Survivor SA: Philippines, Reality TV RHAPups

Survivor South Africa: Philippines | Jeanne Michel Deep Dive

Survivor South Africa Reality TV RHAPup co-host Mike Bloom does a deep dive with contestant Jeanne Michel. The two discuss the numerous times she was targeted throughout the game, her relationships with the various power players, and her reaction before, during, and after her final Tribal Council performance. Shannon and Mike will be back throughout the next few weeks, as they continue to do deep dives with this season's contestants!
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Survivor NZ: Thailand, Reality TV RHAPups

Survivor New Zealand | Thailand Episode 15 Finale RHAPup | AK Knight

Survivor New Zealand Reality TV RHAPups host Shannon Gaitz welcomes back AK Knight to discuss everything from the Survivor New Zealand: Thailand finale and take stock of the season at large. They chat about the winning game and what it means for the show, everything that went down at the final tribal council and reunion and make the most controversial Chissy decision yet.