Survivor 2015: Exit Interview with the Latest Player Eliminated from Worlds Apart – 5/07/15

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  • Did Tyler have any suspicions that Carolyn was capable of turning her back on him in the game?
  • What was Tyler’s plan from getting from the Final 6 to the end of the game?
  • How did the knowledge of Dan’s extra vote influence the way Tyler had to approach the last couple of votes?
  • What was it like to live through Birthday-gate?
  • As a former casting executive, what did you think of Rodney’s performance to try and dupe Mike he wanted to quit the game?
  • Tyler’s game and advice to the other players was to “not make big moves” and Tyler at times seemed to do all that he could to stay under the radar and not make waves.  After how the game played out, does Tyler still feel like this is the best strategy
  • After the confrontation between Will and Shirin, Shirin has been very critical about the fact that Tyler didn’t step in come to her defense. Being in the position that Tyler was in at that point in the game, does Tyler wish he would have handled anything differently.
  • With 5 of the players that Tyler played with in Season 30  in the mix for a return in Survivor Second Chances(including 3 people from the white collar tribe), would Tyler like to take the opportunity to endorse any of the candidates?

Join us later today for Rob’s interview with Tyson Apostol to talk Survivor Worlds Apart!

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