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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap David vs. Goliath Episode 8 Recap LIVE 

LIVE after episode 8 of Survivor: David vs. Goliath, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap the episode and take your questions!

After an episode that had two idols played leading to an epic blindside after 9 of 12 votes were nullified, Rob and Stephen immediately exclaimed how much of a good move this was for Davie to save his ally, Christian. When Rob pondered whether John had a legitimate shot to win the game had he not been blindsided, Stephen immediately said yes and mentioned his great position, which also led to his blindside. When comparing this to some of the best blindsides in Survivor history, Stephen said it was certainly better than Malcolm Freberg’s blindside at the combined tribal council in Survivor: Game Changers. When it came to Dan using his idol on Angelina, Stephen and Rob both thought he wasted it, not only because it had no effect on the result, but because he would’ve saved Angelina.

Check out Stephen’s blog of the episode to see who gets the Fishy and much more here: Survivor Recap: Idols Fly at Wild Tribal Council

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