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The LIVE 2014 Miss Survivor Debate with Ciera, Candice & Andrea

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Rob Cesternino moderates the 2nd Annual Miss Survivor debates featuring Candace Cody, Ciera Eastin and Andrea Boehlke

Rob was pleased to introduce the digging deep Ciera Eastin, second time finalist but first time debating Andrea Boehlke, and the practical joking Candice Cody.  Andrea was given the first opening statement, where she highlighted his second time experience across the border in Survivor Affairs, owning an idol, and other gigs. Candice promoted showcasing John Cody arm candy, her cabinet members, a year full of RHAP pranks, and shout outs to internationals watchers. Ciera spoke about her fun experience with her whole Survivor experience and how she would love to be a part of the fun.

Unique questions were presented to each candidate with permitted rebuttals.  Ciera was asked about how her haircolor advantage over the two blondes, due to no previous blonde Ms. Survivors. Andrea and Candice each revealed secrets about their hair in response.
Candice was asked about her experience playing with the first Ms. Survivor but admitted to not have talked much to her about it. Candice compared and contrasted her style of play to Parvati’s game.  Andrea was asked about what she would need to do differently to make it to the end of Survivor. Andrea cited male players leading to her downfall most of the time.

Each were then asked what tribes the candidates would be assigned to on Survivor Cagayan themselves and then for the others. Andrea wanted on the Brawn, and Candice relegated herself to the Beauty tribe, and Ciera placed herself in the Brains. Candice revealed she didn’t know what the RHAP staple ‘kneecap sucking” was as the girls discussed tribe selections.

Asking about the essence of being a woman on Survivor caused confusion, a sense of a chip on your shoulder, and the sexism issue to be talked about in all seriousness.

Each candidate then got a chance to state their case for how much time allotment they will give to the RHAP community. Ignoring patients, east coast roasts, among other things were cited as answers.  Aras’s jury question for who each candidate would vote for if she could only vote for one of the other 2 candidates. Andrea chose Candice, Candice chose Ciera, and Ciera chose Candice, all for varying reasons.

Next question was about the candidates’ own Survivor crushes. Ciera admitted to liking Boston Rob back in the day, Candice admitted to having many crushes but her biggest one was Dave Johnson from Survivor 6 The Amazon and JP from Survivor 13 Cook Islands, and Andrea picked John Cody, unsuccessfully trying to rattle Candice.  All the women agreed that future transgender candidates should be permitted to enter any RHAP pageants and that bulges on Survivor should not be blurred.

Forced to say negative things about the others, the gals got passive aggressive with their (questionably) bold statements about the others.
Ding Marry Kill with the Mr. Survivor final 3 led to some shocking details in the inner psyche of the witty candidates, with some innovative ideas along the way.

Tyson was thrown under the bus by all 3 after he posed a question. Each were then asked to tell a funny story about themselves, with some hilarious results.

The night concluded with closing statements from all 3, where ambitious intentions, past efforts, and appreciation to the fan base mentioned.

Special Thanks to Nick Fishman for recapping tonight’s Miss Survivor Debates

The LIVE 2014 Miss Survivor Debate: Ciera Eastin, Candice Cody, Andrea Boehlke

The LIVE 2014 Miss Survivor Debate: Ciera Eastin, Candice Cody, Andrea Boehlke

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  • arasbaskauskas

    Lets get this show on the road ladies!

  • BobbyKe

    Gotta keep it with the brunettes & go with Ciera

    Awesome debate all around. Love how the ladies took this seriously & answered a lot of the questions. Impressed by Ciera showing up sick showing her dedication, I liked Ciera’s answer to the sexist question & loved her openness in general & her going for a Ciera/Bauskauskas 3some

  • Nick Fishman

    This year’s Ms. Survivor has really stepped things up to the extreme, very fun night for all.

  • Stephen

    I agree with Candice and Andrea, you gotta mix it up, so 2014 is the year a mother will win Miss Survivor.

  • Stephen

    By the way Rob another great job tonight, although the start was a little slow, it really picked up and the chicks were as good as the guys.

    • It was definitely a different rhythm than the mr survivor debate so it had to find its own pacing

      • Stephen

        The guys were probably helped by the fact you have a great chemistry already with Aras and Tyson, compared to the women who you haven’t had as many conversations with (aside from Andrea). Once they got comfortable they delivered the goods.

        • BigDan

          also aras is friends with both tyson and malcolm, i believe

          • Stephen

            Aras confirmed that in a comment above. With the exception of Candice and Ciera maybe talking at the reunion, I doubt that any of these ladies had ever interacted except over social media. As I said, once they got comfortable they really delivered (although the better questions for that were in the second half of the show). I’d listen to all 3 of them again on RHAP (and all 3 of the guys as well).

  • Winston

    All around great answers by everyone. Had a lot of good laughs from the Ding Marry Kill question. Looking forward to the crowning next week!

  • andrew14

    Mr. Survivor for me was an easy choice but Miss Survivor is a different case! Andrea and Ciera have made this so hard!!!

  • Steven


    • I saw you said you only had one on the show in the chat the other night.

  • cyh

    Great fun. I feel like Andrea would have a lot to contribute to RHAP.

    • fuggybootnling

      Yeah, and that among other things really seals this for me. As I’ve said before if you go back in the archives she’s the first new contestant coming off their season that really knew this show and was a fan of what Rob was doing long before it became as HUGE what the podcast is now.

      If I had to guess I have to think Rob is rooting for Andrea. He wouldn’t hate a Candice win, but Ciera would be a hot mess.

  • Karl Kostik

    Unlike the Mr. Survivor finalists, I think Ciera, Andrea, and Candice would all do a great job as Miss Survivor. Tough vote, but I’m going with Ciera (and Aras).

    • Morty

      Agree, I have a slight favorite, but this is the 1st Miss Survivor when I’ve thought any of the 3 would be a good pick.

  • Brian Scally

    I’ve decided on Aras for Mr. Survivor but I’ve gone back and forth on Ms. Survivor over and over. Andrea’s highlights: Established part of RHAP community,just saying the words RHAP barcrawl got me excited and actually gave a good answer when asked to say something mean about the other 2. Ciera’s highlights: Asking if she could ding both the Baskauskas brothers was great, cringe worthy embarrassing story and she seems genuinely excited to get involved. Candice’s highlights: Best campaigning, offering John up to Malcolm and flipping off her competitors. I think Andrea being an actual RHAP fan might win out for me but I won’t be upset with any outcome.

    • Michel Trudeau

      You’ve summed it up very nicely and, like you, I’ll be voting for Andrea.

  • Carlos Vidal

    Rob’s face was priceless when Candice didnt know what “sucking kneecap” meant

  • Henry

    This is so tough. I wish I could vote for all three (but of course that would be pointless.) At the beginning of this process I was sure I’d vote for Andrea. I did NOT like Andrea’s threatening not to run a third time. That was pouty and manipulative, and that cost her some points with me. Candice has ran the best campaign. And Ciera really won me over with her bold honesty about the dirty underwear story and the Bauskauskas threesome. It takes some serious balls to say either of those things. I’m going to end up voting for Candice. I think she’s the total package. She’s the one I find most charming and most admirable. But whoever wins, I’ll be happy; and whoever loses, I’ll be sad.

    • cyh

      oh I took it more like Andrea probably wouldn’t run for the third time because she wants to give other survivors a chance.

    • BigDan

      i saw it more as she didnt think she’d be on survivor again so wouldnt be nominated.

      • damnbueno

        Andrea should be more optimistic. Candice played Survivor — and sucked at it — twice and they brought her back.

        Rupert has actually gotten worse every time he has played, yet he keeps coming back.

        Tyson was blindsided twice, yet he came back again.

        Andrea can brag about being blindsided three times (if you count the 1st Matt Elrod vote). As long as she’s popular with viewers, she can play again.

        • BigDan

          I dont get why Tyson claims he had no idea he was going home the second time. It must’ve at least occurred to him that Russell could give the idol to Parvati. Why else would they be splitting the votes in the first place.

          Of course despite that he voted the wrong way so he must’ve not thought he was in any danger.

          Oh well. It gave me my absolute favourite Survivor moment ever so was totally worth it. I only became a Tyson fan afterwards as I hadnt seen S18 at that time.

          • damnbueno

            I guess it depends on who you believe — Russell or Parvati.

            We know Tyson really wanted to get rid of Parvati. He’d been very vocal about it. We also know Rob told everyone how to split their votes — asking Tyson to vote for Russell. We also know Russell told Parvati he had the Idol, and might play it for her if she was in trouble..

            We pretty much saw Russell’s version. He figured out Rob would split his 6 votes, and that would guarantee either Russell or Parvati would be voted out. Russell worked on Tyson all day, trying to convince him that he couldn’t win if he stuck with Parvati. Tyson, still preferring that Parvati leave, changed his vote, figuring Russell was also voting for her. Russell told Parvati and Danielle to vote for Tyson in order to weaken Rob’s power. Russell was more interested in embarrassing Rob.

            Parvati claims she was the one who got into Tyson’s head by baiting him with statements like “someone is going home tonight, and its not gonna be me.” She says she a played on Tyson’s ego, and tricked him into voting for her.

            The hole in Parvati’s version is this: How did she ever find out Tyson had been instructed to vote for Russell in the first place? There’s no reason for Tyson to reveal that info to her.

            Russell’s version makes a lot more sense. If Russell earns Tyson’s trust (which we know he did) Tyson would admit he’d been told to vote for Russell. If Tyson is convinced Russell is also voting for Parvati, that’s a pretty good reason to believe he wasn’t gonna leave himself.

            Tyson believed Jerri, Courtney, Coach, Russell and he were all voting for Parvati, and Rob and Sandra were voting for Russell. All that were left were Parvati and Danielle’s votes. Tyson didn’t know (or didn’t care) how they were voting.

            Tyson had seen Russell and Rob squaring off against each other. Maybe he thought if Russell was lying, he’d send their three votes to Rob?

            Perhaps Tyson didn’t want to face a possible tiebreaker between Russell and Parvati. Maybe Tyson thought he’d be able to work with Russell down the line, and it would be better for him if Russell stayed instead of Parvati. Tyson knew Parvati would never work with him. I think at that point, Tyson also knew Russell was closer to Danielle than Parvati was. Those two women hadn’t become inseparable yet.

            I don’t think Tyson even considers changing his vote if he isn’t convinced Russell is voting for Parvati. And if that’s true, Russell’s version makes the most sense. He fooled Tyson into trusting him. Tyson was convinced Russell was dumping Parvati, and there was no chance she’d get that Idol.

          • Michel Trudeau

            DB wrote:
            “Tyson believed Jerri, Courtney, Coach, Russell and he were all voting for Parvati, and Rob and Sandra were voting for Russell. All that were left were Parvati and Danielle’s votes. Tyson didn’t know (or didn’t care) how they were voting.”
            It’s been a while since HvV but I’m pretty sure Tyson said he believed Parvati and Danielle were voting against Russell so that’s why he changed his vote to Parvati in order to make sure she left. He said neither Russell or Parvati convinced him.
            (Personally, I believe production convinced him that it would be a good idea, misleading him during his confessionals in order to create that moment)

          • damnbueno

            If Tyson believed Parvati and Danielle were voting for Russell, that would make sense. He’d want the vote to be Parvati 5, Russell 4.

            But it wouldn’t explain why Parvati, who LOVES to take credit for great TV moments, never bragged about fooling Tyson into believing she and Danielle were voting for Russell. If Parvati had heard Tyson’s story, she’d never shut up about it.

            I’ve heard Parvati discuss this vote on RHAP twice, and she didn’t mention it either time. I don’t believe for a second that Parvati would keep quiet about that, so it was either a case of Production meddling, or Russell fooling Tyson.

  • Henry

    For the record I’d marry Candice, even though she’d never be home, because she seems like a really strong life partner. Stable, loving, fun. I’d ding Andrea because she’s the hottest girl ever to play Survivor. That face, that hair, and that aggressive tomboy personality. And I’d very reluctantly, and with many apologies, kill Ciera. But not because I wouldn’t like to marry and ding her, because I would. Just because you have to kill someone.

    • Ron

      You started out right.. Marry Candice, because big paycheck and lots of free time in which to… Ding Andrea! How could you watch the two Raps and think that Ciera would put more effort into anything requiring energy or creativity?

  • Ryan Joyce

    Ciera has moments of brilliance, but I don’t think she’s ready for this – she’ll get another chance, I’m sure. For me it’s between Andrea and Candice.

    My heart says Candice – I’ve been so impressed with her! She’s really grown on me through her most current time on Survivor and in this whole process. Candice is really warm and has a quick wit…and having John on her arm helps! I’m not sure she’d realistically have the time for this, though.

    My brain says Andrea because she’s always been involved with RHAP and I think she would try to do some really fun things. She’s obviously personable and quirky and has a good rapport with Rob, so she logically makes the most sense to me.

    I think I have to vote for Andrea :)

    • BobbyKe

      How is Ciera not ready? Just because she’s a newbie. She was as prepared & we’ll spoken as the others

      I think it has to be held against Candice she didn’t know what kneecap sucking was. Shows her lack of RHAP knowledge. Plus she’s relying too much on her pimping out John

      Candice strikes me as the most likely to forget about this if she won so she’s I’m 3rd for me. I liked Ciera’s answers more then Andreas so I got her 1st

      • Ryan Joyce

        Andrea didn’t threaten not to run again… she said it is likely her last time because she isn’t certain she’ll ever be back on Survivor and therefore be eligible again. It was really just modesty, not a threat.

        And Ciera didn’t know how to answer a question about the essence of femininity on Survivor and hesistated with a lot of her answers. A lot of it was wishy-washy and she goes with the flow a bit too much. She might be a decent executor, but she’s not really full of any ideas!

        • BobbyKe

          Don’t see how Andrea saying she isn’t likely to be back on Survivor is any different

          Plus having ideas doesn’t matter if they aren’t executed. Andrea may have more ideas, but I have more faith in Ciera to execute an idea. It doesn’t have to come from her. And her idea of brainstorming through what the RHAP community wants is most logical

          • Ryan Joyce

            Okay, so you’re voting for Ciera and I’m voting for Andrea. Great! Isn’t this fun? :)

  • Louise Monroe

    Great job by the ladies!!

  • jon dunn

    Mr. Survivor: easy answer is Aras
    MS. Survivor: Candice vs Ciera. tough choice. I’m going with Candice.


  • Michael Norris

    Funniest moment-

    Andrea: Sucking kneecaps
    Candice: I’ve never heard that
    Rob: ooh

    • Andrew

      Agreed, that was great. Rob’s quiet “Oh no” was priceless..

  • Nick Fishman

    This is a must watch for everyone before they start to vote

  • Andrew

    If any of the three women are reading this, just want to say thank you for the entertainment. You were all excellent and it’s going to be a hard choice for many of us I’m sure. Great job, ladies.

  • Ron

    IMO, the womens side is a no-brainer. Andrea has been a big part of RHAP for years. She’s in on the jokes with us. It will only get better with her in the title role. And never mind her Survivor experience, her sense of humor, the creativity of her Rap and her obvious physical beauty. The uber-competitive Candice, in 3 appearances on Survivor, comes across as though she never heard of RHAP until she found out there was a competition for her to try to win. She wins, and she’ll never be heard from again (30-hour days, y’all!). RC 2.0. Ciera is admittedly new, not just to RHAP, but to the Survivor community. She was afraid to express opinions or take positions (“whatever you guys want,” over and over, is not a position). She’ll be playing Survivor again, she’ll have another chance.

    The debate was really fun. But definitely, Andrea FTW!

    • Carlos Vidal

      Yeah I think that Andrea has done an amazing job and at this point she can do more for the RHAP community than the other two.
      She has been game for whatever Rob includes her in like the 1st time he decided to do Miss Survivor and Reality Gamemasters.
      I just hope the community rewards for her involvement with the podcast this year. I just can’t bear someone having a year like RC.

    • Dan C

      It’s already been confirmed Candice and John will be doing a recap podcast next season. So no, she wouldn’t be RC 2.0. And if you follow her on twitter you would know she’s played along with things like the Walking Dead draft and the Billy “Clause” Garcia Christmas cast.

    • Guest


  • damnbueno

    The men’s debate was a lot more spirited and entertaining. The women were largely too nice and polite to each other.

    The only exception was when Andrea said Ciera’s rap sucked and Candice’s prank on John was staged.

    I think Andrea presented the strongest case.

    • Zachary Zarnett-Klein

      I agree with you, but I just think that in general women don’t want to come across as catty, while guys don’t need to worry about “hurting each other’s feelings”. That’s my thoughts as to why the women went softer.

      • arasbaskauskas

        I don’t think its about hurting each other’s feelings as much as it is those 3 don’t really know each other. Both Malcolm and Tyson have spent significant chunks of time over at mi casa. There is a familiarity we have with one another that the girls don’t have.

  • TheTimelessOne

    I hate how u cut Andrea at 15min and i feel like u kept things more strict here and kinda passive unlike the guys who had laughs and more interactive and entertaining. The guy debate seem to go much more smoother and i feel like it was a lot better to watch even more then one time.

  • Nick

    I’m guessing half of the people voting for Candice, are the same ones that voted for RC last year (and are now disowning her). Falling for the same thing again..

    • LosPollosHermanos


  • Jason Lee

    “Mingle, pubcrawl, yeah we got it”.


  • Suzi!

    Wow all three are worthy…actually all 6 finalists are great….Good luck to all!

  • All so deserving and playful, such a difficult choice. Ciera did so well in the interview and was especially insightful in the ding part despite her illness, Andrea won the talent and I love Candice, brilliant in the debate with hardly any sleep. It’s down to who has already proven herself as a RHAP fan and anticipated chemistry with Aras. That’s Andrea.

  • Matt Geoghegan

    “Ciera, your rap was terrible and Candace, your prank was fake.” Andrea for Miss Survivor 2014 !!

  • Courtney May Skinner

    Definitely voted for Candice and Aras+1! The underdogs! :)

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