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It appears, Rob has a blogger.  Hey guys, my name is Richie Glanzer and I’ll be writing articles for Rob’s website. I think I’ll be a great addition to the team because reality TV has helped shape the way I live my life. It’s funny, because people mock reality TV as being fake, staged and unintelligent. But it’s people who feel that way, who get blindsided in real life.

Survivor in my opinion works, because the game is based on how America runs. The game has so many parallels to life. When the game starts, the contestants are basically middle school students, fighting for popularity. Just one squabble, one false rumor can be the difference between eating with the cool kids, or bringing a lunch bag and eating by the stoop, alone, like Ronald Miller in the awesome 1987 flick, “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Once in high school, the hierarchy is assembled and you have your cool kids, nerds, and lepers. In Survivor, you have the dominant tribe, the weak tribe, and the ousted with no hope of winning.

After high school we move onto college, or in Survivor, the merge. In some cases, the rich get richer and the tribe with the most members becomes victorious. But in other cases, the nerds get their revenge and laugh as they pass by the former popular kids, who now have pot-bellies and live in their mom’s basement.

The elite run for office and in the end, we crown a President, or in this case, a sole Survivor.

Make no mistake, Rob is the King, Nicole is his Queen. I am just the loyal pauper who wants to make my King happy. Until I blindside their sorry asses, and take their website and dog, Reyes.  I mean thanks for the opportunity Rob, looking forward to writing for you!

If you wanna drop me a line feel free to email me at RichieGlanzer [at] gmail [dot] com. I promise to answer all emails. Or find me on Twitter @RichieHero7.