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Rob Cesternino and Jenna Morasca have recorded commentary for Survivor: The Amazon
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This month marks the 10 year anniversary of the filming of the sixth season of Survivor, better known as Survivor: The Amazon.

After months of talking about it, Jenna Morasca and I have gotten together and recorded commentary tracks for the entire season of the show. Over the past 10 years, Jenna and I have both learned a lot more about ourselves and life so we thought it would be especially fun to go back and give our thoughts about what we were thinking then and what we think about what we were doing now.

We’ve gone through every single episode of the show and the reunion to give all of our thoughts from every second of the show.  For the first time we got to tell all of the stories about what REALLY happened for 39 days in the Amazon in the “Survivor: The Amazon” Unauthorized DVD Commentary.

How to Watch Survivor: The Amazon

These commentary tracks are in MP3 Form, the same format which I record all of the episodes of Rob Has a Podcast.  For each episode you’ll receive a countdown for when you should start your video.  These tracks were recorded while watching the full season DVD box set of Survivor: The Amazon from  You can put the commentary tracks on your ipod or iphone and listen to them while watch the discs on your TV or you can play the files on your computer while popping in the disc on the same machine.  For instructions on how to listen through iTunes, click here

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Watch Using the CBS All Access App

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Try the CBS All Access App Free for 1 Week

What It Should Look Like:

Once you get your cue to start the episode, Jenna and I will be talking and watching the exact same thing that you do.  Here is a clip from Episode 7 of Survivor: The Amazon with our commentary over the video.  When you watch the commentary, you can control how loud you hear the episode vs. Jenna and I by raising or lowering the volume on your DVD or your commentary track.

Remember, the commentaries are just the audio tracks, so you’ll need to have the actual episodes to watch. The commentaries are designed for the DVD, but should work with any recording of the episodes.


Rob Cesternino and Jenna Morasca get into a fight on Survivor: The Amazon
Hopefully the commentary won’t be as tense as this was.

Amazon DVD Commentary Features:

  • Full commentary of all 13 episodes of Survivor: The Amazon and Reunion Show from Rob Cesternino and the winner of Survivor: The Amazon, Jenna Morasca.
  • Listen to all of the behind-the-scenes secrets, never before told stories and all of the strategy talk that made Survivor: The Amazon such a memorable season.
  • Bonus Commentary of the most interesting of the DVD Special Features
  • A private link to a 35-minute exclusive home video shot by Rob Cesternino during the finale weekend from Survivor: The Amazon.
  • Plus, some additional Survivor: The Amazon extras will be added in the coming weeks!

Listen to Episode 1 For Free:

Jenna and I are really excited with how the commentary turned out but in case you’re on the fence about making this purchase, we are making Episode 1 of our Survivor: The Amazon available for free for a limited time.  You can listen to this here or download it later to listen on your computer. For instructions on how to listen through iTunes, click here

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Buy this on Selz
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