Top Chef, Season 15: Episode 4 | Little Tools, Big Challenge

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It’s time to unpack your knives and stay, Colorado-style! The Top Chef Judges Roundtable is back at Reality TV RHAP-Ups! Hosts Mike Bloom, Curt Clark, and Haley Strong cover each episode of the Top Chef season, giving their takes on all dishes delicious and disgusting.
Join the head, heart and guts of the Roundtable as they discuss the highs and lows of Season 15, Episode 4: Little Tools, Big Challenge…and they keep track of how many times Haley burst into tears during this episode. The team starts by discussing the Quickfire, its incorporation of “Cutthroat Kitchen” elements and how inadequate they feel next to kids who can cook.  They follow-up by looking at how heritage and background play into the cheftestants’ dishes during the Elimination Challenge, while digging into their own cultural menus.  Finally, the Last Chance Kitchen twist is discussed…along with who each co-host thinks might make it back into the competition.
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