Top Chef Season 16, Episode 1 | The Fastest Two Minutes in Cooking

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Get ready to unpack your knives and stay for the return of the Top Chef Judges Roundtable podcast, here on Reality TV RHAP-Ups! Hosts Mike Bloom, Curt Clark, Haley Strong and Antonio Mazzaro cover each episode of Top Chef Season 16, on this ol’ Kentucky podcast.
The foursome discuss their thoughts, this week, on the premiere of Season 16, as the Top Chef judges and contestants take the culinary battle to the Bluegrass State.  They get into their initial assessments of not only the new cast, but also break-down their thoughts on the introductory Quickfire and Elimination Challenges, as well…including Antonio’s own recollections of the Kentucky Derby Infield, Haley’s aversion to egg whites, and Curt’s Least Exciting Player Roster (aka “His Winner Picks”).  They conclude with a look at the return of Last Chance Kitchen, a welcome back to Carrie, Brother and Jim(s)…and wrap things up with the Annual Top Chef Judges Roundtable draft.
Mike – Natalie, Justin, David, Brother
Antonio – Sara, Pablo, Brian, Carrie
Haley – Kelsey, Eric, Michelle, Kevin
Curt – Eddie, Nini, Brandon, Adrienne
Josh – JIMS!

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