Survivor New Zealand | Why ____ Won | David Bloomberg (SPOILER ALERT)

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Survivor New Zealand just finished a great season, so David Bloomberg is here with a special podcast and special guest Shannon Gaitz to wrap it all up and discuss the winner. Lisa went in with a plan and came out with the crown. How did that plan sync up with David’s rules? What did Lisa do to overcome various obstacles that brought down other Survivor superfans before her? What impact did Matt revealing his friendship with Dave have on the end result? David and Shannon break it all down and discuss the details of Lisa’s game as they figure out Why Lisa Won.

To review the short version of David’s Rules, here is the quick version:

Rule 1: Scheme and Plot

Rule 2: But Don’t Scheme and Plot Too Much/Keep Your Scheming Secret/Don’t Backstab Until You Absolutely Need To

Rule 3: Be Flexible!

Rule 4: Don’t Let Your Emotions Control You

Rule 5: Pretend To Be Nice/Play the Social Game (and Keep Your Politics and Controversial Beliefs To Yourself)

Rule 6: Don’t Be Too Much of a Threat

Rule 7: Know How to Deal with Idols and Advantages

Appendix A: Make Your Votes Count – Keep in Mind Your End Goal

Appendix B: The Jury Phase

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