Survivor: Game Changers

The Characters and Their Stories: Week 9 – Idiots

The Characters and Their Stories is a blog in which Michel Trudeau uses the edit to determine the themes of the season to try to find its long-term players. Each week, he will explores the overt signs as well as the more nuanced nods.

The Characters and Their Stories: Week 9 – Idiots

Welcome to Wednesday Night Survivor on SeeBS.  I’m your host, Jim Nutz, and I have the pleasure of bringing this episode to you alongside some of the most famous announcers ever.  First, let’s welcome Hall of Fame coach and announcer, John Madder, to the booth.  John, we must start with the Previously on Survivor segment.

  • JM: “Yes, Jim. No offense but it was nuts.”
  • JN: “It certainly was: First we saw that two members of Cirie’s team had a face off.  Andrea couldn’t trust Zeke anymore so that left Brad’s team, the “Bradsters” in complete control of the game.  However, Sarah declared herself a free agent and switched locker rooms right in the middle of the season.”
  • JM: “It used to be that you build your team up during the pre-merger and then you went at it mano-a-mano with the other side, but now? Boom! There are free agents everywhere. I guess it makes the people selling programs happy because how can you keep track of your own team otherwise?”
  • JN: “Well said, my friend. So, after all this, Debbie was beaten by the vote and she will now miss the rest of the season.
  • JM: “She’ll have to watch from the sidelines and, knowing Debbie, she won’t be happy about it. If you look back at the play, we saw that Cirie had a big role in bringing the minority together but, on camera, it looked as if it was all Sarah.”

So, now, we join Brad for his post-game interview: “I’m in shock.  I was totally blindsided… I clearly was in a great position before tonight. Now I’m… in terrible shape with the four.”

After telling everyone that she was the one who flipped, Sarah met the reporters:  “Tonight at Tribal Council, I was the deciding vote in which alliance was going to get the majority of the numbers.  This is Survivor and it’s Game Changers.  Hopefully, if I make it to the end, the jury will reward the fact that I was a game changer enough to make this type of a move.”

Cirie then stepped up to the podium:  “We took the control from Sierra and Brad tonight but in Survivor there’s never any rest at all.  You have to be like an eagle eye; you have to watch everything because if you’re not watching, it just takes a second and it all moves and the next thing you know you’re sitting on the jury.”

Madder: “You have to admire Cirie who is a certain first ballot hall of famer when she retires; unlike Andrea, Zeke, Aubry and Michaela who were laughing it up in the shelter, she knew she had to keep an eye on these players so she stayed seated right between them all.  No one is going to catch her unaware.”


“You are watching live the Survivor reward challenge from the fabled challenge arena.  It is day 27 of Survivor: Game Changers and I’m Bren Mustburger; I will be your host for this portion of the evening.  We will see two teams of five facing off in a showdown that will require a good combination of speed, strength and wits. For the Bradsters, we have Andrea, Sarah, Aubry and Zeke teaming with Culpepper and they will be going against Sierra, Troyzan, Tai, Cirie and Michaela.

Right off the gate, the pace is furious with Michaela finally able to show her stuff and getting an early lead on Brad.  Both teams go back and forth during the three stages where they have to retrieve the letters but then everything comes to a screeching stop.  For nearly an hour nothing happened:  We were watching 10 people baking under the hot Fijian sun.  I’m sorry but I’m out of here; this is even more boring than golf…

“Hi, everybody and a very pleasant good afternoon to you, wherever you may be. Vin Skully here and I’m glad to be with you today.  While we watch these players struggle figuring out this puzzle, let me tell you a story:  It was the summer of 2000 and everyone was watching the best new show on TV and its star Richard Hatch.  The happy-go-naked Hatch had been in control for most of the game but now, we were in the 10th episode and he felt like he was getting close to the chopping block.  His alliance was starting to have doubts and everyone was gunning for the season’s mastermind.  There were 7 players left so this was the crucial vote:  If Hatch survived, he had a good feeling that the check would be his.  The best way to survive the next vote was by winning immunity but Hatch was very nervous about his odds of winning.  He really wanted to win that one.  It was a fire-building challenge and, sure enough, Hatch saw his flame burn through his rope first.  The game was his and he knew it so what happened next?  Hatch turned into a kid and started a little spin dance on the beach.  The “Rooty-Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity ”dance it was called and it was one of the funniest things we had ever seen.

Getting back to our challenge, the players are still bamboozled by the 30 letters, trying every word that will fit and some that don’t!  Finally, Jiffy seems to have enough of this challenge so he is giving them hints that are so evident he could just have told them the solution and had them race to put it together.  I’m guessing it was a union thing and his crew’s lunch break was overdue.  Or maybe some local groupies were waiting for Jiffy in his suite, who knows?  Anyway, here’s Jiffy saying: “This game is constantly changing and you are changing it.  This puzzle is a great metaphor for this season because everything is always changing in this game.”

Finally, the keyword dawned on Andrea:  “Reinventing,” she said.  The rest came easily.  The Bradsters won the challenge.  It was a pleasure being your host. Hope you enjoyed the evening, good night and thank you for giving me the chance to present it to you.


Jim Nutz back with you as we interview the Bradsters after their impressive win.

First we have Brad:  “Walking off, I can hardly contain myself.  I’m going on the reward. I’m going to have an unbelievable meal but more importantly, I’m with the people I need to be with from a strategic standpoint to change the game.  It’s a win-win.”

Next, it was Sarah’s turn:  “I’ve never been on a helicopter.  I’m super stoked; I get a window seat.  Fiji!  It’s a dream come true.  It’s insane how many islands and how beautiful they are.  The helicopter lands; basically the red carpet is rolled out and there is a guy waiting with drinks for us.”

Zeke also told us that the resort was incredible then he started talking football with Culpepper.

John Madder: “It worked with Chris last season, so he’s probably thinking why not with Culpepper this time? What he should realize is that getting too close to someone makes you suspect to the others. We can say that Zeke didn’t reinvent his game!”   

Sure enough, Andrea was catching on and she told us about it:  “Looking at the people during the reward it would seem that Brad is the odd man out but there is some weird bonding going on between Brad and Zeke.  As a Survivor superfan, I would think that Zeke would know better than this.  Zeke voted with us at the last Tribal Council, but I don’t think we will ever get back to the place we were before he betrayed me.  I’m never going to forget that he did that so I am a little nervous that now he’s going to try to do something over with Brad.  It’s super-lame.”

JM: “Can you imagine how much damage those two could have done if they had stayed together?  Zeke only has himself to blame for his demise.”


JN:  “Our aerial coverage is brought to you by the blimp… What? No blimp?  This show is even lamer than I thought.  Are we even getting paid for this gig?  Anyway, we have a beautiful shot of the moon.  When the sun comes up, we are back in the Maku Maku camp where the five losers are having a tough morning.”

Sierra told us all about it: “It was a really crappy night.  I got no sleep, I’m exhausted and I’m still trying to figure out what the heck happened the other night at Tribal.  It’s super-humbling to be like, okay, I’m at the bottom with Brad, Tai and Troyzan but hopefully, something happens where I can get into the numbers.”

Tai and Troyzan promised to warn each other if their names came up.

JM:  “Poor Tai. Troyzan not only lied to him, but he was going to write his name down!  Imagine how he must have felt sitting on two idols and– Bam!– your name pops up without warning.  I can imagine how he would have felt if he had been voted out; it would have been a bit like how I felt after the so called “Immaculate Reception”.  Did I ever tell you about that, Jim?”

JN:  “Yes, you did, coach…every single time.  We need to get back to this century.  Tai is about to give an interview.”

Tai:  “This is the first time ever playing two seasons I feel really at the bottom.  I’m not telling anybody that I do have two idols, but I rather not to play it.  The longer I have the idols, the longer I will be in the game, but who knows?  If my name come up, I am going to play it.”

That’s when the “Bradsters” returned to camp.


Aubry had an interview:  “Coming back from the reward, I feel so lucky.  It felt like the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”.  It was awesome.  However, I am a little bit concerned about the fact that I feel like Brad and Zeke had time to bond with each other.  I think we need to think very carefully about who we want to take out in the next vote.”

Our cameras caught Andrea and Cirie plotting in the hammock so we asked Andrea about her thoughts:  “You don’t want to be the person throwing out names, but you also don’t want to be the person that waits too long to make a move.  So now, I’m trying to put the target on Zeke.  If Zeke thinks the six are going to stay together for a few more votes, maybe take one of those votes and actually blindside him.”

Cirie agreed as we heard in her interview: “It would be easy just for us six to vote Sierra but Zeke is way more threatening to me than Sierra.  He knows this game better than any of us out here.  I’ve played four times and Zeke knows this game better than I do.  Now I have to get Officer Sarah on board but Officer Sarah is real touchy about Zeke so you got to handle Officer Sarah very carefully.”

Sarah wasn’t quite receptive: “When Cirie presents the idea of getting rid of Zeke I’m definitely not down for it because I can trust Zeke so I need to reassure her to keep him in this game for as long as I can.  I need to fill her in on what my secret advantage is.  Typically, in Survivor, you don’t want to show your cards but sometimes it’s necessary to lock people in.  I feel pretty good with Cirie.  I think it completely calmed her and smoothed over the situation but in the event they want to flip the script I could jump ship next vote and go back and work with Troyzan and Brad and Sierra and Tai because I want to go with whatever side can get me further in the game.  I find myself sitting in the middle which is perfect for me.  So I’m going to let the plans develop and then I’m going to pick a side.”

John Madder: “This turnover could go a long way in deciding this game.  Cirie now knows about Sarah’s secret play and Sarah lost possession of Zeke.  That puts her in a very bad situation.  Sitting in the middle rarely works– just ask Dolly!”

Jim Nutz:  “But as long as we’re not talking about sheep, Sarah is smarter than Dolly.”

JM: “No question about that, Jim, but so is the competition.  They already forced her to fumble Zeke.”


 JN: “After a time out, we rejoin camp Maku Maku on the morning of Day 29 and you can feel the tension in the air.  We turn to our sideline reporter, Allie Laforceiswithyou who spoke with Zeke just before the intermission.”

Allie: “How are you feeling this morning Zeke?

Zeke:  “Here’s why I’m nervous today:  There’s an eerie calm about camp.  These people– I don’t know what to make– heads or tails.  It’s been really hard for me to get a read on where the lines are drawn and I feel like I’ve been sort of handcuffed and haven’t been able to play like I want to play but now the game has been broken open and I’m finally getting to use my Survivor skill set which is the running around and the scheming and the plotting and the voting people out.”

JN: “Thank you, Allie.  What do you make of this, John?”

JM: “Well, I’ll just say that Zeke is tremendous at running around, plotting, scheming and getting himself voted out!  That’s what happened last season, that’s what got him in trouble this season, and that’s what will get him voted out this time also.”

JN: “Before we get to that, let’s listen in on Sarah and Zeke as they talk by the Gatorade.”

Sarah to Zeke:  “What if we get rid of Sierra and then we get rid of Andrea and then we get rid of Tai?”

Zeke: “I like that.”

Sarah:  “So in a roundabout way, let that be our outline.”

We asked Sarah for an interview:  “I feel good with Zeke.  We’ve been together since day 1, and right now, we’re staying with the girls but at the end of the day, I don’t trust them. I trust Zeke.”

Zeke asked Sarah if she’d be alright with a Final Five deal that he’d offer to Brad and Troyzan, Michaela being their fifth.

John Madder:  “I’m not sure Brad and Troyzan would accept to trade Sierra for Michaela.  I know I wouldn’t accept that deal.”

Zeke also gave us an interview before the big challenge:  “I trust Sarah to the end but I don’t trust Andrea and Aubry who are very tight together.  I need a couple of options:  Brad and I bonded on the reward and now we’re getting to the point where I need to bring in Brad and Troyzan.”

Zeke told Brad and Troyzan that he wanted to go to the Final Five with them.

Coming out of the huddle, Brad told us:  “That’s music to my ears.  I made tremendous headway at getting in with Zeke at the reward.  So, in 24 hours, I worked my way up very quickly, but not without effort, into a good position.  It will bother me if I have to vote for Tai or Sierra but make no mistake: I’m here to win the game.”

John Madder: “When you hear this, it’s surprising to look at the upcoming vote and wonder what went wrong.  Why didn’t Brad and Troyzan vote with Zeke?”

JN:  “We’ll have to wait for that answer because we are now going to the Immunity Challenge.”


Good Afternoon. It’s time to take you out to the ballgame.  I’m Hara Kiri and I’m glad to bring you this game live from Fiji on this beautiful sunny day.  Hurry up and get your peanuts and Cracker Jacks because the guys have already come in.  Troy has given back the immunity necklace and the players are set.  This will be a race to place dominoes in a line while avoiding the obstacles that would send them all crashing to the ground.

At the start we see that Tai didn’t forget to bring a block this time!  Andrea is off to a good start.  Watch her go!  Brad trips over his big feet and loses everything!  Brad spelled backwards is Darb and that wasn’t darb at all, was it?  Andrea and Sarah are dead even for the lead, but Michaela and Sierra are catching up.  Sarah surges ahead but Andrea is fighting back.  Now Sarah is slowing down and Andrea takes the lead. Oh, no! Andrea misjudged the space between dominoes and has to replace them all.  Can she do it? The crowd is root, root, rooting for her; if she doesn’t win, it’s a shame.  She circles back to the start, places her last domino, looks at her line and sets it in motion:  It’s rolling … It’s falling … It might be … It could be … It IS a home run! Holy cow!  She did it!  Andrea has won immunity!  That is her second individual immunity challenge win.  It sure looks like she is going to break her own 6-year curse.”

Despite a cruel loss, Sierra was gracious enough to give us an interview:  “I really needed it today.  I’m at the bottom of the numbers.  I’m not safe; I don’t feel safe so I’m terrified.  I’m hoping I can get back to camp, make a big move and they keep me here just another day longer.”


Jim Nutz:  “Back in camp after that thrilling challenge, I’m now joined by our good friend John Goober.  What do you think of the game so far, John?”

JG: “You got to love it– the players are playing dumb, the referee is interfering as much as he can, the girls are beating up on the guys, and the votes are going in every direction.  I love it, but then again, I love everything about this game.”

JN: “What do you expect to see next?”

JG: “Well, we heard Andrea calling the play before the challenge.  It was:  Twins I Right, 3 Power Check, 5 Y Seam Right.”

JN: “What does that mean?”

JG: “I have no idea, but I sure hope she does.”

JN: “Aren’t you the coach?”

JG:  “Not their coach.”

JN: “Fortunately, Allie is with Andrea on the sidelines.  Allie?”

AL: “Thank you, Jim: Andrea what is your next move?”

Andrea: “Now that I won the challenge, let’s make a bigger move here.  I’m for sure safe tonight so why not go for someone that’s been coming for me? And that would be Zeke.  Initially, we were targeting Sierra.  It makes sense:  We have six; they have four. Why wouldn’t we just pop one of them off?  But my relationship with Zeke has been so out of control.  We went from what I thought was BFF to him totally betraying me and now I cannot wait to get him out of this game.  I know he’s going to come after me at some point, so that’s why this plan is so brilliant because he won’t see it coming.”

Walking to the water well, Andrea explained her plan to Cirie who thought it would be hard to convince Sarah to go along but they might be able to convince Sierra who, as if by magic, walked up right behind them. Andrea and Cirie told her they had a plan that would keep her safe but that they needed a moment before telling her about it. Sierra told them she would vote any way they wanted.

We caught up with Sierra after that discussion to get her thoughts:  “At the moment, I’m reaching for straws and I’m going to do what the girls tell me to do.  Tonight, I’m going to turn my back on my initial alliance and I’m willing at any moment to throw any of them under the bus.  I’m kind of just trying to be patient, sit back and wait for the word and hope that it’s not me.”

Jim Nutz: “It would appear that the girls never told Sierra what to do because she didn’t vote with them.”

John Goober:  “I’m not so sure about that, Jim.  Remember:  Twins I Right, 3 Power Check, 5 Y Seam Right.  It’s starting to make sense to me now.  They want two votes on Sierra (Twins I Right) to draw her in.  Then Andrea and Cirie will get Sierra, Brad and Troyzan to put 3 votes on Tai in case Zeke has an idol; that’s the Power Check.  And then they put five votes on Zeke because he is the “Y Seam Right” on the play, and it just seems right for them to vote him out now.”

JN:  “Well there you have it folks, directly from an expert of the West Coast Offense.”


Sarah was the next to enter Andrea and Cirie’s war room.

After hearing their plan, Sarah gave us an interview:  “Just because Andrea’s got a little bit of power now, she’s talking about potentially taking out Zeke with this vote.  I’m definitely not down for it.  I need Zeke for a few more votes but I really need to keep my mouth shut because, if I start scrambling around to try to save Zeke, I’m going to get in hot water.”

Aubry and Michaela were also briefed on the plan.

We first turned to Aubry:  “Zeke is a very smart player. Zeke is obviously calculating things many moves down the line and something you have to do in Survivor is you always have to strike before the other person.”

Then we asked Michaela for her impressions of the plan:  “I don’t see how getting rid of Zeke right now is a smart move.  They don’t seem to see that if you leave four people on the bottom, they only need one more person to be in the majority for the rest of the game.  Zeke is somebody that I can trust to some level because we have played together before so, at this point, I don’t want to vote out Zeke.”

John Goober: “While I can see Michaela’s point, she should know that at least three of the four that are on the bottom are very tight so, if they do stay together, it will be hard for that one person who flipped to make it to the end with them. It’s also funny to hear Michaela saying she trusted Zeke because she played with him when, in reality, they never voted together!  On the other hand, I didn’t like hearing Andrea saying that her plan was foolproof.  There’s no such thing on Survivor because, time and time again, fools have proven to be so idiotic that they will change the game in someone else’s favor.  Michaela could be that idiot.”

Sarah gave us an interview just before going to Tribal Council:  “Tonight is all about Sierra versus Zeke.  This vote for our alliance is a huge decision because right now it’s six to four.  We vote out one of our own, it’s five to four; one person flips over and they’ve got the numbers but at the same time, if I press the issue of keeping Zeke, they are going to think I have an ulterior motive. They are not going to trust me and trust is everything in this game.  So, I don’t know what I’m going to do but I have a feeling the deciding vote is going to come down to Michaela and me.”

Jim Nutz:  “We must be quiet now as the players enter Tribal Council and sit right under our television tower.  I’m joined by Sir Nick Fouldo. Glad to have you here, Nick.  What are your thoughts on the evening’s vote?”

NF:  “It doesn’t matter what I think, Jim, does it?  It’s what the players decide to do that matters.  I would be getting rid of Brad because he is the hub of all the connections between the four and he’s even the link to Zeke.  I see the alliance of six as being split in two factions with Andrea, Cirie and Aubry on one side, Sophie and Zeke on the other with Michaela kind of floating between the two…”

JN:  “I think you mean Sarah, not Sophie, and isn’t it weird to see Michaela apparently closer to Sarah than Cirie.”

NF:  “Thank you, Jim. Yes, Sarah and Zeke are together. As for Michaela, I think Cirie wanted to hide their alliance so much that Michaela found trust elsewhere.  Like I was saying, if they get rid of Brad then it would be easy to pick up two of the remaining three and take control over the other faction.  There, I would say Cirie, Andrea and Aubry would be more likely than Sarah and Zeke to pick up Tai and Sierra.”

JN:  “That does sound like a solid plan, Nick.”

NF:  “Yes, but Debbie is giving us the evil eye so we better be quiet.”

JN:  “I think that was meant for Sarah, not us…”


When Sarah told Jeff that she was the flipper, Debbie gave her the finger.

NF:  “What class…”

Brad said that they were put on the outs in an instant.

Tai agreed with Brad, adding that it was the first time in two seasons that he’s been in the bottom.

NF:  “Tai has always been on the bottom of something…”

Sierra said it felt like playing Russian roulette and the gun was pointing at her, so she hoped the chamber was empty.

Zeke said this situation mirrored the previous one so the best thing to do was to keep the vote to yourself.

Andrea pleased Jeff by saying this was unlike any seasons before because everyone was trying out new majority alliances.  She hoped the six were sticking together.

NF:  “It’s as if we’ve never heard of voting blocs before…”

Michaela wanted to see the six staying together until their numbers were solid.  The simple move was often the best.

NF:  “Seizing the opening, Jeff is trying hard to save Zeke by saying the numbers aren’t solid right now.  Of course, Zeke will agree with him.”

Zeke warned about making the big move at the right time because now wasn’t the right time.

NF:  “The toast is starting to be crispy, isn’t it?”

JN:  “I can certainly smell burnt toast from here.”

Cirie told Jeff that she wasn’t listening to his question but was busy looking at her grid.

Sierra pleaded her case by saying she was a vote they could use.

Sarah said that they were simply trying to sell their case.

Michaela said she listens to people but that she has to turn the heart down at times to make it to the next day.

Andrea countered that by saying you couldn’t treat people like chess pieces if you wanted to get to the end.


JN:  “It was time to vote.  When Jeff returned with the votes, Sarah didn’t play her secret advantage, Tai held on to his two idols while Troyzan did the same with his.  Sierra probably wished she could play her advantage, but it wasn’t time for it yet.

NF:  “Isn’t that incredible. You need a scorecard just to keep track of all these items.”

JN:  “So when Jeff revealed the votes, we had:

  • Tai and Zeke voted for Sierra.
  • Sierra, Brad and Troyzan voted for Tai.
  • Cirie, Aubry, Andrea, Michaela and Sarah all voted for Zeke.

So there you have it, folks. Zeke gets his torch snuffed and will once again be on the jury.”

NF:  “It was well deserved because he tried making big moves much too early.  It was weird seeing Michaela crying over Zeke.” 

JN:  “Hali called them Game Changers, but Debbie called them idiots.”

NF:  “It doesn’t happen often, Jim, but I do agree with Debbie.”


Jim Nutz: “Now that the players have left Tribal Council, I welcome my newest partner, Tony Nomo, for the “Next Time on Survivor” segment.”

TN:  “Thank you, Jim.  Next time on Survivor, we will see Sierra telling Sarah about her legacy advantage opening the door for her to stay in the game.  She will try to form an alliance that will include Michaela, Tai and Troyzan.  Then the players will be playing for their Loved Ones.”

JN:  “What do you make of that, Tony?”

TN:  “I have no idea, but I’m happy to be getting my millions while sitting in the booth with you instead of lying under two or three 300-pound linemen.”


The Story

I am Howard Kosher and I’m here to tell it like it is:  This season, the women are running circles around the men.  While Brad is still trying to play the game, Troyzan and Tai are just hanging on, trying to figure out what’s going on.  Cirie is part of what could be called the second “Black Widow Brigade” but there are big differences between the Micronesian version and this one.

Back in Micronesia, Parvati served as the bridge between the two Fans and the other two Favorites that formed the alliance and they were pretty much all listening to what Cirie was telling them to do.  This time, we have many hands on the wheel and no one that is really holding the group together. Also, their rivals aren’t as dumb as Ozzy, James, Jason and Erik.  Sierra and Brad will certainly have a word to say in the outcome of the season.

In a season of Game Changers, you have to look at the player that has the clearest plan to the end.  Like my old partner Dandy Don used to say:  “Turn out the lights; the party’s over.”


The Characters

Michaela:  She certainly didn’t look happy to vote for Zeke so that could be the kick in the behind that gets her to make a move.  It simply can’t work for her.  Either she becomes a goat for Brad and Sierra or she gets voted out for being untrustworthy.

Tai:  He says he’s never been on the bottom before but Tai has always been on the bottom of one alliance or another.  It’s just that no one ever bothered voting him out before.  If it were anyone but Tai we could wonder how he will react after seeing his three allies writing his name but knowing Tai it won’t even make him ask questions.

Troyzan:   It was funny to see Troyzan on screen when Brad said he made the effort to turn the situation around.  Troyzan hasn’t had any input in the strategy of the game so if it changes in his favor it won’t be because of his efforts.  What could he say right now to earn votes?

Aubry:  She is right there with Andrea and Cirie in making these decisions but we really don’t hear it from her perspective.  She’s the women’s narrator, not their decision maker as far as the story is concerned.  She couldn’t get the votes in her season when she was making most of the moves so how could she get them this time?

Brad:  From the beginning, Brad has been the only man to have sound strategic confessionals.  He has also reinvented his game by adding a strong social game.  I really think the women should have gone after him first because he is the link between Sierra and Troyzan, between Sierra and Tai, and even between Tai and Troyzan.  Those four are still in an alliance because of their connection to Brad.  He has played a solid game but his bank account will work against his chances of convincing the jury to award him a million dollars.

Sierra:  We have followed her story from the start so she is a strong character but some feel she was arrogant when she was on top and then we often heard her complaining about the tough conditions.  She made a solid plea to Andrea and Cirie but we didn’t see the follow-up.  Was she told to vote for Tai as I suppose she was or did she simply take a shot in the dark?  I think Sierra has a chance of going with Cirie and Andrea who don’t see her as a threat but will she stay with Brad and Troyzan?

Cirie:  Now that she is in another 5-women alliance, will Cirie find a happier ending than in Micronesia?  She may very well keep her alliance to the end but once more she will need someone taking her to the Finale.  Is anyone dumb enough to do that?  Everyone likes Cirie so that makes her a huge jury threat.

Andrea:  She is showing that she is the most complete player out there winning individual immunities over a full field and having a strong input on the game’s direction.   We are far from the girl who quietly depended on her alliances to make it to the end.  I have no doubt that Andrea had to act quickly because we heard Sarah and Zeke saying she was next according to their outline of the game.  This was the right move but it could still lead to elimination.  Andrea has reinvented her game but Zeke has really hurt her chances of making it to the end by forcing her hand so early.  Everyone sees her as a threat to win so who will want to keep her?

Sarah:  Most of the strategy comes down to Sarah.  After Cirie, Andrea, Debbie or Sierra exposed their plan we always heard how it affected Sarah and what she wanted to do about it.  The problem is that she lost Zeke and we heard just how much she depended on him.  That puts her in a difficult situation, so it will be interesting to hear what made her vote against Zeke and how she plans on moving forward.


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