Rob Has a Blogger: Choice Words for the One World Jury

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When I play poker, I’m extremely patient. I will fold countless hands in a row, but when it’s time to strike, I pounce. I’ve won thousands of dollars with this style, and if I were Alicia’s coach, I would have won her a million.

Richie’s Heel:

No reason to dance around it, it’s Alicia. Alicia, you absolutely blew it. Tarzan finally woke up, put in some awesome gameplay this week, and told you point blank if Kim makes it to the finals, she’s going to win.  But what’s most incredulous is you knew you had power and you knew why you held the power. You controlled Tarzan and yet you got rid of him?  Furthermore, it’s not like he could have “Tarzanned” you off the Island this week, since you had immunity. In a season of really horrific players, you made the worse move of them all. As dumb as the majority of the guys were, none were so close to the million. You had a chance to go in with Christina and Tarzan. All the girls probably would have voted for you, with the possible exception of Kat, and as you saw from Mike’s middle finger at Tarzan, you probably would have gotten some guy votes too. Don’t you dare call Christina stupid ever again, because this will go down as one of the most boneheaded decisions ever. Ever.

Richie’s Hero:

Kim, I’ve been nitpicking your mistakes for weeks now, but it’s time to stop. Congratulations, you are the winner of this year’s Survivor. The way you duped Alicia into voting for Tarzan was brilliant. It was a fantastic move by an awesome player. Had you gotten rid of Chelsea, you would have been down 3-1 come the final four and needed to win immunity to stay in the game. I think you would and will win that immunity, but it’s beside the point. You were the most obvious threat in the game and these castaways are mere rooks to your Queen.  Every time she made a mistake, and there were several, she was able to dupe someone into making a bigger mistake by trusting her. If she doesn’t win the million, it will be a travesty.
But enough with the mistakes. Stay loyal to Chelsea and Sabrina and reap the rewards. Do not make this jury bitter.

Richie’s Thoughts:

I’m going to take this section and speak to the jury.

Kat mouthed the word, “Bitches” about the girls. But Kat, you have no one but yourself to blame. You had a chance to be the one making the decisions, and you chose not to. Unless you’re willing to be a leader, don’t complain when the leader takes you somewhere you don’t want to go.

Mike you gave the middle finger to Tarzan. Why? You were never once in his alliance, not for a single day. Your cockiness put you in the minority in your initial tribe, you chose to go to Tribal when you didn’t have to, and then you let yourself get blindsided. You prove getting to the jury doesn’t mean you played well. You didn’t.

Jonas, you seem like a nice guy, but much like Mike, you were a horrible player.

Leif, stop asking people to vote for you for America’s best player on Twitter. You have a better chance of dunking a basketball than winning America’s award.

Tarzan, you finally woke up and showed you had a lot more gameplay than I gave you credit for. And then you got knocked out, because you foolishly told two different girls the same story.  I wish I would have found you entertaining, but I didn’t. In a season marred with the most horrific players of all-time, you sir were the worst. (Except for Leif but I’ve bashed Leif enough today)

Troyzan, you gave one of the best episodes in Survivor history. But your overall game was pathetically bad, and even if everyone would have went with you at nine, you would have been voted out eventually.  You were by far the best of the worst. You may make an All-Stars, but you aren’t one.

Jay, I’m disappointed. You realized a few times what was going on in the game, but when you needed to most, you came up short. By a lot.
Basically, outside of Kat, none of the jury members should be bitter about anything. Kat is the only one who played a good game, and Kat, good shouldn’t be enough to win Survivor, and you weren’t great.  I think the mens tribe was the worst strategic tribe in the history of Survivor, and deserve to be vanquished by the women.

However I don’t want to read all this “girl power” mumble jumble. They were all so afraid that they couldn’t beat a 50-year-old man at physical challenges, and in the end, they were right, they couldn’t. Tarzan had to take him out.

But I still enjoyed the season and don’t want returning players to come back, unless its all returning players.  But no thank you or goodbyes yet, still one more article yet crowning Kim. Wooooo!!! Rosemarie Volonio, 72,

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