Top Chef 16, Episode 14 | The Tao of Macao

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Unpack your knives and stay!  It’s the Judges Round Table podcast, only on Reality TV RHAP-Ups, as Curt Clark, Haley Strong, Emily Fox and Josh Wigler discuss the penultimate episode of Top Chef: Kentucky.  The foursome cover the different approaches to cooking with durian fruit (as well as the pros and cons of the term “espuma”), while discussing how they’d bring their own heritage (or “brand”) into the Macao “fusion challenge” faced by the cheftestants.  So take a seat next to Padma and get ready to see who makes it to the Final Three!
Mike – Natalie, Justin, David, Brother
Antonio – Sara, Pablo, Brian, Carrie
Haley – Kelsey, Eric, Michelle, Kevin
Curt – Nini, Eddie, Brandon, Adrienne
Josh – JIMS!

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