Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Survivor Blood vs Water – Blogger Round-Table: The Twists! – 10/09/13

There are enough new twists in Survivor: Blood Vs. Water to blindside M. Night Shyamalan. From the return of Redemption Island (albeit with some game-altering new rules) to the season's primary directive of pitting veteran players against their family members, the new season of Survivor is almost unrecognizable to longtime fans of the show — for better and for worse, according to RHAP's Survivor blogger bullpen.
Survivor, Survivor: Caramoan

The Buffington Post: Friends in Lowe Places

Finale Week is upon us, Loyal Blog Readers! We’ve weathered the Caramoan storms of Hurricane Brandon and Tropical Storm Phillip. Our Survivor winner is emerging from its cocoon of mystery. In just 48 hours, someone will be getting that million dollar check. The future is bright, Loyal Blog Readers. The Survivor machine just keeps humming away.
Survivor, Survivor: Caramoan

The Buffington Post: Double Trouble Elimination

– It’s Double Elimination Week, Loyal Blog Readers. These episodes usually err on the dull side, and are among my least favorite of any season. But tonight’s wasn’t too bad! Two stellar Immunity Challenges, followed by yet more idol hijinks and some meaty strategy talk. Brenda’s knee has healed. Cochran’s mighty torso has been […]
Survivor: Caramoan

BUFFINGTON POST: The Business of Stealth R Us, Inc.

Well, Loyal Blog Readers, we’ve made it through another action-packed episode of Survivor: Caramoan. Brandon freaked out! (For thirty seconds.) Dawn cried! (Alone in the jungle in the middle of the night where no one could see or hear her.) Brenda gave a confessional! Ahhhhh, just kidding, I was just seeing if you were paying […]
Survivor: Caramoan

The Buffington Post: The Caramoan Premiere

In her short time in the big leagues, Francesca Hogi was able to set several Survivor records sure to last far longer than she could. The first player in history to be invited back after a first boot performance. The first player to repeat said first boot performance. The first player to promise to swallow a rock. It’s not a million dollars, Francesca, but you can take those records and your Sacko trophy back home to show your grandkids. This game just isn’t for you.