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Survivor, Survivor: Cagayan

Individual Games – Everybody Loves a Big Move

April 29, 2014 - Well, I suppose it was coming. Sooner or later, I was bound to be underwhelmed by an episode, after the bar was set so high. Last week, I was convinced that all the pieces on the game board had been thrown into the air and we were going to see a complete overhaul. This week... they more or less fell right back into place. Time to figuratively crumple last week's blog into a ball and toss it out of the window.
Survivor, Survivor: Cagayan

Individual Games – Good Game / Bad Game

April 22, 2014 - As others have observed, Tony's flip was reminiscent of Kass' flip at the merge. Both of them seemed to abandon a strong position in one alliance for a weak position in another. (If we assume a new alliance of LJ-voters, then it's the pairing of Tony and Woo versus the trio of Tasha, Spencer and Jeremiah.) In both cases, post-boot interviews proved that their target was planning to betray them early. And in both cases, they were probably more excited about making a move than about their desired result.
Survivor, Survivor: Cagayan

Individual Games – Irony is a Conflict of Perception

April 15, 2014 - After the chaos last week, it was something of a relief to have a... quieter week of Survivor, where we had time to see how the merged tribe has shaken out before another upheaval happens—and one surely will. There are plenty of strong and/or aggressive players left in the game, and all we lost this episode was a background character.
Survivor, Survivor: Cagayan

Individual Games – A Social Network

April 1, 2014 - Episodes where players quit are always going to be unsatisfying, and this one didn't really do much more than set the stage for the merge. Thankfully, the merge itself is an enticing prospect, and knowing that the remaining eleven players likely make up our jury has certainly whetted my appetite for what happens next.
Survivor, Survivor: Cagayan

Individual Games – Strategic in Circles

Notice for readers who avoid the previews: In this week’s blog, I will be referencing the information from the end of episode preview. I will not be discussing the further details revealed in the promos that have aired subsequently. (I haven’t seen these myself, though I’ve heard a few things.) One of the best decisions […]
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Survivor, Survivor: Cagayan

Individual Games – Fair Weather Friends

After the craziness of the premiere, it’s something of a relief to see that we are going to get something approximating an ordinary season of Survivor with more than one tribe going to Tribal Council, alliances as well as backstabbings, and players actually trying to survive the elements instead of destroying the food supply. Instead, […]