 100% sure but the “winner” sounded a lot like Corinne… Just my guess. But HILARIOUS i loved the whole Randy part. But great show Rob!

    • Trixie02

      I don’t think she’s actually Corinne. There is a Haley who has asked questions on RHAP. She was definitely funny, especially when she just kept going back to her questions as if everything was normal.

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    So wait, was the Randy thing real or staged? Still confused on that…just felt really, really awkward, and unplanned. I mean, Hailey seemed genuinely upset and Randy didn’t come off as being funny or that it was a joke at all, and Rob seemed genuinely stunned that it happened. Maybe I just didn’t get it…

    • Tyler Frederickson

      I believe Randy thing was real.It sounds like he hates Survivor know and doesn’t want to talk about it

    • Kevin Wong

      I think it was half and half. I can believe that Randy doesn’t watch Survivor anymore but I also think that they were doing a little improv here.

    • Louise Monroe

      It was the best part of the show for me. I was laughing so hard. Hailey was funny too! Everyone played their parts great. It was like an SNL skit.

  • sanjayP

    The Billy and Randy bits were good, but i gotta say, Rob singing that Christmas jingle stole the show! waitin’ for Survivor Cagayan !

  • Omri Ungar

    This was my first RHAPpay new year, and I must say, it was hilarious!! I listened to this at one am thinking I’ll fall asleep mid-way but I was laughing all the way to 3 am!!! The Randy bit was the BEST ( I sure it was planned, but nontheless great) and can’t help but love penner. Thanks Rob. And RHAPpy holidays, all the way from Israel!!

  • TrollExterminator

    I drink a lot of beer during the holidays so why not compare Survivor contestants to beers.

    Keystone Light- Phillip Sheppard (cheapest beer you can find)

    Pabst Blue Ribbon- Twila Tanner (Beer of choice for country folks)

    Samuel Adams-Rob Mariano (Boston’s finest)

    Guiness- Coach (Your taste buds have to get used to this beer)

    Stella Artois- Malcolm Freberg (You’d have to be crazy not to like this beer)

    Arrogant Bastard Ale- Russell Hantz (speaks for itself)

    Newcastle- Stephen Fishbach (Most people forget how good it is, Fishbach sounds like an English name to me)

    Heineken- Rob Cesternino (Universally loved and beer of choice for east coast Italians)

    Non alcoholic beer- Matt Elrod (something tells me this guys never had a beer)

    George Killians Irish Red- Tom Westman (stubborn Irish badass)

    • jeremiahp

      Very cleaver!

    • Well done.

      • TrollExterminator

        Thanks Rob. I went back and listened to a pretty old podcast and it was the 25 questions viewers had or something like that. A question was about Survivor being on netflix and how would it affect ratings of the show. You said it probably wouldn’t effect the ratings and usually netflix is good for shows like Breaking Bad. I completely agree, but certain players popularity would sky rocket. I think you personally would benefit as much or more than anyone. Your Survivor game has aged like a fine wine. Maybe some people said you were a jerk after that season, but not today after watching Russell Hantz for 2 straight seasons. Everyone knows that you would have dominated All-Stars if somehow the rest of the players didn’t watch your original season like Russell Hantz on Heroes vs. Villains. You would have stuck it to Boston Rob and Amber, it would have made the season so much better.

  • jeremiahp

    Rob you have outdone yourself again! I am not sure what I enjoyed more, but I will never forget RHAPPY HOLIDAYS 2! Thanks for making me laugh during this holiday season!

  • Matteo_von_Podfelda

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of Rob Has a Planet!

    Have listened to every RHAP episode for almost 3 years now and have loved watching the show grow from a two-bit operation around Rob’s coffee table to the megalithic podcasting empire that stands today. Best wishes to the Cesternino clan in 2014 and to all of you nutty reality fans out there!

    • Thanks Matteo. I’m pretty sure we were one-bit when we started… glad you’ve been along for this crazy ride.

  • sammyE

    Wow that Randy bit was the funniest thing you’ve ever done on the podcast Rob, awesome

  • Ron

    Interesting comments by Tina about how handicapped she felt as a juror because of having been at RI for so long.

  • Lisa

    the idea for the phone call was great. i’m sad about the outcome though.

    • Marc Percy

      I agree. I was excited when she picked Randy and if his situation is as bad as he said, then that is truly sad. Seems like his personality may have caught up with him and I always wondered how he was a wedding videographer with such disdain for people.

      • dsharden

        I just listened…it was a joke. a bad joke, but a joke.

  • Jon Wise

    Why do you address Billy Clause using his full name only? You said his name so many times haha

    • You must address Billy Claus by his full name or you won’t get any beer or babes.

  • Marc Percy

    My wife just made an interesting observation. She says Penner sounds like Alan Alda. I just listened to Alan and they do have a similar voice. I think that would be a great podcast with Penner and Alda. :-) Fun show and I hope you had a great holiday.

  • Marie-France Trepanier

    Great podcast! Very entertaining! All the guests were fantastic. I loved the Christmas jingle Rob sang – so funny! The Penner story was great.
    The Randy thing was very uncomfortable. If it was a joke or staged – sorry I didn’t get it. The girl Hailey seemed so sweet and she was so happy…I feel bad for her. If it was real, you have to make it up to her Rob!
    Happy Holidays to you and Nicole!

  • bunnielebowski

    Was that Randy segment planned and a joke? Rob please confirm or dis-confirm for us.

  • TwoTwisted

    Was Erik eating during his segment? Nothing worse than listening to someone chew on a podcast.

  • ChristineInWI

    Okay ‘Hailey Strong’ was really Corrine right? And this was a comedy bit. That makes it more palatable. Gabon and Guatemala are the two seasons I still have to watch.

    • Matt Holtzclaw

      pretty sure Haley Strong was Haley Strong

  • Brian Nangle

    Very nicely done with the song Rob! You’re no Frank, but you definitely have chops as a lyricist.

  • redbluegreen

    I couldn’t get through the Randy interview. If it was staged, I think it was in poor taste. Rob, you have more class than that.

    • drake johnston

      I agree. It felt so awkward and uncomfortable. I was feeling really bad for Randy and his circumstances, and upset that Rob was laughing. It didn’t feel enjoyable or fun to me. Now I feel like a fool that I believed it. Not a very fun holiday feeling. I guess it’s a type of humor I don’t get. Maybe if it hadn’t been In a holiday podcast? I still don’t think I would have liked it. I’m kind of surprised so many people thought it was great, but I guess I’m the odd one.

  • ToledoDave

    Is there someplace we can nominate this for “The Best Christmas Special” podcast? Loved the Randy bit, Penner’s poem, Billy Claus, Eric eating while talking and even your singing! Thanks for providing hours of listening enjoyment in 2013 and looking forward to more in 2014. Happy New Year!

  • finsburysghost

    the Randy interview was priceless.
    i wish he stayed on to be asked about his dogs and comparative love of women.

  • Derek_Sye

    I am finally catching up on my RHAP after the craziness of the holidays is over. I have to say this episode was a bit of a mixed bag for me. I really loved Penner’s poem and Billy Clause is always great, but I was disappointed to see Ice Cream Scooper Erik back on the show. His treatment of Dawn Meehan has soured me on him entirely, so listening to him plug his game was unbearable. The Randy skit was interesting. That type of Andy Kaufman humor doesn’t really work for me, but I like to see Rob experimenting with new ideas.

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