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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap the Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 6 Recap

LIVE after the Survivor 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 6, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap the episode and answer your questions!

The Assistant was Assisted Out of the Game & Is JP Derek Jeter?

On a night where Ali was once again not assisted by Ryan in her voting plans which this time resulted in celebrity assistant Ali Elliott being the final pre-jury member, Stephen gave all the fans a grammar lesson with his shirt saying “and me.” Rob and Stephen agreed that this was the best episode of the season even with the disappointing result because of great the challenges were, how the three tribes were equally edited, and how they were shocked by the vote. After confusing JP Hilsabeck with JT Thomas, Stephen was happy that the tribe made the “no-brainer” decision to keep the person who seemed as if they have no brain. For all the baseball fans, Rob compared JP’s quietness to that of Yankees star Derek Jeter, who Stephen is proud to say he knows exists. Stephen also pointed out how that both Ali and Ryan handled their post-tribal encounter very badly, but Rob was impressed with how Ali played after the blow-up. Rob denied the theory that part of Ryan voting out Ali had to do with not wanting her on the jury.

The Merge “Love Triangle” and Disaster Tribe

Stephen mentioned how excited he is to see the “love triangle” between Ashley, Devon, and JP come into play. Rob pointed out how the Healers have the signs of being a disaster come the merge from not going to Tribal as a group while still having a good amount of friction, and that he will be surprised if a Healer is not voted out next episode.

Do the Fishbach and Cut the Threat at the End

After Rob mentioned that he actually knows the tribe names, the discussion shifts to the Yawa tribe and Rob pondered how and if they will stick together at the merge. Rob wonders if Dr. Mike would keep Ben around because he sees him as the biggest threat, while Stephen suggested that he is good to bring deep because it eliminates the ambiguity end-game of who to vote out.

Could Joe Tie the Record Held by Tony, Tai, and One Other Player?

Rob was very impressed that Joe is close to tying Tony Vlachos, Tai Trang, and one other player with the most idols found in a season with three. Stephen was even more impressed that Joe found the idol in the pitch-black dark.

Fats over Abs and Another Boot with Wentworth Upside

Stephen and Rob mentioned how it is beneficial to load up on good fats to get your body-fat percentage up before going on Survivor. Rob liked how Ben spun it to Dr. Mike that Cole should have been more focused on his appetite than his six-pack. Rob and Stephen were also very bullish on seeing Ali play a second time and Stephen mentions how Ali should have given Ryan more attention while she was getting close to Roark to keep him on her side.

What Did the Audience Have to Say?

Rob and Stephen are worried that Joe has Desi and maybe Cole and Jessica to trust going into the merge, putting him in a precarious position despite his idol. The taboo buzzer made an appearance to refute the hot take that Cole faked passing out to get more food. When asked about whether Dr. Mike would have been better served frying a sea cucumber, Rob took the time to point out how witty Ben has been this season. Rob and Stephen agreed that Ali’s game was over the minute she was on the wrong side of the Roark vote. Rob mentioned how it never looks good to try to immediately repair a relationship with someone you just voted for. Rob also wants to see how Ryan’s self-proclamation as a villain will sit with the entire audience. Stephen pointed out how relationships can be salvaged after burning someone and both agree that it would have been bad for Yawa to throw the immunity challenge to blindside Cole. Rob mentioned how Ryan definitely positioned himself better tonight and that it is unlikely for the three Hustlers and four Heroes remaining to team up. Rob and Stephen thought it was very possible that we see another single-use advantage next episode.

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