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March 2011

03/31/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole got to speak with Stephanie Valencia about her experiences on Survivor Redemption Island with Russell Hantz, The Zapatera Tribe, Krista Klumpp, David Murphy and more on Rob Has a Podcast.

03/30/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole went to Pechanga Resort & Casino for an event to raise awareness about the upcoming Reality Rally. Check out our video interviews with Jerri Manthey, Ben Henry, Kelly Czarnecki, Bruce Kanegai and Cristina Coria-Lopez

03/28/11 - Evel Dick Donato joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole to talk about the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice including the commercials made by project managers Lil Jon and NeNe Leaks.

03/27/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole break down everything that went down in the Jersey Shore season 3 finale including the final breakup between Ronnie and Sammi and a wild party that ended in a fight for Vinny and Deena Nicole on Rob has a podcast.

03/24/11 - Matthew "Sash" Lenahan (Survivor Nicaragua) joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole to talk about the latest happenings on Survivor Redemption Island including the relationship between Phillip Sheppard and Boston Rob on a Survivor edition of Rob has a Podcast.

03/23/11 - Rob Cesternino speaks with Krista Klumpp, the latest Survivor booted off of Survivor Redemption Island about her time with Russell Hantz, her relationship with Matt Elrod and why the tribe voted her out instead of Stephanie last week.

03/22/11 - Reality Rally founder, Gillian Larson spends a few minutes with Rob to discuss the upcoming charity event she is planning plus some thoughts on Survivor Redemption Island and fellow Gabon castmate, Sugar's appearance on Celebrity Rehab.

03/21/11 - The teams on Celebrity Apprentice were given the task to create interactive campsites for Camping World and the men were led by the one and only Gary Busey. Find out how amused Rob and Nicole were by Busey's antics and hear about all the drama on our latest Celebrity Apprentice podcast.

03/20/11 - Rebecca Black might just be the new Charlie Sheen right now. Her song "Friday" has gone completely viral and is being heard everywhere. Find out what Rob Cesternino and Nicole have to say about Rebecca Black and her favorite day of the week on Rob Has a Podcast.

03/19/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole discuss Ronnie & Sammi Sweetheart's latest breakup on Jersey Shore, The Situation's performance during the Comedy Central roast of Donald Trump, Snooki's appearance on Monday Night Raw & much more in a Jersey Shore edition of Rob Has a Podcast