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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap David vs Goliath Episode 2 Recap LIVE FROM NYC

LIVE FROM NEW YORK CITY, Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach recap episode 2 of David vs. Goliath with the help of many Survivor friends!

In front of a sold-out theater, Stephen initially asked Rob if he will podcast with him, as Christian did. After Rob’s acceptance, Stephen explained how Elizabeth had a great epiphany when deciding to vote out Jessica. While Rob especially did not like the name of the Mason-Dixon alliance, Stephen noted how beneficial naming an alliance can be to solidifying it.

Right off the bat, Rob and Stephen brought up a three-time Survivor from Redemption IslandCaramoan, and Game Changers Andrea Boehlke. She noted that while Jessica did nothing inherently wrong, that she and Bi should have been more concrete with Gabby to avoid making her paranoid She loves Kara’s plan to play with the girls over her showmance.

Next up came the winner and runner-up of Ghost Island Wendell Holland and Domenick Abbate. When it came to hiding his idol, he explained the way he hid his idol in the slit of his bag. Andrea and Wendell both agreed that they want the three women to keep controlling the men. Rob also added how impressed he has been with Jeremy this season. When asked about the importance of information vs. power, everyone on the panel agreed that information is more valuable than just having an idol. Domenick made an interesting point that the most powerful alliance thus far is Christian and Gabby.

After Domenick and Wendell departed, Millennials vs. Gen X‘s Bret LaBelle joined the Know-It-Alls with Entertainment Weekly’s Dalton Ross. Dalton mentioned his love for the show trying out many different types of editing. Bret noted how Christian could be like David Wright from his season, who took a few days to adjust to the game and was then really loved.

After providing the guitar for the Know-It-Alls theme song and facing much ridicule throughout the night, especially from Dalton, Ghost Island‘s Jacob Derwin got his turn on stage with Vanuatu and Micronesia‘s “it’s an f—ing stick” Eliza Orlins. Eliza only dropped the f-bomb once and briefly described her interesting trip to Vegas. Jacob then explained how the David tribe is following the Malolo formula exactly by winning the first reward challenge and then losing the first two immunities. Eliza also then answered that the reason that female alliances haven’t worked is due to institutionalized misogyny.

Lastly, the purple-pants bad-ass and Cagayan‘s Brice Izyah and Ghost Island‘s Chris Noble came to the stage. When asked who will make it farther of the Mason-Dixon alliance, Brice was the only one to say Nick but added that he wants Christian to do his taxes, and will thus, be on the April 2020 calendar. Chris said that Jeremy is reminding him of Wendell thus far. Also, Brice’s early contenders for the “Freakiest Freak” include Gabby, “Nicklicious,” and Carl.

Check out Stephen’s blog of the episode to see who gets the Fishy and much more here: Survivor Recap: What’s Good for the Tribe Isn’t Always Good for the Individual

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