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June 2011

The full list of the 203 Survivor players that received votes in the Rob Has a Podcast Top 20 Survivor listener poll.

06/22/11 - Rob Cesternino and Gordon Holmes are going to figure out who are the top 20 greatest characters in the history of NBC Thursday night comedy. Listen and watch as Rob & Gordon work to sort out the stars of Friends, Seinfeld, Cheers, Family Ties, The Cosby Show, The Office and more in a one of kind podcast.

06/21/11 - Coach Ben Wade is starring in a new film with fellow Survivor Danielle DiLorenzo called 180. Rob Has a Podcast is the only source for exclusive coverage of Coach and the 180 film. Hear the internet's first review of the film on Rob Has a Podcast.

06/16/11 - At the request of our listeners, the long awaited dating and relationship podcast is here. Find out everything you need to know about dealing with the opposite sex from the couple that never fights, Rob and Nicole Cesternino. Take our advice, and check out the lovecast...

06/12/11 - Back to the Future just celebrated it's 25th anniversary last October and Rob Cesternino is ready to celebrate all 3 movies with Stephen Fishbach. We'll cover all things concerning Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Biff and Hill Valley in our Back to the Future podcast.

06/10/11 - Rob and Nicole are back once again with a Friggin 5 to discuss: Survivor 23 rumors, Sugar Kiper on Celebrity Rehab, The Ultimate Murlonio, The Bachelorette, Teen Wolf, Nicole's medical advice, Anthony Weiner, Mad Libs & more

6/10/14 - Thank you for voting for the Survivor All Time Top 20 Players List

06/03/11 - The Friggin 5 is back as Rob Cesternino and Nicole cover the latest 5 topics including: Jeff Probst posting on Survivor Sucks, Summer TV Shows, Anthony Weiner's Weiner, The latest Jersey Shore Drama and Your Comments.

06/02/11 - The Hangover crew is back with the runaway smash hit, Hangover 2. Rob Cesternino talks with Matt Hoffman (Big Brother 12) about all things from the Hangover franchise on Rob Has a Podcast.