Celebrity Apprentice 2013

Who is afraid of the big bad Omarosa?

Last week on The Celebrity Apprentice, Omarosa was the weakest member of her team.  Her team lost the task.  The project manager inexplicably chose to take the strongest performer in that particular task back to the boardroom instead of Omarosa.  The project manager was fired.  This week: See previous four sentences.  I’m sensing a pattern.

Week 4 MVP: Stephen Baldwin


Stephen Baldwin is the real life Johnny Drama.

As someone who has watched every episode of ‘Entourage’, I can safely say that Stephen Baldwin is the real life Johnny Drama.  For those of you who have never seen that show, Drama is the goofy, far less famous brother of actor Vincent Chase.  When Stephen was badgering Marilu Henner, while she was on the phone with the Miss America people, I couldn’t help but think of all the times Drama tried and failed to get agent Ari Gold on the phone throughout the series.  Much like Drama attempts to feed off of Vince’s success, Stephen constantly name-drops and makes himself out to be as important as his brother Alec.  I can picture Stephen riding around with his brother, and their version of E and Turtle, reminding everyone that he’s a celebrity too.  Johnny Drama is one of my favorite TV characters of all time, and the fact that Stephen is so much like him earns him the MVP award.

The charity scene with Stephen’s mother was also hilarious.  First of all, she has a customized Baldwin-mobile.  I’m pretty sure every member of the Baldwin family, besides Stephen, has one of these.  Then, when Stephen was trying to tell her that the money he raised was God’s doing, she attributed it to Donald Trump.  Apparently she has a major crush on him and would have given his wife a run for her money when she was younger.  I guess Stephen would have more people to mooch off of if his mom and Trump got together, but this is unlikely based on the fact that she’s not half his age.

I also think that a big Stephen vs. Trace Adkins feud is in the works.  Stephen keeps pecking at him, this week saying that Trace washes his hair in lard because he’s from Tennessee.  Unfortunately, this would be a losing battle for Stephen.  Trace seems much smarter and is one of The Donald’s favorites so far.

The Trump Factor


Claudia Jordan left Trump no choice.

Donald was his usual self this week.  After finding out that his impersonator died, he showed little remorse and said that there are a lot of them out there.  He also thinks that Farouk’s son Bassim has a beautiful name, especially when it’s mispronounced.  As for the firing, Claudia Jordan left him no choice when she made the same mistake as La Toya by not bringing Omarosa back to the boardroom.  Of course, he took the opportunity to hit on her first.

Donnie Douche really needs to step up his game this season.  He’s actually making good points in the boardroom instead of his typical douchey comments.  I really hope he starts making fun of his dad or being inappropriate with the celebrities again, but I think Donald gave him a warning after last season.  He’s more afraid of pissing off his father than Team Power is of going up against Omarosa.

Other Notes


Claudia claimed to be the real winner after being fired.

  • Whenever Farouk wants to go home, he taps his red shoes together.
  • Gary Busey’s ‘Angel of Silk’ costume is expected to be in high demand come Halloween.
  • The Joan Rivers impersonator kept accusing the Annie Duke impersonator of being a liar because SHE’S A POKER PLAYER!
  • Dennis Rodman tried hanging out with the other team once when he was playing for the Bulls.  Michael Jordan wasn’t nearly as forgiving as Team Power.
  • The product that Farouk sprinkled in Marilu’s hair was actually Parmesan cheese.
  • Claudia claimed to be the real winner after being fired.  She is obviously destined to be a Survivor contestant.
  • Donald Trump said that Trump Tower is one of the greatest tourist attractions in NYC.  For me, it’s between that and the Sbarros in Times Square.
  • Gary Busey actually conducted the Symphony of Farting Trombones on the planet he came from. GARY = Gastrointestinal Activity Reeked Yesterday


Unintentional Inappropriate Lines:

  • Gary Busey: “Let me take you inside.”
  • Omarosa: “It’s huge!”  (Unfortunately, Claudia stole my thunder on this one by saying “that’s what she said.”)
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